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The first time we met Jewel Valentine saved my life Isn’t it enough having your very own terminal disease without your mother dying? Or your father dating your Art teacher?No wonder Sacha Thomas ends up in the lake that Saturday eveningBut the real question is how does he end up in love with Jewel Valentine?With the help of quirky teenage prodigies Little Al and True Grisham Sacha and Jewel have a crazy adventure with a little lobster emancipation along the wayBut Sacha’s running out of time and Jewel has secrets of her ownGirl Saves Boy is a hugely talented debut novel funny and sad silly and wise It’s a story of life death love and garden gnomes

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    My review can also be found on my blog Collections35 stars Girl Saves Boy was a quick read told in alternating point of views between Jewel Valentine a loner girl whose family fell apart after the death of her brother 10 years ago and Sacha Thomas a boy who survived childhood cancer and lost his mother only about a year ago They first meet at the lake where Jewel saves Sacha after he tries to drown himself After that chance encounter they start to fall in love Throughout the book it seemed both Jewel and Sacha were unsure about their futures One doesn't like to think too far ahead and the other really doesn't have one to look forward to It sounds like it would be a depressing read huh? There are definitely sad parts throughout but for the most part there was actually a lot of humorous moments Quirky is the perfect word to describe it I never quite knew what to expect from the characters and the story nextI almost gave this book 4 stars but I didn't for a couple reasons The romance between Jewel and Sacha was sweet but it was rushed I would have liked development between them and from the rest of the characters I also didn't get enough out of the ending I almost thought pages were missing from the copy I read When books just end like that I feel sad I know I'm suppose to use my imagination but I needed a bit closureOverall I thought Girl Saves Boy was good for a debut novel I've liked the writing in all the Aussies novels I've read so far and this book was no exception I've also noticed Aussie books are tiny and cute in size And usually less than 300 pages Why is that? I need I hope to see novels by this author in the futureThank you so much Arlene for letting me borrow your copy

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    'Girl Saves Boy' by Steph Bowe is definitely a book that I have built up ever since I first read Steph's blog and have been longing to read for agesAnd it completely succeeded at all of my expections and because I loved that it was not exactly what I was expecting out of Steph Bowe and was heartfelt than I really thought possible for a YA book The book basically revovles around four characters Jewel True Sacha and Little Al Don't you love their names? Points to Steph Bowe for creativity on that account It is told through two perspectives Sacha and Jewel Jewel is just coming back into town after her grandparents who raised her died and is living with her mom referred to as Rachel again Which she is not overly excited about Her mom OD'd a couple of times after Jewel's brother died and her dad ran away shortly after that so Jewel is not the most well adjusted person in the worldSacha has his own problems to worry about as he is dying of leaukima and his mother starved herself to death just the year before His dad has also recently came out of the closet and is dating Sacha's art teacher Mr CarrThe thing I love about this book is that when I was building up my expectations I completely thought that Steph Bowe's portrayal of the characters and their obvious issues was going to be way way over the top dramatic Because really? All of those problems together is a lot to cover in a 280 page or so novel And that's a lot for two kids to handle besidesBut it was not over the top at all I loved that there was time for random fun and quirky dialouge and some philosophizing and space for romance and friendship to develop while all of these problems were going on Steph Bowe touched on each issue with careful sorrow and depict Sacha and Jewel's reactions which were all wholly realistic and human and still managed to get through her themes to the audience Life was hard and that was truth but it did not do to dwell I understand that some readers will have a problem with the fact that this novel took place within a week or two and that it's not enough time to cover all of the issues And some things like how Sacha got used to Mr Carr and how Jewel came in contact with her dad were a little rushed but I think that in life things are not always perfectly resolved and the story ended at the absolutely perfect moment in my opinionI loved Sacha and Little Al especially in this novel Sacha's garden gnome stealing habit he said it was his bizarre version of a coping mechanism D was hilarious and had me laughing when I was still trying not to cryLittle Al was a science genius which while I am unfortunately not one I liked to keep up with his take on the universe and Steph Bowe did a great job executing how that reflected on his views of what was going on True I never felt close to She felt too pretty and too focused on her career goals and that I understood why she did certain things sometimes I felt like she was hurting her friends and up until the end I got the impression that she didn't really careJewel I liked almost as much as Sacha because I could relate to her I liked that she was kind of quiet and that she didn't wear make up and that she was an amazing artist but she didn't put her art in front of her growing friendships either She was an extremely unique character that I liked reading about and I was happy that Sacha was her love interest because their scenes and their evolving relationship was awkward and sad and lovely and everything that first love should be likeI loved this book it made me laugh and my eyes water a little and my heart ache and anyone who loves quirky awkward first romances and raw honesty should pick this up immeditately

