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When Dashiel’s body is found dumped on an East London wasteland his best friend Danny sets out to find the killer But Danny finds interaction difficult and must keep his world small in order to survive By day he lives in an abandoned swimming pool and fixes electrical devices to trade for supplies but by night alone he hunts sharks—a reckless search for dangerous men who prey on the vulnerable A chance meeting with an American boy selling himself on the streets throws this lonely existence into disarray Micky is troubled fragile and Danny feels a desperate need to protect him—from what he doesn't know As Danny discovers about Micky he realizes that what Micky needs saving from is the one thing Danny can't help him fight against To save Micky Danny must risk expanding his world and face something that scares him than any shark ever could trusting he will be accepted for who he is If a freezing winter on the streets a sadistic doctor and three thousand miles don’t tear them apart first that is

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    FIVE HEARTS My first published Suki Fleet I've been Fleeted

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    UPDATEjust as amazing today as it was 4 years agoIf you've not heard of Suki Fleet I wouldn't be terribly surprised I believe she is under celebrated and this is such a shame Let's celebrate her a moment shall we? tosses glittery confetti She has a superpowershe gives impressive life to her characters A true master at creating deeply powerful connections between the reader and her character Her stories become very personal and reading is an intimate exchange; I take a piece of the tale and the story takes a piece of me I have great respect for her superpower it totally rocksThere are many wonderful things to love about Foxes but my absolute favorite would simply be Danny Danny deserves countless things but love is at the top of the list Being loved is something that he hasn't gotten enough of I wish to help change that My heart is bursting with Danny love and I hope you give him a chance to demonstrate why you should will love him too I don't imagine it will take long He is extremely lovableDanny lives in London He is homeless orphaned marred with significant scars and carries an enormous heart in his chest He is also my hero His best friend only friend was his everything and his murder a few weeks prior has shattered Danny The only reason he finds the strength to get up each day is because he has made it his life mission to avenge Dashiel All that matters to him is investigating possible suspects or 'sharks' Then he meets a beautiful boy that consumes his thoughts He scolds himself for losing focus but sometimes you have no choice but to follow to the stars Micky is radiant so bright that Danny is afraid to look yet he can't look away He could never have such a brilliant boy but his heart won't listen to him What's to like uality new adult with a bit of steam If you prefer a little heat with your young love you will appreciate the innocent discoveries these two share Micky might sell his body on the streets but he is the first to admit he's not very good as what he does Sadly he was out of options and his fly by the seat of his pants impulse forced him into hotpants He left his old life behind and turning back is not going to happenever Danny is a natural protector Perhaps since he did not have anyone protecting him he is driven to help others in need Micky is drawn to his hidden warrior ualities and sees straight through Danny's barriers Danny is a man with few words but lucky for him he doesn't reuire words to communicate with Micky Micky can read his mind heart and soul The allure they share is mutual Micky clings to Danny and for the first time ever considers fighting his own demons However the shark hunter can't defeat these sharks Micky is the only one who can but what if it's too late? Some damage cannot be undoneWhat's to love Incredibly touching young men will warm your heart My heart feels lighter bigger because of Danny Micky's significance is no less profound He gives Danny something he has never had before and for that I adore him Danny is different and most certainly special I enjoyed how Fleet did not slap labels or put Danny into any boxes or notches in the spectrum He has his limits but we all do Micky reminds him that despite his struggles he possesses far important strengths He has superpowers tooThe potency of emotional pull is astounding It begins as an unhurried float down the river Soon the current is pulling you along at greater speeds and before long the massive waves crash from all sides The last twenty percent of the story was INTENSE By the end I was buzzing and exhausted It was glorious There are riches in our lives that have no monetary value These are always the most valuable but occasionally we forget their importance We all should be so lucky to know what is vital for happiness Danny and Micky know but will life grant them the opportunity to have and hold what they want than anything? Hope is beautiful Danny is beautiful He speaks simple profound wisdom and I thank Suki for allowing me to know him The sky is bright endless and awaiting your gaze Danny has found a way to take the lid off the sky and it's amazing to witnessBeware of The pace It begins with a leisurely introduction to Danny and his unfortunate situation Despite the crap deck of cards life has dealt Danny he makes the best of it He has discovered very few things are true necessities in life Even things most of us perceive as a necessity are actually comforts that can become optional Safety This is one thing that is nonnegotiable He will sacrifice a soft bed and a hot meal for the security of being safe He has survived the unthinkable without a helping hand from anyone Most people make assumptions about him and he's found it's easier to let them Living on the streets can break a person and it nearly broke my heart reading about these teens struggling to survive I should also mention that Danny tells us his story and though first person is not for everyone I was extremely grateful for the time I had in Danny's headThis book is for The emotional book junkie Life can be cruel and unfair and if you can handle an up close and personal view at homeless youth with the promise of sparkling smiles and stars at the end I imagine this is the book for you Give Danny my love would you? Book UNfunk

