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dac nu ar fi coperta asta care pe mine m ngroze te, a spune ca e perfect.Publicat la treisprezece ani dup Jocul lui Ender , Umbra lui Ender urm re te evolu ia lui Bean, unul dintre personajele ini ial secundare ale aventurii lui Ender Orfan, mult prea firav pentru v rsta sa i f r s i cunoasc prea mult trecutul, Bean reu e te s supravie uiasc n iadul str zilor din Rotterdam datorit inteligen ei sale Abilit ile lui neobi nuite atrag aten ia sorei Carlotta care l recomand Flotei Interna ionale, deschiz ndu i astfel drumul spre coala de Lupt Evolu ia stilistic a lui Orson Scott Card este fascinant , mi se pare uluitor modul n care acesta reu e te s i captiveze cititorului printr o poveste al c rei deznod m nt e deja cunoscut Pe l ng surprinz toarea origine a lui Bean i incredibila luciditate prin care Orson Scott Card i motiveaz ac iunile, cartea asta este genial i prin subtilitatea cu care surprinde fr m nt rile politico sociale ale P m ntului Pentru mine, Umbra lui Ender nu este doar o poveste spus din alt perspectiv , este ceva nou care completeaz ntr un mod minunat seria ini ial i stabile te premisele viitoarelor volume. I personally found that I enjoyed Ender s Shadow than Ender s Game Perhaps because I found Bean, as a character, relatable in how he analyzes and views people and the world in general He also felt real as a character in that he is awkward and clueless and greatly flawed.The pacing for this book is a little less smooth in comparison to Ender s Game The plot, on the other hand, is a little better as you have a greater insight into the background workings of Ender s success Graff and other characters come to life in a greater degree and have personality and air time So too does Petra.Over all, I enjoyed this book. Very impressed with how good this was I count myself in the party that there shouldn t have been anything past Ender s Game like The Matrix and most any sequels Hollywood makes nowadays , but I have to admit this was great.As a parallel novel to Orson Scott Card s classic Ender s Game, Ender s Shadow follows Bean, the kid Ender treats like the teachers treated him.While hesitant to pick this up, I had heard that the Shadow series is better than the original quartet, but I couldn t get away from the feeling that it would pretty much be the same book I m glad I was wrong.The first quarter or so of the book takes us from Beans upbringing in the slums of Rotterdam as he barely survives on the streets through the child gangs and bullying to his discovery and entry into Battle School.Already, Ender s Shadow is completely different from Ender s Game Bean has obviously survived because of his immense intelligence, which not only rivals Ender s, but far surpasses it The only problem is there is one other person on the streets who happens to have it out for Bean because of what Bean s done to him Achilles pronounced Asheel holds grudges like no one else, but also knows how to work the system, especially adults.Card is a master storyteller, even turning what is essentially the same story in Ender s Game into something new and unique Characterization is flawless and while Bean is a super intelligent kid, he is in every way relatable to the reader Let s be honest, kids can be brutal and Card understands this perfectly.Bean is able to out think everyone at flight school from the kid commanders to the teachers and officers He knows what will get him in trouble whether it s bullies or teachers, but he also knows most everything else that is going on in Battle School even those things the teachers don t want him to know Those things that make him a risk and have the teachers wondering whether he belongs.Audio CommentaryThere is a full cast for this one and Scott Brick, playing Bean, does an amazing job In fact there s not one bad performance and even the great Stefan Rudnicki plays a minor role Worth it just to listen to him.At the end of the book, Card gives an afterword that mainly discusses the movie Ender s Game that he says will be a combination of Ender s Game and Ender s Shadow This wasn t the original decision, but actually helped to cut down the script being able to play from both point of views.Card also mentions that once someone writes a book everyone starts asking when it s going to be made into a movie, to which he replies, it s already in it s perfect form, it s a book Too true Sadly, this movie will probably never come to pass I don t know how long these talks have been going on, but it s been a while EDIT Obviously this was written a couple years ago because it s definitely going to be a film Why Should You Read Ender s Shadow This is a great follow up or beginning to the classic, Ender s Game It puts you right into the setting and mind of the main character and everything becomes real Coupled with Card s writing, you can t go wrong this is a great book Highly Recommended.4.5 out of 5 Stars When I read a description of a book summing it up as a retelling of a story