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    spoiler alert I went into this book not really knowing much about it and I recommend you do the same for the best effectI think you'll agree that what most media and entertainment fail to do well is evoke a real feeling in the readerwatcher well Steph Bowe does this so well with her 2010 YA debut novel Girl Saves Boy Forget the fact that the author is a 16 year old Australian home schooler this book needs no cliché or marketable points it is worth gushing over and I recommend you pick it up right now I am even regretting that one star stopping it from being a full mark but it felt right the moment I finished it Girl Saves Boy is all about Sacha and Jewel who have both gone through some terrible things in their lives death of family members leukemia but who manage to form an almighty bond when one saves the other from drowning and still manage to be pretty good people in their everyday lives The only slight issue I had with this book which is tiny and me being super picky is that the romance between Sacha and Jewel seemed to escalate in about a week I think a realistic approach would've been to extend the time from first date to total devotion over at least a few weeks or even a month I also really wondered how Jewel managed to keep herself away when she found out about the Leukemia I wouldn't have wanted to throw away a single second together after finding this out I have to say I was also a little bit worried in the first few chapters as I wasn't connecting well with the book but then an almighty whoosh hits you in the face and you just can't stop reading I think I had it read in under 2 days which is a little unusual for me It is heart wrenching captivating and uplifting The characters are so believable and I actually preferred some of the sub characters to the main ones it even had me forming tears and then a few chapters later laughing out loud I wouldn't let the Leukemia deter you from picking up this book up as it normally would for me because it isn't so horrible to read about that it'll affect your every day lifeAnd the ending what do I say? Perfect leaving it up to the readers imagination I couldn't have dreamt of a better ending myself Now I know I usually say I can't wait for the authors next release but this time I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for tidbits of information on the next Steph Bowe novel GO GET ME SOME

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    Trigger warnings cancer self harm death of a sibling in the past death of a parent in the past death of a grandparent in the past drowning mental health eating disorder Reading this for the first time in the aftermath of Steph Bowe's untimely death was a kick in the teeth in the year that is 2020 But I loved how front and centre the friendships were in the story even when they're messy and complicated and uncertain because that's how friendships are sometimes It's a bittersweet book that's ultimately about grief and acceptance I love that it didn't shy away from difficult topics particularly where the protagonists' parents are concerned This was a fabulous debut and Steph's voice and writing will be very much missed in the Australian YA world

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    some books make me cry some depressed some makes me laugh and then the ones that make me hope girl saves boy is of the last kind you wouldn't think it what with a girl who lives like she's dead a boy who's dying and dead mother brother father with memories but stephen bowe makes it happen she ends the story and leaves you in a wake of flitting hummingbirds of feels each mellow and melodious than the last or maybe it's really just me girl saves boy is written with a vague sort of intensity vague in the especial sense that doesn't have a negative undertone there's no manipulation of emotions it doesn't strike to make you cry it doesn't want you to cry yes there are deaths and there is cancer but it's not that book the one about dealing with deaths or with cancer this book is about celebrating life it's aboutBut the real question is how does he end up in love with Jewel Valentine?sacha and jewel are different people but birds of a feather in some sense no she doesn't steal lawn gnomes nor does he dream of living in a busted up alley of having nothing except you can see that at the core they're like each other the chapters alternate between jewel and sacha's pov and it's a pretty shortbook however from early on the characters are so well definedseems clinical acquainted with the reader in such a manner as to bring their personalities to light as if one's known them for years when in jewel's perspective you can see why sacha says what what is dancing around eliminated unspoken hinted at words and it's not only sacha and jewel there are also little al and true whom i think i know and whom i'd want to meet teenager to teenager no pseudo macho bs nor any fake feminine bs it's positootly angst free these are the characters i'd want to be friends with i'd want to make smile i'd want to not ever let go his demons are taunting him still whilst hers are in the past and haunting her his voice is in the moment while hers is still somewhere in the past slowly being revivedso girl saves boy but boy brings back girl it's a two way street peoplethere's inevitability on the corner for everything yet it all comes as a gentle surprise every time whether he lives or dies she gets her busted up alley or not true falls for little al or some preppy boy little al discovers the cure for cancer are answers that don't really matter last words don't matter it's what comes before that you should read and smile while at it the teenage shenanigans the heartbreak and love rains and gnomes and art teachers and fetes and spider man masks but really i liked the ending 'cause the end has no end next order of business acquire a copy of all this could end somehow anyhow aussie books do be doo be doo