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    Update 28th JuneFoxes is currently on sale at 099 on ^^Update 24th NovemberFoxes has now been re released on It'll be on KU for 3 months and then it'll be released widely Content wise I wanted to make Micky being genderfluid clearer but other than that it's the same Thanks for reading^^ The longer my stories are the angstier they tend to get This one is pretty longP fair warning I hopeUnder 30K they're basically fluff P Danny is possibly my favourite character I've ever written And this is probably a strange author's note but I really wanted the second chapter to be entitled 'Hey Micky you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Micky hey Micky' from the song by Toni Basil but unfortunately song lyrics can't be included I still hear it when I think of Micky though It's his theme songAlso I'm in love with this cover it's AngstyG how could it not be awesomeI will do a giveaway on my blog nearer the release date 8th February I hope you enjoy the story^^

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    I’ve finished reading this for a while but I’ve been putting on hold my review – because really what can you say? Completely And Utterly Speechless Well not entirely But you know how it is with really good books right? As a reviewer you kind of want to make sure that you’re giving it justiceBut yeah Suki Fleet does it again And again and again and again I wish things were different I wish it with everything in me – the thought sharp as a spear in my heart I don’t normally let myself think like this but right now I’d give anything absolutely anything to look ordinary For him to look at me and see an ordinary boy looking back at him I wouldn’t ask to be beautiful Even going over this line now gives me goosebumps and breaks my heart into smithereens Danny Possibly the most precious of all main characters I’ve ever come across with Just for Danny alone I’m already giving this book 5 stars Because really how can someone not be captivated by Danny? How can someone not be affected by Danny’s character? Self deprecating and insecure but pure and kind Danny When I started reading the book I thought “Not another London rent boy story” While the setting for Foxes is similar in so many respects with This is Not a Love Story they can’t really be compared with one another Both of which are beautiful books in their own right Well the Suki Fleet magic will always be there for all her books but that’s kind of a givenI won’t lie This is a slow paced book But I wouldn’t have it any other way It made me appreciate every word thought process character and outcome This book slowly burned me with The Feels Yet I still wish I had a mask – I could be the superhero pretending he’s hiding his identity when really he’s just hiding who he is I love the superhero analogy injected all throughout the book To Danny wearing that mask means being able to hide But what he doesn’t know is just by being himself he already embodies the true essence of being a hero But I do know that having smooth unscarred skin does not make you beautiful Shining like the brightest light in the dark does though And you light up everything You light me up Not all superheroes wear capes But the real superheroes? They’re the ones who are able to touch and change other people’s lives simply by being thereRead this folks It’s not an easy book to read sure but it’s also one of the most beautiful books out there which kind of makes it all worth it

