Read Best Ghost Grizzlies: Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado?Author David Petersen –

This book is convincing that grizzles were present in Colorado up until the 1990 s I recommend this book to anyone who has ever set foot outside in Colorado, especially if you go into the wilderness. Deep In The Wilds Of Colorado S San Juan Mountains There May Still Lurk A Remnant Population Of The Continent S Most Fearsome Mammal Ursus Arctor HorribilisBy It Was Widely Assumed That The Grizzly Had Been Extirpated From Colorado That Is, Until One September Evening In When A Hunting Outfitter Named Ed Wiseman Was Attacked By A Four Hundred Pound Golden Haired Sow The Mauled But Alive Man And The Dead Bear Confirmed What Knowledgeable San Juan Residents Already Knew The Colorado Grizzly Was No GhostWhat Has Happened Since That Encounter Almost Twenty Years Ago Is The Subject Of This Story About The Bear And Our Own Species In The Wild And What The Future May Hold For Both Those who are interested in the future of wildlife in Colorado would do well to read this book.Peterson makes a solid case for the possibilities of ursus arctus in the Southern Rockies If they remain, they exist in the vast wilderness complex of the Weminuche and South San Juan That isolation is all that has saved them.Meanwhile, current attempts to parcel wilderness areas out of the few remaining roadless areas left in the State, are shouted down in a fury of vitriolic right wing newspeak about Federal land grabs and undermining freedom Amazingly, many of those opposed to increasing the area of protected wilderness in Colorado are hunters Habitat fragmentation is not only bad for bears, but for elk and deer.Without habitat protection, it is probably that in twenty years, another writer will be asking if elk survive in the reaches that man has left alone. Tantalizing evidence that grizzlies roamed Colorado s southern wilds later than the lat confirmed encounter Plus a lot , with good writing. After reading this book, I believe grizzlies were in Colorado until the early 1990s even though many believe the last one was shot in the late 70s Interesting if you like bears If not, probably not so interesting. Another excellent wildlife book, this one about the mystery concerning whether or not the grizzly bear still lives in a remote part of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, just north of the New Mexico state line Officially declared extinct in Colorado in 1952, an elderly sow grizzly attacked a bow hunter in the San Juans in 1979 and was killed, proving that it was at least possible for what biologists call a fossil population of animals to still be hanging on Petersen tracks down the hunters who killed the last grizzlies in 52 and 79, retraces their steps through the mountains and explores every possible shred of evidence to prove or disprove the existence of the last group of Southwest Grizzlies in the United States there could be some grizzlies in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico Again, the subject of what is wilderness comes up here as does the disgust that I feel for wildlife management , which so often benefits only hunters the moose, for example, was introduced to the Colorado Rockies in the 1970s not as a reintroduction of a vanished species, the moose never lived in Colorado but as a game species That s revolting, but typical of wildlife management One of my favorite non fiction books It s depressing as hell, but then again the book chronicles the disappearance of America s most majestic animal.Also, the book is not tainted by the antiquated and hokey hunter mysticism that plagues other books by hunters Let s be honest, there are too many roads, too many people, and too much technology now for hunting to be fair.And after all, it was hunters, trappers, and government bounties that killed off the great Colorado grizzlies And right now, hunters are gearing up to remove grizzly bears from endangered species protection in the Northern Rocky Mountains Sadly, the mistakes chronicled in this book seem to be repeating themselves elsewhere As long as we have the mindset that the apex goal of species restoration is a hunting season, this will always be so.The book also contains interesting images, one of them devastating a photo of the last Colorado grizzly killed by a hunteras usual resting its enormous head on its paw upon a log.Ghost Grizzlies is a must read.