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    3 35 stars I liked itGirl Saves Boy has a unique flavour to add to the YA scene With it's quirky and off beat vibe it's an intelligent novel that manages to convey hope among devastation and silliness alongside mourningThe story is told from Sacha's POV and Jewel's POVThe narrative isn't always linear in a sense of plot moving forward with scenes It's got anecdotes and a running internal narrative of thoughts on life and death and the world in general You know how sometimes you're thinking one thing which leads to thinking about another and another and so on and then you come back to original thought? Sometimes the narrative swirls along in that style with quirky asides and observationsThe prose is gorgeous and charming And it felt straight from a teen perspective in the concerns of the characters and their outlook on life sometimes jumbled other times hopeful and also occasionally defeated It reflected the braveness and conviction of teens but lacked hindsight that comes with adulthood which gave it a true teen vibeI do think there was a lot going on in the novel in terms of tragedies and scarred pasts and tormented characters and dead people It seemed overwhelming that they all had such complicated and devastating back stories Although the novel didn't just dwell on this aspect there were plenty of moments of fun and general sillinessSome sections were reminiscent of Brigid Lowry's Guitar Highway Rose so much so that I would imagine that book may have had an influence on Bowe's writing style? And GHR is a dynamically brilliant book as a teen my friends and I were inspired to write our school writing assignments in a format similar to Guitar Highway Rose I love that book hard Diverting in my review here to urge anyone who hasn't read it yet to track it down you can thank me after Random ThoughtsThroughout the novel I was unsure where it was headed I like the feeling of things lurking unpredictably up ahead but occasionally I felt like I was floundering a little in terms of following the main story arcI didnt always understand the characters motivations but I kept flipping the pages regardlessLike in many alternating POV books I connected stronger with one POV over another in this case it was Sacha'sIt felt teenagery with it's many comments on clothing and what everyone looks like and how tall they are etc Kinda cute thatIt's really an impressive debut and I haven't tried to be favourable in my review due to Steph's age She's a bright talent and I imagine teens will find lots to love about this book and it's characters It will appeal to guys and girls

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    Fully of quirky ambiguous characters and insightful moments GIRL SAVES BOY teen author Steph Bowe’s debut novel is one of those books about which I’m not sure how to feel It has its moments but also has the inconsistences and leaps that mark it as the work of a young authorGood things first GIRL SAVES BOY contains the occasional passages that are so beautiful they’ll inspire you to buy a copy of this book highlight those passages and go back to them when you want to reread moments of insight These particular passages reflect on a wide range of topics that people think about long past their adolescent years from death to the definition of identity to the feeling of loneliness They read of the kind of wisdom that generally comes from decades of introspection so it’s remarkable that 16 year old Steph Bowe is able to articulate those thoughts so wonderfullyThat being said I was never able to fully connect to the characters in this book They felt to me like actors attempting to fit a role than actual conflicted teenagers Part of it was their dialogue which felt very unnatural for teenagers For example Sacha and his best friend Little Al spoke to one another of emotional problems with a depth and scope that is usually only found on affected theatre productions The way the characters reacted to one another just wasn’t believable to me There were many conflicts thrown into the story—Sacha’s strained relationship with his father Jewel and her mother Little Al’s romantic issues—but most of them were never fully fleshed out either too conveniently resolved or left unfinishedGIRL SAVES BOY left me feel puzzled and even a little disappointed that I felt like other than those few moments of pitch perfect human insight the characters did not feel authentic enough that I could connect with them

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    The Spanish title made me think that the book was about something else but it was obviously a mistake the title in Spanish practically tells you the boy saves her but then when I read the English title I thought Oh My God this isn't what I thought So I bought itGirl Saves Boy is a novel about two Australian teenagers written by an Australian author too they both have problems lots but they're teens struggling day a dayIt was a really nice reading book it took me about 3 hours to read it I liked it way much than even though the author of this book was 16 years old when she wrote it and she was a secondary college student What I didn't like about the bookview spoilerThe relationship between Jewel and Sacha was way too fast they met on a Saturday and on a Wednesday they were practically datingWhen Jewel found out that Sacha wasn't in remission of Leukaemia any and she was pissed and felt betrayed I didn't get it they met and got together really fast when did he have the chance of telling her? They didn't know each other before and everything happened way too fast hide spoiler

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    It’s not only the fact that Steph Bowe is 16 that makes this book so arresting From the heart aching words of the prologue to the quiet musings of two teenagers on a beach at the end facing an impossibly unfair future this book is a rare treat of gentle quiet big hearted sweetness and great slabs of uncomfortable truths Ten years ago something happened to Jewel Valentine’s family that tore them apart She was sent to live with her grandparents while her parents’ lives crumbled Now that her grandparents are dead Jewel has moved back to her childhood town to live with her estranged and slightly together mother But the hurts still run deep Jewel meets Sasha a boy she saves from drowning in a lake An instant connection is made leading to a tenuous friendship But their families keep behaving strangely making relating to them almost impossible and Sasha has a terrible secret he needs to tell Jewel but is afraid how she’ll react Even though this world keeps dealing unfair hands the warmth of the characters and the musings about life lift this novel above the bleak to something fresh and unique

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    Ridiculously unbelievable and it felt like the book was trying so hard to be emotional Good writing though Two stars for that It was just the story's execution I guess