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    OkMyHeartIsNotMyOwnAnySometimes I think giving a knife to Suki to let her stab me would be mercifulBut I’ve learnt to say yesEarly on I learnt saying yes was the keyWhen I began in the hospital one day I skipped my classes to stay at long operation The first cut took place at 10am and it dragged on and on until 5pm Too many hours open to the outside world Too many hours asleepIt was an ampuloma which is a tumor in the ampulla of Vater the ending part of the duct that connects the gallbladder and the pancreas to the duodenum The doctors had no idea whether it was benign or not but as survival rates are generally low they didn’t want to take any chances and give it time to spread They’d study it in the laboratory afterwards The intervention was not for weaklings they planned to take out the gallbladder half of the pancreas half of the stomach and part of the intestine Then they had to join it all together in a way that that kept the function of the system It’s called pancreatoduodenectomy Whipple procedure for friends After long hours standing up and with a backache forming after a long time bending trying to see something there was a pause in which I was invited to a sandwich Iberian ham sandwich no less Then the surgeon told me if I wanted to “wash myself” AKA prepare to enter the “sterile zone” in the operation room I was tired I was hurting and I was excited So I said yes I put two caps one alone can’t tame my hair and a mask on my face I removed my watch and cleaned my hands up to my elbows once and again once and again once and again as the protocol demands under the supervision of one of the doctors Then I pushed the door with my butt with my hands up and got inside the room where a nurse opened a sterile coat for me to get into and asked my glove size which found out was a 65 I was readyWhen I was inside the “forbidden area” for the first time ever I wasn’t able to control myselfI touched everythingThe stomach the intestines the pancreas the aorta the cava the liver the spleen The gallbladder was already missingIt was all warm I don’t know what I expected but not that I was used to human bodies but they were cold ones Corpses I used to get into the dissection room with a coat under my lab coat Because that place was freezing coldIt was colder than the outside worldAnd after long hours studying the corpses my hands ended up kind of dead too Once I was the closest person in a dissection class and I had to hold pieces of muscle and skin apart to let the plastic surgeon work I saw it like nobody else did But my hands were dead after two hours in that same position with only latex as a barrier between my skin and the iceSo when I touched an alive body from the inside for the first time ever my fingers found a warmth that struck me like a lighting boltThat’s when I reached for the diaphragm And touched a beating heart for the first time Or better said I felt it throught that thin muscle It’s as close as I’ve gotten to touch a heart anyway The cardiac surgeons didn’t let me get this close Maybe they thought I was crazy but they didn’t let that to show on their faces Or on their eyes because that’s all you can see of their expressions in such a place I “helped” vacuuming blood and holding scissors and using them when necessary When they finished they let me use the stapler It’s like a gun made for idiots and I fired again and again every time the assistant surgeon told me The ending part is the most important part for anaesthetists as it’s when the patient is waking up And the patient did stir I felt his arm on my back I almost broke the ceiling with my head due to the shock The anaesthetists told him to calm down and grabbed his arm the assistant doctor told me to hurry up and so I did I kept firing and firing and firingLike a madwomanLike a shark?Do not worry waking up during a surgery is kind of “usual” But remembering afterwards and feeling pain is not Too many drugs in the system And if they do there is a curtain between the face and the rest of the body To avoid the patient from remembering the worst I did see the patient after that A week later the assistant doctor led me to his room He was sitting already and he was doing fine I saw the big wound that crossed his abdomen like a half moon Like a shark biteI smiled at him I did say yes many times after thatSometimes no uite often I imagine Suki Fleet like this I imagine I’m in the operation room but this time I’m the protagonist I’m laying on the table The surgery is long and in one moment I wake up There is no curtain to hide my body from myself and there is no one there to tell me to calm down and grab my hand It’s empty and freezing cold The table is freezing cold The air is freezing cold Lights blind me And I feel pain somewhere that shouldn’t be hurting at all Somewhere I can’t identify at first Strangely enough I’m not eager to make it stopIt’s my heartThat’s when I realize I’m not alone There is indeed someone in this room It’s this little cute doll with enormous eyes She has that innocent look plastered on her face A peaceful expression I can’t find comforting at all Like the Pietà in the Vatican And that’s when I realize what’s going on She’s holding a knife in her little hands She’s small but she’s over me looking down at me and she’s caressing my insides with that knife I’m so awed I can’t react so I keep looking at up herAnd then she asks me if I want I say yesThat angelic face is Suki Fleet’s and I’m kind of open for her In the truest sense of the word And I’m sure she’s not sorry that’s she’s enjoying herself a lot Touching my insides my every organ and then putting the hand over my diaphragm to feel my heart beneath beating at an alarming rate The place that hurts the mostAnd then she asks me if I want And as the sucker I am I say yesI should feel sick but I keep asking for and and There is no other way to describe it I’m not that good with words Or at least as good as I’d like to be I feel I’m in a room full of water and that I’m drowning in such intense emotions I’m touching some kind of wicked but beautiful heaven with the tips of my fingersWhich are no longer coldUn cachito de cieloBecause my blood is driving with so much force and vitality it’s reaching all the corners of my soul No this is not the best book I’ve read of hers But it’s not the worst I don’t have any specific ranking of her books The limits get blurred in my mindI did find lots of parallelisms with This is Not a Love Story Sometimes I felt I was reading the same thing when the limits got even blurred But for some stupid reason I don’t get upset at that I know it’s lame but I can read books like this one all the time It’s not that I’m a monotonous person in fact I get bored easily with books if they get too repetitive I’m impatient and want things to happen for a reason Repetition doesn’t suit me However this all feels like a universe with brilliant supernovas sharing space and filling the emptiness with warmth and light I feel every book of Suki is a supernova And that her universe is amazingIt was not perfect though These were my issues1 It takes a while to feel the real pull of the story It’s not that it’s uninteresting but I felt the first half of the book dragged a little too much Which doesn’t mean I didn’t like it I expected “garra” a effective hook2 The ending is too rushed and too idyllic This is not a Love Story ending is much real and beautiful IMO3 I never felt myself pulled wholly into the story Don’t take this wrong I loved the book to pieces but I felt “intoxicated” with other books by the author4 The book is too similar to This is not a Love Story view spoilerLondon winter disabilities MCs living in the streets or close to helplessness secondary characters that are lost and found an abandoned swimming pool hospital scenes prostitution wrecked coping mechanisms hide spoiler

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    There is no reason for me to give this book anything less than five starsIt is original emotional moving and insightful It brings characters to life that most of us will never have the opportunity to meetIn the midst of a murder mystery we are introduced to characters who suffer from mental illness Characters that are living and working on the streets Characters that have unimaginable empathy for othersCarefully weaving through this minefield plot Fleet gifts us with a poignant love story to melt our heartsFive humongous stars

