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This is bad It looks like one of those very cheap cartoons It is a faithful retelling of the story, but done poorly I don t understand how this won the honor, honestly It screams cheap It s a classic and there should be something about it to make it shine and there isn t This is another Caldecott Honor that I really don t like and I don t think it fits the list It diminishes the list The one thing I will say that I enjoyed about this, is that each room in the bears house was piled with books Books surrounded papa s chair and they were around each bed and books were piled all over Little Bears bed I could get behind that That is the only thing keep me from giving this 1 star The niece didn t really like this either She asked what was wrong with Goldilocks She gave this 1 star The nephew liked the bears and he gave this 2 stars. Some fairy tales seem to survive as a form of madness, or an infection with no known treatment They have been repeated so often and so much that they become permanently lodged in our collective consciousness, repeated by children generation after generation with thorough enjoyment, while remaining free of any significance or meaning beyond their own internal repetitions and patterns They are what we call nonsense.Nonsense is delightful.Nonsense is transcendent.Nonsense is a three winged bird.And nonsense has staying power than much of what we deem significant and meaningful Great nonsense is one of humanity s greatest inventions and one of earth s freest things irreducible and full of life, eternally youthful.Though Goldilocks and the Three Bears is not pure nonsense of the sublime Hey diddle diddlevariety, in reading it I was surprised all over again by how nearly pointless it is, how ingrained in my consciousness it is, and how anticlimactically it ends, with Goldilocks jumping out the window and running away never to be seen again, with no lesson learned or transmitted, as if a stable furry tripartite household were momentarily invaded by nothing than an irritating blonde phantasm, though they do have a broken chair to replace.Goldilocks is a pest The bears have a comfy setup Goldilocks messes it up Goldilocks leaves.Knowing myself as well though still only partially as I do I would think I d side with Goldilocks anarchic spirit disrupting the bears orderliness, but I m also very domestic, or have grown so, and anyway in James Marshall s version the interior of the bears house is rendered so invitingly, with a wondrous disorder of books everywhere, that Goldilocks is little than a flighty one dimensional imp with nothing to recommend her The bears encompass both chaos and order, and what can be better than that fine and precarious balance James Marshall by the way is one of the greats his concision coupled with such verbal and visual wit is unparalleled His best books wed density of detail with the lightest of airy touches and spontaneity, and what can be better than that From his masterpiece, the George and Martha series Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a Caldecott Honor Book from the creative mind of James Marshall and it is about how a naughty little girl named Goldilocks finds out the hard way about being disobedient to her mother Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a truly hilarious retelling of the classic fairy tale the children will be engaged in for a long time.James Marshall has done a magnificent job at both illustrating and writing this book James Marshall s illustrations are truly colorful and hilarious making it a true recipient of the prestigious Caldecott Honor Award James Marshall, as usual, makes his characters have pudgy faces and small black dotted eyes, which make the characters, look cute and hilarious at the same time Also, the images are extremely colorful and creative, especially of the images of Goldilocks going inside the three bears house and the audience can see their house is littered with books, which makes it a dream come true for avid readers everywhere James Marshall remains faithful to the original fairy tale format, only this time he adds some humor to the story such as the way that Goldilocks ate up the porridge by spilling it all over the floor and slurping up the porridge Many children will love the bright tone of the book as the book is mainly cute for small children to enjoy while it is full of attitude that older children would enjoy.Parents should know that Goldilocks was a bit rude in this version of the classic fairy tale as in one incident she barges into a home without knocking first and made a mess of the three bears house without cleaning up after herself As the book pointed out, Goldilocks was a naughty little girl who does as she pleases without knowing the consequences of her actions and many small children might be enticed to follow her examples Parents should talk to their children about the importance of having good manners and that children should never wandered into a stranger s home without either knocking first or being accompanied by a parent Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a brilliant retelling of the classic fairytale that many children, young and old, would love because of its offbeat humor and its cute plotline I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since smaller children might imitate Goldilocks rudeness throughout this book.