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I returned from excavating the mass grave that night soggy tired and cold I lit the old gas heater and the small blue flames leapt into life I was living in an abandoned wing of a monastery in downtown Buenos Aires The caretaker of the place warned me to turn off the gas before I went to bed because there was perhaps a leak and it would kill me in my sleep Shivering I put the blanket around my shoulders and leaning towards the flames began to writeContains Gas Children's Hospital and City of God

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    Eric Stener Carlson provided a rather good inclusion to the Ex Occidente book 'Cinnibar's Gnosis' 'On Consideration of the Muses' a tale which delved into the aesthetic impulse behind torture Its no surprise then that 'Gas' a slim collection of his work has some pretty dark themes Opening tale 'Gas' is extremely powerful and pretty harrowing In fact despite the fact that the whole book is very well written and atmospheric I personally found it a little relentlessly bleak for my taste All the same memorable and literate weird fiction recommended