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    Many thanks to my cyber momma Karen for holding my hand while reading this piece of awesomeness and helping me survive the raw intensity this book is made ofOh My God This book is now among my all time favorites and it will remain there until the day I die Dramatic much you say? I say READ THIS BOOKI finished this book last night at 3 am although I had to get up 4 hours later I just couldn’t put it down It consumed me captivated me tore me apart and put me back together I’m still reeling from all the feelings this book evoked in me It was a confusing mix of horror and laughter pain and joy angst and elation And so much cryingI know I cannot do this book justice with whatever I write because this novel is a piece of art From the first paragraph I was mesmerized by Suki Fleet’s writing She created something beautiful and poetic out of simple words without making it appear as if she tried too hard I never highlighted so many sentences in a book ever beforeDanny I think I never read about a character I loved so freakin’ much and he alone deserves 5 stars He’s awesome beautiful strong sweet brave caring kind smart as a whip determined selfless I could go on and on Unfortunately he doesn’t see himself that way at first and we get to experience his transformation from a shunned self conscious shy mocked guilt ridden outcast to the boy he’s meant to beI wanted to take him home keep him safe and protect him from all the evil in the world But as it turned out he never needed me He just needed Micky to recognize all the wonderful traits in himself that make him a shining light in the dark to learn how to believe in himselfMicky is broken too Struggling with his past view spoiler an illness that threatens his life hide spoiler

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    45 starsSuki Fleet scares the crap out of me She is wildly talented for one Her characters get under my skin for another And she tends to write about boys who have a really REALLY rough life just trying to make the best of the hands they've been dealt And thathurts When it comes to books I have a weak heart And I tend to shy away from anything that will damage it But then I'm remindedthe best books help put it back togetherto heal my heart Foxes did this It healed me It's about a boy Danny who's found a way to survive on the streets of London by fixing odds and ends by being kind to others and mostly by keeping his life very small Until his best friend is found dead and he sets off to avenge his murder Thing about this book isSuki Fleet manages to make this plot one that should be hyped with action suspense background music and dun dun duuuuunnnnninto something very uiet and gentle The story starts slowly and the pace barely picks up for the first half But it's perfectly set so that the reader gets to know and understand Danny There are no in your face revelationsbut little by little things are revealed about this very special young man And boomyou realize you're in love Well at least that's what happened with me I fell in love with Danny Enter Mickeythe boy you know has secrets waiting to be exposed The boy you're hoping will be good to Danny and love him the way he deserves And man when the truth starts to come out? I was pretty much edge of my seat reading for the remainder of the bookbegging the author to make it all ok The story doesn't end the way I had anticipated but it ended just as I would have hoped Possibly a little too lucky a little too perfect a little too rushed even I would have loved to savor just a little bit of Danny and Mickey in a safe place StillI think the choices it took Danny to get there to his HEA those were the real nuggets of this book Where my heart felt full and where those hurt spots began to stitch themselves up And Danny is still with me I can't shake him from my brain I've been rereading little parts here and there I'm not uite ready to let him go

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    You can rest assured that any novel by Suki Fleet will first smash your heart into a thousand little pieces and then patch it together with a faint thread of hope and happinessThe moving and wonderful Foxes is no differentDanny emotionally and physically scarred exists on the fringes of society He lives in an abandoned swimming pool a sort of protective shell where he nestles up shielded by a pile of blankets and a series of strong padlocks Still grieving for the obscure death of his best friend Dashiel he spends his time hunting for 'sharks' night predators who abuse and take advantage of the boys and girls who live and work on the streets His daily routine conducted under the strict rule of avoiding long term planning is shattered when he collides with Micky a skinny American kid with a mysterious and troubled pastI loved how Suki portrays her characters with a few unforgettable touches Micky glitters from inside out his chatty attitude is at the same time endearing and deeply worrying because it hides a fragility and exposure that may ultimately cost him his life Danny constantly trying to make himself small and inconspicuous pretends to be strong and on top of things but it's just appearance and his existence is as adrift as Micky's Throughout the novel it's really painful to observe Danny and Micky as they struggle through personal problems unexpected threats and painful revelations and the pain is made even heartbreaking by the strength of their love and by the inevitability of their choicesAngst and sadness though are never an end in themselves there's no voyeuristic attitude in the book or the simply detached chronicle of setback after setback The harsh and difficult aspects of Danny and Micky's lives are instrumental in their growth as individuals and in the confirmation of their steadfast commitment to each other view spoiler As Danny ponders We made it I think sueezing him tight Eight months a lot of commitment uite a few tears and a lot of heartache But we made it We made this work If the streets a freezing winter grief nearly dying and three thousand miles can’t break us nothing will hide spoiler

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    45 stars