Audible A Scandalous Liaison / Pleasured by the Viking / The Captain's Wicked Wager / The Samurai's Forbidden Touch / Arabian Nights with a RakeAuthor Elizabeth Rolls –

A good light read 5 short stories, a little something for everyone Vikings, Rakes, etc. It s hard to rate an anthology fairly, especially when there are really good stories interspersed with some mediocrity Regardless, overall this book does a fine job in historical romance shorts, and the scope of the backgrounds from medieval Ireland to pre Shogunate Japan and then back to the jaded drawing rooms of Regency London are commendable A Scandalous Liaison by Elizabeth Rolls 2 starsAn aristocrat commisions erotic wallpaintings for his newly inherited mansion and discovers the painter is an old friend he ruined six years earlier She, of course, is still in love with him He didn t seem to have thought a whit about her in the intervening years, except perhaps to snarl at his jellied eels in discontent Bah I did not like Evelyn, Viscount St Austell, nor did I like the easy way they rectified their situation Pleasured by the Viking by Michelle Willingham 3 starsI ve read Willingham before and enjoy her medievals This was a good one, too, about an Irish maiden who offers herself to a Norman lord but secretly loves her Viking neighbor The Captain s Wicked Wager by Marguerite Kaye 3 starsFor a Harlequin, this one is sexually explicit with a touch of bondage and heavy on the gambling Not for the morally pure The Samurai s Forbidden Touch by Ashley Radcliff 3 starsI had a hard time relating to this one, simply because the setting was so foreign to me that I kept asking myself if this were realistic I ve watched enough samurai movies, but never anything was a samurai romantic lead and a poetess noblewoman Very intersting, however Arabian Nights with a Rake by Bronwyn Scott 3 starsThis was a fun one, about a Englishwoman captured in the North African desert and her daring rescue by an English diplomat s son. A Collection Of Five Sensual Stories History Has Never Been So Hot A Scandalous Liaison By Elizabeth RollsViscount St Austell Has Never Forgotten The Illicit Night He Shared With Loveday Trehearne Now, As Mystery Surrounds Her, He S Going To Rediscover All Her Sensuous Curves Pleasured By The Viking By Michelle Willingham Innocent Auder O Reilly S Afraid She Won T Satisfy Her Husband To Be In The Marriage Bed So Viking Gunnar Dalrata Offers To Show Her The Pleasures Of Making Love The Captain S Wicked Wager By Marguerite Kaye Captain Ewan Dalgleish Makes Isabella Mansfield A Scandalous Wager In Return For The Money She Needs, She Must Spend Three Nights With Him The Samurai S Forbidden Touch By Ashley Radcliff The Only Love And Adventure Miku S Found Is In Her Poetry But Left Alone With Samurai Warrior Takeshi, Tantalizing New Cravings Are Aroused Arabian Nights With A Rake By Bronwyn Scott Susannah Sutcliffe Is Held Captive In A Bedouin Camp To Escape, She Must Convince Handsome English Diplomat Alex Grayfield To Rescue Herby Seducing Him The stories were okay I just didn t find any of them compelling It took me a while to finish it, because I would stop and read another book and go back to it. A fun collection of novellas from a number of different HQ authors Most were well done However, the borderline forced seductions in two of the stories made it difficult to really root for the hero or believe in the suddent jump from lust to love. Anthology, five romantic stories An Ok read, almost 3,5 Stars.Elizabeth Rolls A Scandalous Liaison brings together two former lovers through misunderstanding and other obstacles.Michelle Willingham s Pleasured by the Viking, Auder has promised to give herself in marriage to the norman neighbor but is that really what she wants And when will Gunnar realize he wants her Marguerite Kaye s the Captain s Wicked Wager, Isabella needs money to bail out her brother from an inherited debt and Ewan steps up to save her.Ashley Radcliff s The Samurai s Forbidden Touch, the samurai Takeshi is supposed to guard masters niece Miku lest she s running away before being married off.Bronwyn Scott s Arabian Nights with a Rake, Susannah is a prisoner of the Sheik, could she be saved by the diplomat Alex This was not for me. found me some new authors who can write some hot sex scenes. Di 5 storielle e salvo unala willingham A Scandalous Liaison Elizabeth Rolls 4 5 Evelyn, Viscount Austell was a careless youth when he dishonorably although unintentionally seduced his friend s younger sister, Loveday Being of different classes, marriage was not possible, and so Evelyn stayed away Now 6 years later, having commissioned a painting from her brother, Evelyn is confronted with Loveday again Only he s older and smarter now and he can t stop thinking about her This was an excellent little story You feel Evelyn s guilt, his love and definitely their passion The sexy murals were a cute touch Still, the story required a bit of suspension of disbelief A near virgin giving the hero a BJ Eh, probably not And the names although it was explained that the hero was Evelyn and it was a boy s name at the time, I kept reading the name and thinking it was the heroine for some reason Pleasured by the Viking Michelle Willingham 3 5 Auder is betrothed to a Baron for an alliance, but finds herself attracted to Gunnar, who was her friend 4 years ago, before she went traveling He s stayed away recently, fighting his attraction to her But when she asks about how to pleasure her husband, he s tempted to show her This one was just sort of average for me I don t feel like we get to know the characters, they supposedly have a history, but they feel a bit like strangers Also, the problem seemed resolved rather too easily as well And the ending was a bit rushed and anti climactic well, figuratively it was anyway The Captain s Wicked Wager Marguerite Kaye 2 5 Isabella is out of funds and wagers everything she has on a card game, but finds herself indebted to Ewan Dalsleigh, a scandalous rake He offers her a wager a roll of the dice the winner gets to command the other to do anything they say As sexy as this story is, I was somewhat disturbed by the lack of honor or even decency in Ewan and Isabella s inability to see what she s actually doing At first she says she can t be bought that she s not a courtesan But then, by agreeing to the wager, she is in fact allowing herself to be bought So yeah And Ewan He basically buys this woman money in exchange for the wager and when he wins the bet he seduces her that same night No hesitations, no regrets and no acknowledging that she s a virgin He does in fact turn her into a prostitute And he only feels a kernel of guilt over it Not much in the way of honor with this guy I think So because I couldn t really respect the characters and there s no real reflection on their own behavior, I can t say I enjoyed the story And really, I don t buy them falling in love since all they did was fuck The Samurai s Touch Ashley Radcliffe 3 5 I ve studied Japanese history extensively, so I m always wary about romances set in Japan at least their few and far between because the historical inaccuracies would bug me Not to mention that medieval Japan is, IMHO one of the least romantic settings on earth And this story, about Miku, a poetess and niece of the nobleman in charge and the samurai Takeshi has a few of those inaccuracies that bug for example, Samurai class were not necessarily commoners they had to be wealthy in order to buy their weapons and armor, so they did not come from the peasant class Also, I didn t much care for all of the power play surrender and submission and all that Not my cup of tea Arabian Nights with a Rake Nikki Poppen 3 5 Susannah has been held captive by the Bedouin sheikh for 6 months Then, Alex Grayfield and his friend Crispin happen into camp on a political mission Susannah and Alex fall into lust and then love and plan an escape This one was interesting, but I didn t care much for the romance Susannah is willing to risk death to escape sex with the sheikh, but gives up her virginity to Alex within an hour of meeting him and he doesn t even know who she is And through all of this the characters feel like strangers we learn so little about them And then they fall in love after two nights together like two sessions of sex It made no sense because how could they have learned anything about each other in that amount of time I admit, the author does a lot of telling instead of showing, so maybe that s when it happened.