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    This is a difficult review to write How can I tell you how terrific Ghost in the Canteen is, without giving away anything of importance Should be easy, but the trouble is, everything in this story is of importance Nothing is a throw away, and it all ties together so very nicely, I m left floundering for something to say Alert the media She has nothing to say Okay, I do have a few things to say First, Jen Rasmussen s writing is first rate The story pulled me in immediately, and the characters were interesting and engaging, especially the snarky heroine, ghost hunter Lydia Trinket Lydia s been doing her job of sending recalcitrant spirits through to the Other Side for years Or so she thinks Turns out, Lydia has been somewhat misled about what she s actually doing, and therein lies a tale A really scary tale.The canteen referred to in the title is a switchel ring a clay container designed to slide over one s arm to hold switchel, a very unusual drink you ll learn about when you read this book Which I hope will be soon, becausedid I mention it s good Lydia s switchel ring is a portal through which ghosts can move on to their next stop Heaven or hell, presumably Or is it Sometimes things are not what they seem A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh but a switchel ring might be than a container for a cooling drink And a portalwell, I think you should find out about that for yourself Personally, I ll never look at even a Thermos bottle the same way again shock Along Lydia s journey, you ll meet all sorts of interesting and creepyand downright terrifyingcharacters I loved every single word of this book, and I suspect most of you will, as well Go get it But maybe leave all the lights on while you re reading And definitely be sure you re not alone in the house.I can t wait for the next Lydia Trinket book, Peak of the Devil You gotta love the title And what are you waiting for Start reading Ghost in the Canteen today You ll be glad you did.Bookin ItThe Write Stuff

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    This review will be hard for me to write because it s going to be pretty harsh, and no matter how much I disliked a book I try to be respectful of writers as creators In this case the operative word is going to be try, and to that end I ll say that it s quite possible that Ms Rasmussen is a good writer in other contexts platforms genres I understand that she writes a blog, so perhaps she is good at that.What she s not good at is writing paranormal fiction I was astonished to realize, perhaps a third of the way through, that I wasn t buying it I was not able to suspend disbelief to read this That has quite literally never happened to me before, ever I ve been reading some form of paranormal pretty much since I could read, and I ve always suspended disbelief easily, willingly, even eagerly Not this time But it wasn t the nature of the story or its setting that caused the problem the protagonist banishes spirits That s not hard to believe at all, for me What made it impossible to suspend disbelief was the writing.We have the tired story line of the protagonist not knowing all the necessary information ok, if you don t want to be original than that, fine I can go with it But as we read along we find that the problem isn t only that the protagonist doesn t know what s going on the author doesn t either As indicated in one of my updates, the protagonist is an idiot There s no there there Turns out we re supposed to put up with that so it can be addressed in later installments, but we don t know that as we re reading along, so we re just supposed to put up with it So we ve got a weakly depicted, stupid protagonist, and bad writing Why am I slogging through this, again In case it gets better, probably.It doesn t It gets worse The contradictions speed up so much they literally occur with paragraphs I could keep going, but I m not going to Suffice it to say that I should have been the perfect target demo for this one, and it didn t even just fall flat it dented the floor I wouldn t read the next one for anything life s too short to read bad books.

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    Review GHOST IN THE CANTEEN by Jen Rasmussen The Adventures of Lydia Trinket 1 I love this book It is touching, heartfelt, inventive, cozy yes, cozy despite containing ghosts, apparitions, fiends, and a really vicious deceased mother son pair It s open hearted, warm, loyal, and delightful and I can t wait to read the next two in the series May Lydia continue into eternity Lydia Trinket is a banisher, of unwanted spirits, ghosts, nasty apparitions, continuing the work of her late brother, who had succeeded wizard Cyrus Additionally she is Aunt Mom to Warren, adopted son of brother Nat s husband Charlie Banishing cost Nat s life, and Charlie wants Lydia to quit especially after a fiend she tries to banish flips her into the netherworld instead

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    I m keeping it simple This book was a freebie and I figured I had nothing to lose LOVED IT I felt engaged with the characters, I was drawn into the story, and I was left wanting .Within the first chapter, I immediately downloaded the other two books, and I m now reading the second book.I m looking forward to the next books in this series

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    12 29 15 Free for Kindle.

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    Lydia Trinket is a ghost hunter She goes to homes and businesses that have ghosts and tries to make the ghost crossover thru reasonable discussion but when that doesn t work she will banish them to her canteen But the poltergeist she is trying to remove from a house instead traps her in her canteen, now she is inside she needs to learn how to navigate the netherworld and find a way out of the canteen.A different take on how ghost hunters work A fast read.

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    Interesting premiseGhosts and evil spirits Can you right then in their realm that to banished them to Which realm will you choose in the end

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    It s official Murderous toddlers are the creepiest characters ever It may take me a while to trust children again shivers The heebie jeebies are real.

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    now i am hooked This was such a great, easy and creative book i was hooked after the first page The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.i would highly recommend this author and this book.

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    Spooky, unique and filled with characters that felt real even in the supernatural setting.