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Finding Identity Is A Collection Of Poetry And Prose, Marking The Journeys And Sentiments Of Life The Book Starts With The Feeling Of Being Lost, The Course Of Wanting To Give Up, To Give In, And The Persistence Of Beliefs Roads Of Fire And Wounds, Attempts To Make A Stand On The Ground, The Search For A Position In The Infinite Unknown This Book Records The View Upon City Of A Delicate Soul From A Sensitive Human, It Includes Unique Perspectives And Theories It Ends With The Approach Of A Clearer State In The Identity Search By Gaining Emotional Independence

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    In the moment between sleep and wakeI kiss my blanketKissing you goodbye

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    This is one of my favorite quote from the book Sleep tightDon t worry Your today Has already made youReady for tomorrow The book indicates a lot about relationship with parents from a culture of restriction as well as the author s spiritual theories on soul and life.