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Series Lady EmilyPublication Date 10 10 17Okay, I admit it I loved the book The writing is superb and the descriptions put you right there with the participants I love Emily and Colin what a strong, loving, caring, and supportive couple they are What threw me was having to constantly stop and sound out the Russian names Normally with unusual to me names, I just decide what they are going to be and call them that whether it is correct or not For some reason, I couldn t do that with this book maybe it was because I was loving the book and wanted to get the names correct.Colin Hargreaves travels all over in his role as a spy in support of the crown Lady Emily usually stays home worrying about him and entertaining herself with solving her own mysteries However, when he is sent to St Petersburg, Emily also gets an invitation to visit her friend in St Petersburg She knows Colin won t let her go with him, so she leaves the day after him and sends him a missive letting him know she is on her way and letting him know that she can stay with her friend while she s there or she can stay with him whichever he prefers Of course, he wants her with him Colin spends his days and often long into the night working on his mission while Lady Emily spends her time with her friends and attending various entertainments Then, there is the opera Swan Lake featuring a new ballerina in the dual role She is flawlessly beautiful and graceful beyond compare so finding her dead body, covered in blood, directly after the performance is really shocking Add a fabulous stolen Faberge Egg underneath her body and you have a real mystery on your hands.Lady Emily has been asked to investigate the death, by a friend of the victim, because they have no confidence in the state s investigators The suspects and motives are legion Is it an old love, a current love or one of the many wealthy and high ranking men who want to be her lover Investigating in a foreign land isn t easy, but Lady Emily solves the case, and the perpetrator may surprise you.I like that the chapters switch between the current time January 1900 which is told in the first person by Lady Emily and the earlier years told from Katenka s point of view Seeing the friendship between Katenka and Irusya Nemetseva in those earlier years is very nice They give you a real feel for what it must have been like in the state system in place in Russia at the time.There are many political undercurrents in the case and any one of them could have bearing on the case Then, add in the delightful Sebastian Capet from earlier books and you have a real mystery Who stole the egg Is that why the dancer was murdered Was she involved in political intrigue Was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time You ll just have to read the book to see.I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did I requested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher. One of the best in the Lady Emily series, in my opinion Great setting, subject, characters This is book 12 in the Lady Emily historical mystery series Overall, it s been a great series to follow There have definitely been highs and lows with the entries, but this one didn t disappoint I loved it As a forever fan of ballet, it was poised to be a favorite, I guess Lady Emily and her husband Colin are in St Petersburg, Russia along with their longtime friend Cecile The city was described beautifully, and I could visualize it all They are in attendance at a performance of Swan Lake in the Mariinsky Theatre, when the prima ballerina doesn t reappear after a break between acts Her understudy steps in, but the crowd is left wondering what happened Unfortunately it becomes clear when they all leave Emily is enlisted to find out what happened and who the murderer is while Colin is working his own assignment The chapters alternate between current day and the past, and through this we learn a lot about day to day life as a ballerina at turn of the century Russia Political unrest is rife and abundant The writing is superb and so descriptive The mystery is done well, and will keep you reading and guessing until the end A must read for Lady Emily fans Many thanks to NetGalley, St Martin s Press Minotaur Books for an ARC to read and review I was thrilled The Lady Emily series has been an engaging historical mystery story, romance, but also a feast for the senses I ve adored each time to series takes the reader to a Victorian era foreign setting with its lush descriptions of place, culture, society, historical backdrop and This latest installment was no exception.I found myself enjoying it in a bittersweet way since I knew what events would follow this time in the lives of the Romanovs and the Russian people This is the waning years of Czarist Russia The cracks are there in this story and the extreme ends of ideology are growing louder But set against this was a tale from the world of Russian Ballet It didn t delve into the details of the dance so much as the life of the dancers, particularly two dancers, Katenka and her best friend, the great Nemetseva.Emily and Cecilie have accepted an invitation from Masha one of Cecilie s friends to enjoy the Russian social season which also gives Emily the chance to join her husband Colin after the holidays with their family Colin is on secret work for the British Crown and can t share with Emily what he is doing no matter how much she wheedles But the death of Nemetseva and the request of her lover give Emily a case to keep her busy.A little side note niggle Over the last few books, I ve slowly grown irritated with Emily while still enjoying everything and everyone else about the stories This one, it really struck me that she takes a you owe me all your secrets attitude and gets really pushy with people in her quest for the truth She runs rough shod over sensibilities with little provocation or proof the person deserves it She happened to be right sometimes, but other times, there are valid reasons why people aren t forthcoming with all their personal thoughts This is really a mild niggle though I suppose I ve made it a big deal as a result of my own personal preference when it comes to that sort of thing As to the case, this one came along slowly with lots of racing back and forth between the suspects and witnesses between times of social activity It is also told in a split plot line of the past for the two ballerinas and the present with Emily solving the murder While it wasn t exciting until near the end, the slow pace detecting and story lines were engaging I enjoyed the immersion into that historic world while turning my mind to the investigation I got an early suspicion and it turned out my instinct for the solution was correct though I can t take credit since I had no real reason for my suspicion.All in all, it was another solid book in the Lady Emily series and left me with a thirst to find books on this period in Russian history I can recommend this series for those who enjoy lady amateur detectives in a historical setting and