Dragon Ridden Dragon Ridden Chronicles 1 ePUB é

Tate leads a life full of secrets Having an incredibly life like dragon tattoo that moves when nobody is looking and no memory of her life prior to eight months ago can make things difficult When a momentary impulse leads Tate to return an ancient hairpin to its rightful owner it sparks a chain of events that soon affects every aspect of Tate’s life Now with several people convinced that she holds the key to unimaginable power Tate’s about to learn how a single action can have unintended consequencesWith no allies to watch her back Tate’s going to have to move fast if she wants to survive in the city of Aurelia where friends are often enemies in disguise and appearances are deceiving She’ll find that monsters walk the labyrinth beneath Aurelia’s streets where the secrets to Tate’s past rest Unlocking her hidden memories might just be the only thing keeping Tate alive and preventing the coming war Newer Cover edition found here

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