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog James Marshall s Goldilocks and the Three Bears is most definitely deliciously fun on a textual and narrative level, and I especially appreciate that Goldilocks is both described and visually depicted as the rather nasty and disobedient, even malicious little girl she is that the Three Bears are clearly shown by Marshall as the victims of her disobedient and really pretty destructive home invasion But that all being said, and while the accompanying illustrations are indeed bright, expressive and full of humour and clearly depict the often sly and calculating facial expressions of the main antagonist, of Goldilocks , they are also much much too flat, motionless and cartoon like for my personal tastes I can and do appreciate them to a certain point, but I really do not like them all that much, and actually, in retrospect, I just do not enjoy these illustrations at all, I just find them aesthetically unpleasing, their Caldecott Honour for James Marshall quite notwithstanding.And considering that Goldilocks and the Three Bears is usually considered to be and approached as primarily a literary fairy tale, as a so called Kunstm rchen first written and published in England by Robert Southey in 1837, although in his version, instead of a mischievous young girl, it is an ugly old crone like woman who invades and trashes a bear s humble domicile , the lack of any type of author s note on genesis and development of the latter, of the Goldilocks tales, is truly a rather disappointing and frustrating omission for at the very least, Robert Southey s name as the likely original progenitor should have been mentioned Still somewhat recommended as James Marshall s retelling and adaptation of the Goldilocks thematics is not only humorous and engaging, it can also be used with and for children as a cautionary warning with regard to proper manners and acceptable social behaviours. With The Same Delightfully Irreverent Spirit That He Brought To His Retellings Of Little Red Riding Hood, Marshall Enlivens Another Favorite The Illustrations Are Fraught With Delicious Humor And Detail Like Its Predecessor, Perfect For Several Uses, From Picture Book Hour To Beginning Reading Kirkus Reviews Caldecott Honor Medal Goldilocks and the three bears by James Marshall was a book that you pick up and you expect it to be good because this is a classic tale So you open the book to the first page and what do you see other then a naughty version of Goldilocks This girl is troubled people She is also disturbed Need i say There were so many clues that Goldilocks could have seen to know that bears lived in that litle house there were pictures, locks of hair, and self pportraits done by little bear Where i come from if you.walk into a house without permision its called breaking in entering so you go to jail for a loooong time Who has been raising this kid Goldilocks was not a good girl and sheserved to be eaten by those bears No that did not happen This book was great but most definatly not a favorite and not a reccomindation unless you are going to explain to your kids about why you should not break into another persons home and break all their childs things I personally felt bad for baby bear Here this little girl is sleeping in HIS bed after she ate all HIS porriege and broke HIS rocking chair I wsent back and examined the pictures in the story and frankly i was not impressed I have seen some better artwork but I am not going to deduct any points because the pictures were not terrible This book gets two stars for the story and two stars for the pictures This book was funny and it may have made me laugh but not out loud This book is perfect for children from the first grade to the fourth.My Rateing4 5 This book was like a breath of fresh air There are a lot of very serious books on the list for this challenge, but it s not often that a funny book gets recognition There are tons of subtle jokes in the illustrations I loved the cats sleeping peacefully on the edge of the pool, about to be woken by Goldilocks as she jumps from the swing Other highlights were the warning signs on the entrance to the short cut, the books all over the bears house, even in Baby Bear s bed, and Papa Bear huge bunny slippers This is a great preschool friendly version of this story, where Goldilocks is a fun caricature and the bears are highly sympathetic characters. Love James Marshall and his unique and wonderful illustrations His entire series of fairy tale renditions is magic. James Marshall s illustrations have lots of fun details I especially love that the bears have books scattered throughout their house. In this 1989 Caldecott Honor Medal Winner we see a re telling of the famous children s story of a girl named Goldilocks and her interference with the three bears home We first see that Goldilocks gets sent on an errand, by her mother, who specifically tells her she cannot take the shortcut Goldilocks is an impetuous child who likes to do what she wants, instead of what she is told On her shortcut, she sees a house and wanders inside, without even knocking the door She sees porridge on the table and begins saying first from the big bowl, which was too hot Second from the medium bowl, which was too cold Third from the small bowl, which was just right and she ate it all The same happens with the chairs, finding just right the little rocking chair, which she rocke in it until it broke After all this she gets tired, so without permission, she heads the the rooms where she finds three beds She also tries each, starting with the biggest one, only to find the small one just right, where she falls asleep and does not hear the bears come home The three bears look around their eaten plates, sat on chairs, and used beds until the little bear spots Goldilocks still in his As Papa Bear spoke, Goldilocks woke up startled She got out of bed, jumped out the window, and ran far away The three bears wondered who was the obnoxious girl who entered there home, and wished she would never be seen by then again And they never did see her again This story is an excellent choice for reading to smaller children This book even serves as a book of manners, since once you do the opposite of what Goldilocks did, you are using your manners There is absolutely no violence in this book, unless you count the sacrilege Goldilocks does with little bear s rocking chair so it is recommended for all ages It contains various lessons, and that I am pretty sure the child will acknowledge, even without ux pointing them out I would read this to pre schoolers up to first grade I remember reading this book, when I was a kid, and thinking how strange it was that the human girl acted like an animal, and the wild animals like humans I was a bit rusty on the storyline, but that fact stayed with me throughout the many years that it has been since I last read the story In my opinion, Goldilocks is like an anti role model She does what she is not told, she goes inside people s houses without permission, she does not ask for things, and she even had the audacity to break something that is not hers If she were my roommate in college, we would not have gotten along in the least.