from a different perspective, I groan internally and my interest wanes slightly.Ender s Shadow follows those exact lines We switch from Ender s perspective to Bean s, the brilliant dwarf child who serves under his command.What shocked me the most was how much I preferred Bean s perspective Ender grew up with a loving family and had a generally conventional outlook for a genius Bean functions as a direct contradiction, having grown up in squalor with no family, a tiny body, and a brain capable of cutting through almost anything.Bean spends most of the novel slicing through the world of the Battle school at angles that give him vastly information and awareness of the world than Ender possessed, and his angry, calculating view gives the story a much richer perspective.The only issues arise from the few points where it directly intersects Ender s Game Bean wasn t written with a great deal of depth in the original story, he qualified as a background character, and anytime his conversations with Ender come up, the interactions feel weirdly unnatural It s almost as if this larger, multi faceted Bean doesn t fit back in his original container.Despite what Card states in the introduction, you should not read this book first Many bits of necessary exposition from Ender s Game are not reiterated here, and part of the fun derives from getting Bean s bird s eye view of what Ender s witnessed from within the trenches.The score I gave this book should almost be the score awarded to the two books collectively, as I read them consecutively There s a reason Card wanted to movie adaptation to essentially be a combination of Ender s Game and Ender s Shadow The two complement each other amazingly well. This is the simplified version of Ender s Game for the kiddie set that can t handle rich characters with moral ambiguity, moral introspection, and character growth.Card does great work teaching people how to re imagine stories from different viewpoints and with different motivations in his workshops It s a shame that he didn t demonstrate it here.Instead, we get Bean a great character in the original story as a classic Mary Sue, a wish fulfillment character with all of Ender s skill but none of his angst or growth around it Even the adults who spend the first book walking a delicate line trying to save Ender from their own work fall down at Bean s feet and beg him to save them from their own inadequacies.The one limitation he has, and I m not kidding, from his genetically engineered childhood where he was found in a toilet tank, is that he is so smart, so physically developed, and so gosh darn what the 6 year old reader wants to grow up to be that he s going to die young Except, of course, you know he s not Because Mary Sues do die young, but he obviously won t We have sequels to milk, after all, and not enough uberkinder to go around.Skip this Do your local child a favor and don t let them read it If they want to read pablum, let them read fun pablum, at least This book should come with insulin. While Ender s Game taught me that reading is fun, Ender s shadow is my favorite book and series in the Ender Universe Ender may be the hero the universe needed but Bean is the most powerful weapon the universe had The down and dirty story of an orphan child who had to learn to survive on his own at the age of four and looked on the world in contempt is just the hero I needed to re introduce myself to Card s work.I read this book back when I worked at Barnes and Noble and would sneak reads behind the cash register when the store was slow would get most of my reading done on breaks and lunch I didn t particularly feel guilty either because most of the time I was never relieved for my breaks anyway Bean decisiveness, cold hearted calculating nature, and minuscule stature really created the perfect contrast for a world in danger and a military in dire need of a savior He is easily one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and writing this review now makes me feel the urge to re read the book. March 2010Previously Ender s GameEnder Wiggin, hero of Earth, did not defeat the Buggers Formics single handedly He had help Soldiers, followers, people in the background, unimportant characters whose own stories didn t really need to be told, you know where I m going with this, etc etc One of these soldiers, Bean, was smaller than Ender, younger than Ender, infinitely smarter than Enderand not nearly as interesting.But that didn t stop Orson Scott Card, so here we go Bean, an orphan living on the streets of Rotterdam, catches the attention of Sister Carlotta, a compassionate nun on the lookout for potential soldiers in the war against the Buggers Formics Bean is incredibly intelligent despite his age and lack of education, and his high test scores get him into Battle School There he makes all sorts of wonderful friends well, just one and has a glorious time hiding in the background and discovering all the big secrets the authorities kept from Ender and surprised everyone with