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There S A New Mob Kid In Town And He Looks Like Trouble There S A New Kid At Zombie S Middle School And Everyone Thinks He Is So Cool But The Zombie Hangs Out With Him, The Trouble He Gets Into Not Only That, But Zombie S Friend S Are Noticing That Zombie Is Changinga Lot Zombie Is Dressing Different, Acting Different, Even Smelling Different Even Steve, Zombie S Best Friend Is Worried Is This New Mob Kid As Cool As Everyone Thinks He Is, Or Is He Really A Minecraft Wolf In Sheep S Clothing Jump Into This Zany Minecraft Adventure And Find Out Order Your Copy Today Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie Is A Must Read For Any Kid Who Loves Minecraft Kids Ages Can T Wait To Jump Into To These Minecraft Zombie Adventures Great Minecraft Books For Kids Age Also Perfect Minecraft Books For Kids Age And OlderIf You Re Looking For Kids Books For Year Old Boys And Girls, Or Minecraft Kids Books Ages , These Minecraft Zombie Books Are Great To Motivate Them To Enjoy Reading

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    Bought the first Diary of a Minecraft Zombie book for my somewhat reluctant reader who LOVES Minecraft and I read it myself before giving it to him Yes, I m an overly cautious mom BUT, I was pleasantly surprised it was really cute Not like awww cute, but it was funny and well written, and it addresses typical kid pre teen issues without being over the top, but it does it from the perspective of a Zombie kid mind you, not a flesh eating, Walking Dead, scare my kid so he won t sleep zombie, but one that s appropriate for kids his age 9 years when he began reading them.We both enjoyed them so much we ve kept buying them and hope they continue coming out with new books I ve also tried a few other Minecraft theme books, and one series was just too blah and one that was a similar diary of was okay, but this series just really is good.If you ve got a younger kid who likes Minecraft this is something worth checking out.

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    The book is really funny and all Mine craft lovers out there would love to hear about a Zombie life We ve all read Jeff Kinneys Diary of a Wimpy kid and readers everywhere love it Now Mine craft fans can enjoy a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mine craft style Now, most people think Hey the author just copied Jeff s Book and made it Mine craft But let s face it, this book can be enjoyable to anyone Once again, Mine craft lovers can DEFINITELY enjoy a book like this I also recommend reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid for people who haven t read but most of us did And read Mine craft DOAWK Diary of a wimpy kid like diary of a wimpy VILLAGER I ve read it and it was good Stuff like diarys of ocelot, wolf, enderman, or Angry Alex also should be nice to Mine craft lovers and DOAWK lovers so I really enjoy this book and I hope you will agree with me too.

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    My son is 8 and has been reading these books since he was 7 He loves them It s the only way I can get him interested in reading It sometimes feels like as soon as one comes in the mail, he s begging me to order the next one

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    My son and I absolutely love all of these books They are hilarious We read them together because they are just too good not to I love that they are so perfect for my son s age 11 and talk about important issues in a funny way You know, puberty, cheating on tests, treating your friends right, that stuff The wait for the next book seems like forever

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    My 8 yo son is not much of a reader but loves Minecraft I was hoping that buying these books would get him interested in reading and not so much of a fight when it comes to his 10 min reading that he has to do nightly for school And this book has done the trick My son will even ask to read a little longer sometimes because he is at a good part lol Would highly recommend for any young reader that likes Minecraft.