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While the other girls in the walled city state of Baalboden learn to sew and dance Rachel Adams learns to track and hunt While they bend like reeds to the will of their male Protectors she uses hers for sparring practiceWhen Rachel's father fails to return from a courier mission and is declared dead the city's brutal Commander assigns Rachel a new Protector her father's apprentice Logan—the boy she declared her love to and who turned her down two years before Left with nothing but fierce belief in her father's survival Rachel decides to escape and find him herselfAs Rachel and Logan battle their way through the Wasteland stalked by a monster that can't be killed and an army of assassins out for blood they discover romance heartbreak and a truth that will incite a war decades in the making

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    Honestly I am shocked by the large number of glowing reviews Defiance has gotten thus far Once again it looks like I'm the black sheep here to reign my terror on fangirls and fanboys all over Goodreads and give my honest opinion on what I thought of the overrated mess known as Defiance In the city of Baalboden Jared Adams is declared dead by the ruthless Commander and Jared's daughter Rachel friend Oliver and apprentice Logan are gathered to the hearing of his will In Jared's will he left Logan to be Rachel's Protector acting as a bodyguard for Rachel and never letting her out of his sight However Rachel and Logan don't believe that Jared is actually dead and escape the walls of Baalboden to look for him I really don't know where to start in this review I might as well say that the plot itself was decent for the most part when it wasn't taken over by sappy melodramatic drivel I told you this wasn't going to be a happy review But honestly it's hard for me to enjoy a fantasy novel to begin with and if the world building in that fantasy novel is not up to par to what I think it should be then I most certainly won't enjoy the book very much And in Defiance's case the world building is almost nonexistent In fact the world building is so poor we're never actually given a time period in which this book takes place And if I were to take a guess as to which time period Defiance takes place you know what actually I wouldn't be able to take a guess The actions and misogyny in Defiance clearly hint towards an early time period but the dialogue between characters and even the character's names certainly do not I mean Logan? Rachel? And speaking of Logan and Rachel well let's just say I've got lots to say about them Let's just start with Rachel and get her over with Rachel made a complete 180º turn in character seemingly from one chapter to the next Needless to say this change in character was not a very good one Right in chapter one we're provided with very clear indications that Rachel has a strong hatred towards Logan ever since she confessed her love hmph to him two years ago and he rejected her Then after Logan was appointed as her Protector basically made her move out of the comfort of her own house and into the discomfort of his and just was an all around asshole towards her but on that soon Trust me she decided that she's once again in love with him I can't I just can't And while Rachel at times is a strong and self reliant character the sappy mess of a romance between her and Logan take over and almost all of my respect for her as a badass killing machine is gone just like thatThen there's the love interest Logan rubs hands together Oh boy Let me say it right now I hated this boy with a burning passion He was a controlling inconsiderate and at times abusive asshole But so you can see some of the reasons while I wanted to desperately to strangle Logan here are some of the things he's said to Rachel done to Rachel and thought about Rachel throughout Defiance or at least throughout the first half because after that point I just didn't care any and started skimming and then I'm going to lock her in my loft for as long as it takes This was the first red flag this book gave me that I wouldn't end up liking Logan He said he's going to lock her in his freaking attic for as long as it takes for goodness' sake portionquote redacted because it is changed in the finished copy You're hurting me she says as she matches my pace through the torch lit streets You're lucky I say That you're hurting my arm? Her voice is full of its usual sass but I hear unsteadiness beneath itNo You're lucky I'm not wringing your neckOnce again excuse me? This book was lucky I was reading it on my Kindle because if I had a paperback copy that would have been the point where I would havea thrown it out the nearest window and into the street hopefully to get run over by a car or twob shred to a million tiny little pieces and use it for litter in a gerbil cagec ripped it to shreds by hand and release those shreds into the wind in a My Sister's Keeper fashionDamn you Kindle Damn you for getting in my way of fury Okay there's still examples I have to show of why I hated Logan and why you should too Feel better? Rachel asks and I punch the wall again just to keep from letting my anger loose on her Not that she doesn't deserve some of it I don't think I need to explain my feelings of this statement and how wrong it is do I? I'm not done with reasons why I hated Logan but seriously read the above things he's said to Rachel done to Rachel and thought about Rachel This is the love interest we're supposed to swoon over This is the love interest that many readers love and have swooned over This is the love interest that is praised by readers Why? After Logan said something barely understandable Maybe I should enunciate clearly then she'll understandOr and this is just another possibility maybe you could be less of a condescending asshole and try say and what she clearly didn't understand in a different light and not ridicule her for not understanding you I'm leaving you with Oliver for the day Rachel We have nothing to discussand I Rachel am an equal part in this whole thing and I want to help you find supplies Well you can't Logan saysSo now you're acting like her father and controlling what she can and cannot do? You can't act this and then declare your love for her moments afterward No scratch that you can't act like this at all Hopefully now you understand the basis behind my extreme hatred towards Logan because he truly is an awful character and an even awful love interest And the sad part is Rachel eats all of this up He commands her she does what he says He abuses her both physically and verbally she takes it He's a complete and total asshole to her and yet she can't bear to live without him Ugh Gag me with a rusty spoon And maybe somewhere there's a mediocre plot behind my blinding hatred for Logan and the melodramatic everything that takes over Defiance Clearly there's something redeemable about Defiance given all the glowing reviews for it I unfortunately did not happen to find that