at the end of the other book Back on Earth, Sister Carlotta follows various clues to discover an entire subplot about Bean s secret origins, while elsewhere, a dangerous character from Bean s past plans to finish things once and for all, eventually, at some point in one of the sequels As other reviewers mention, Ender s Game was about the action When faced with a problem, Ender solved it, often permanently Bean, on the other hand, thought about it And considered And weighed his options And then acted, often too late to actually do anything The mystery is gone, too, since Bean figured out the true nature of the games long before Ender did, and as for the best part of the original novel the battle room what little action we get doesn t compare to the Ender s version of the story And then oh, hell, forget it Here s the thing, folks Ender s Game was damn near perfect Ender s Shadow didn t really add anything to it A mild curiosity at best, but hardly essential reading Barely able to stand on its own, and obviously a set up for books in the series, which are also mild curiosities and hardly essential reading either That didn t stop me, of course, so let s see if I can work up the energy to review them as well Maybe Eventually Any day now Next Shadow of the Hegemon This book made me wish I could forget that I had ever read Ender s Game.Not because it was necessarily a better book though it is longer but because the two books offer different views of the same events from two distinctly different perspectives Ender Wiggin is brilliant and empathetic, a boy torn apart by his own doubts and fears and driven to greatness by a government that sees him simply as a means to an end It is only his ability to understand and come to love those around him that gets him through his trials, endure his isolation, and which ultimately allows him to put together the team that defeats the Buggers Ender seems to be human than human, and not in that ironic Blade Runner sort of way, but in a way which makes us want to see him succeed and do well.Bean, on the other hand, is about as different from Ender as it s possible to get He s introduced in Ender s Game as a foil, a character designed to show us how far Ender had come in the short time that he had been in Battle School When we meet Bean, Ender is using the same techniques of isolation and constructive abuse that were used on him, making us wonder if Ender will turn out to be just a copy of the adults who were tormenting him We learn that Bean, like Ender, is brilliant, but he is also strong willed and ambitious and takes well to the atmosphere of Battle School In the end, Bean shows himself to be a vital part of the team that Ender assembles to save the Buggers and cement humanity s place in the cosmos.Ender s story is all about empathy and self understanding and his desire to be the person he wants to be, rather than the person humanity needs him to be He has to give up some of his essential humanity in order to save the world.Bean s story comes from the opposite direction More brilliant than Ender, Bean learns to find his humanity He has to learn to see people as people, rather than a means to an end or a puzzle to solve The hard lessons that he learned on the streets of Rotterdam as a small child were vital in preparing him to become a commander, but they have to be put aside if he s to become a human.Bean s story is much bigger in scope than Ender s, which gives the book as a whole depth than Ender s Game We start out in Rotterdam, which has become a center of poverty and violence among rival gangs of street children Bean, tiny and starving, manages to prove his worth to one of these gangs by suggesting strategies by which they can get food and respect He gains the attention of Sister Carlotta, a nun who is working for both God and the International Fleet, and she is the first to see his full potential as a student in Battle School But in the course of trying to understand Bean, she learns that his origin is one of horror, and that his future is even worse.As a character, I liked Bean than I liked Ender, possibly because on a scale of Complete Misanthrope to Bodhisattva, Bean and I are pretty close to the complete misanthrope end of the spectrum To be fair, though, Bean has a lot reasons to feel that way, and he s a lot worse than I am As we meet him, Bean views people as means to an end or as problems to be solved He doesn t reform the street gang culture of Rotterdam because it s the right thing to do he does it because he needs to eat When he does experience attachment or fondness for others, he doesn t know how to deal with it, and turns it into just another problem to be solved.That hyper analytical way of looking at the world makes Bean a much aware character than Ender as well While Ender spends most of his book wrapped inside his own head, Bean is constantly testing the world, analyzing it and trying to figure out what s really going on So while Ender was exploring the computer fantasy game, Bean was