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An Insightful Foray Into The Colourful Volatility Of Today S World This Collection Of Prosaic Essays Remarks On The Political, Social, Lifestyle And Environmental Maelstrom In Which We Find Ourselves John Spencer Comments On This In A Provocative Manner And Ponders Possible Solutions In increasingly uncertain times, John Richard Spencer s collection of essays, From Brexit to Brazil, provides a little bit of clarity and common sense amid all of the chaos In the book, John Richard Spencer explores several of the big struggles and issues facing our times, both socially and politically and attempts to come up with some sort of logical conclusion to these problems Whether you believe he succeeds or not is irrelevant, the most important thing for this book is that it manages to get you to think about these situations and provides a fresh and well thought out perspective Spencer s analysis and ability to put a topic under the microscope and really sink his teeth into it make this a thoroughly entertaining read The book is a provocative and thought provoking read and is ideal for those who like their books to have a little bit of extra meat to chew on. If you have read previous books by John Spencer, this book is written in a very different style and perspective Mainly, this book presents as non fiction instead of his other fiction books Usually not a fan of political books, but Brownout 666 impressed me Also I needed to learn about the Far East for preparation of an organized trip with church and travel guides just give a sense of the pretty So I opted to read Brexit What surprised me was the format of political and social awareness essays and published letters from people the author either knew or interviewed Strange and uncomfortable history of the volatile conditions people live under When their leaders don t cooperate and do justice for the citizens The governments in UK and Far East are very different than the USA, which for me presents many conflicts, questions and of a willingness to learn about the injustices and difficulty people face worldwide For my view, accepting this is how the world is by evidence of this book alone is disheartening.