crawling through air ducts in the Battle School While Ender was researching the battles of the past, Bean was learning how to spy on his teachers In the end, just as Ender is learning to put aside his humanity for the common good, Bean discovers a deep well of compassion that he never knew he had Ender becomes isolated, and Bean becomes connected to others The two characters come at each other from different directions and view the world in vastly different ways, giving us a kind of parallax view of the same events, to use Card s preferred terminology.Most interestingly, many of the revelations that were revealed to Ender in his book were discovered by Bean in this one, which creates a whole different reading experience.And that s why I wish I could delete my memory of having read Ender s Game,, or at least put it away for a while Reading this book, I constantly compare what s happening to Bean with what happened to Ender, looking for those scenes that are shared between the books and others that we only get to see once Whether it s the early days of Battle School or Ender s fight with Bonzo Madrid or the climactic end, there are enough similarities and differences to make each book worth reading.But at the same time, I want to read each one for the first time, without knowing what s going to happen next I want to share Bean s ability to see plans unspool before him without already knowing what those plans are And then I want to read Ender s Game the way I read Ender s Shadow and have those wonderful moments of revelation as new light is shed on topics that were only briefly mentioned before like Locke and Demosthenes, or the true fate of Mazer Rackham.Card has done a difficult job very well in this book, and I can t imagine it was easy at all As he noted in his forward, a dozen years passed between the first book and this one, and a person changes in that much time He learned new things and gained new perspectives, and that naturally had a great influence on how he chose to write this story And then there s the enormous popularity of his other Ender books Between Game and Shadow, he wrote Speaker for the Dead in 1986, Xenocide in 1991, and Children of the Mind in 1996 That means he had a much solid understanding of his world by the time he got around to Ender s Shadow in 1999, and a much larger fan base as well Writers will always say that they write for the story, not for the fans, but every writer wants in their heart of hearts to have people love what they write Revisiting your most famous work and exploring a popular character brings great risks with it.Fortunately, I think Card succeeded with this book It both compliments and contrasts with Ender s Game, offering enough new information and new viewpoints to merit a second novel, while being faithful to the story that fans had come to love over a decade and a half What s , it feels like the work of a experienced writer The scale is larger, the characters have depth, and he takes chances with the story than he did with Ender s Game All in all, if you were a fan of the first, you ll like this one If you haven t read either, you really should And if you start with this one, let me know how it goes Ender was what Bean only wished to be the kind of person on whom you could put all your hopes, who could carry all your fears, and he would not let you down, would not betray you I want to be the kind of boy you are, thought Bean But I don t want to go through what you ve been through to get there. Not sure if this was my third or fourth read of Ender s Shadow Couldn t believe I had never reviewed it or some of the other Ender books I reread this year So I really enjoyed this book, which is a parallel novel of Ender s Game And if you re wondering, I would be on Team Bean I prefer the Ender sequels, but Bean s story of Battleschool and the war with the Formics is compelling than Ender s version in my opinion That said, Ender s Shadow, Ender s Game and the Ender s Game Series are well worth the read Even though the protagonists are very young especially Bean , this novel connects lots of issues with good storytelling. Welcome To BattleschoolGrowing Up Is Never Easy But Try Living On The Mean Streets As A Child Begging For Food And Fighting Like A Dog With Ruthless Gangs Of Starving Kids Who Wouldn T Hesitate To Pound Your Skull Into Pulp For A Scrap Of Apple If Bean Has Learned Anything On The Streets, It S How To Survive And Not With Fists He Is Way Too Small For That But With BrainsBean Is A Genius With A Magician S Ability To Zero In On His Enemy And Exploit His WeaknessWhat Better Quality For A Future General To Lead The Earth In A Final Climactic Battle Against A Hostile Alien Race, Known As Buggers At Battleschool Bean Meets And Befriends Another Future Commander Ender Wiggins Perhaps His Only True RivalOnly One Problem For Bean And Ender, The Future Is Now Ender S Shadow Is The Book That Launched The Shadow Series, And The Parallel Novel To Orson Scott Card S Science Fiction Classic, Ender S Game