some interesting detecting adventures.I rec d this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. This is probably one of the strongest Lady Emily mysteries to date, set in the world of the Russian ballet in the year 1900.Lady Emily is in St Petersburg for the New Year, bent on celebration and enjoyment But after an evening at the world renowned ballet, her deductive skills are suddenly called to work when the body of a ballerina is discovered in the snow outside the theatre Who could have wanted to do away with her, and why I ve read all of the Lady Emily mysteries, and at times have taken issue with this Victorian character too loudly and proudly proclaiming her modernity I m pleased to say that I didn t notice that tendency in this book Her character seemed a little mature, a little self controlled I also enjoyed the storytelling technique in this book It s one that Tasha Alexander has used to good effect before, but it was particularly skillful here She intersperses the Lady Emily chapters with shorter chapters from the point of view of the ballerinas, starting about 10 years prior to the investigation, revealing their relationships and the course of their careers, catching up to Lady Emily s narrative just in time for the big finish Both narratives were compelling and made me want to keep reading.The recurrence of Sebastian Capet, unreformed thief and admirer of Lady Emily, lends wit and comedy to the story and is a welcome addition to the plot.Not least of the accomplishments of this novel is the well defined setting St Petersburg at the turn of the 20th century sounds like quite a place I enjoyed the glimpses of the Hermitage, the Winter Palace, and the exquisite Faberge eggs.An Easter egg, if you will, is the appearance of a character with a subtle connection to Amelia Peabody the much loved character created by Elizabeth Peters and the main star of about 20 novels in her own series Blink and you ll miss it, but it s a fun thing Tasha Alexander is actually not the only author to pay tribute to the late Elizabeth Peters in this delightful way It s great Thanks to St Martin s Press for sending me a review copy Having been lucky enough to have visited St Petersburg, reading Tasha Alexander s A Death in St Petersburg brought vivid memories back to me What a beautiful city, but I did see it in the summer not the winter Lady Emily was lucky that she had brought all the furs to keep her warm with all her running around attempting to solve the prima ballerina s murder Lady Emily also truly has a gift for languages which helps her with the case I could feel the passion the ballet dancers put into their dance, but being Russia, politics is also involved in the plot I enjoyed the characters the author placed in this mystery, and the setting of St Petersburg for this mystery is perfect I do so enjoy this series Thank you, Ms Alexander Pushkin, Petersburg, Tchaikovsky, and murder most foul what s not to like Meh It wasn t written badly or anything, but I m over watching the leads stagnate while half the page count is given to either research dumps or the flashbacks of one and done characters I don t care about.Doubt I ll read any of these. When Emily Hargreaves emerges from the Mariinksy Theatre, she encounters than another frigid Russian night Swan Lake s prima ballerina lies broken across the snow, a spray of blood spattered across her tutu Despite the best efforts of the police, Lady Emily manages to push her way to the front of the crime scene for a closer look She quickly detects what the police have missed a diamond encrusted Faberge egg hidden beneath the body Unfortunately, investigating a death in a foreign country is not part of Lady Emily s duties as the wife of Colin Hargreaves, a dashing undercover officer who is in St Petersburg at the Queen s behest But as is usually the case at least when it comes to investigating murders luck is on her side The next day a handsome prince presents himself at Emily s hotel and begs her to uncover the truth on his behalf.Finding out just what the truth is proves to be as challenging as ever for Lady Emily Is the culprit one of Irusya Nemetseva s many admirers, not a few of whom are important, wealthy men Or is the killer an old love, one who grew up in far different circumstances and whose ideas have become increasingly radical Or could the motive be ambition, not thwarted passion Katenka Petrovna is Nemetseva s oldest friend, but there is no denying that the ballerina s demise thrust her into the spotlight Instead of watching in the wings as an understudy, Katenka steps into her friend s place as the dance company s rising star And these are only the principals As Lady Emily pursues the investigation, she realizes St Petersburg has than its share of possible suspects Accompanied by her friend Cecile, she meets revolutionaries and dancers, the Tsar and Tsarina, and even the thief Sebastian Capet, who still doesn t consider her marriage an obstacle to their love There is one person Lady Emily can t seem to locate, however the ghostly ballerina who has begun appearing throughout the city, disappearing into thin air and leaving only a red scarf behind I crave Victorian mysteries on a regular basis and this one hit the spot The smart, intrepid Emily is appealing as ever, as is Alexander s tale of murder, ballet and Russian mayhem The chapters alternate between Katenka s point of view in the late 1890s and Lady Emily s in 1900, which kept the pacing brisk and the mystery engaging I especially liked Katenka s chapters, which gave me a glimpse into a dancer s life in Imperial Russia, as well as some interesting background on the political turmoil brewing at the turn of the century At one point, Lady Emily says Russia has grabbed a piece of her soul and I can say the same for myself Reading this novel brought back memories of my own trip to St Petersburg many years ago Though it s founded on tears and corpses, the city possesses much beauty and an almost fairy tale like quality in the Grimm sense of the word, not the Disney Alexander captures this setting quite well and the writing itself is crisply entertaining My only disappointment with the book was with the final explanation of the crime, which left me feeling slightly unsatisfied However, my unease wasn t enough to seriously mar my enjoyment of the novel If you re a fan of the series or of Elizabeth Peters and Deanna Raybourn Death in St Petersburg will no doubt appeal to you If you haven t read Tasha Alexander and you re in the mood for a bit of armchair time travel, I recommend the book as well Much thanks to St Martin s and NetGalley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. A Dance With DeathAfter The Final Curtain Of Swan Lake, An Animated Crowd Exits The Mariinsky Theatre Brimming With Excitement But Outside The Scene Is Somber A Ballerina S Body Lies Face Down In The Snow, Blood Splattered Like Rose Petals Over The Costume Of The Swan Queen The Crowd Is Silenced By A Single Cry Nemetseva Is Dead Among The Theatergoers Is Lady Emily, Accompanying Her Dashing Husband Colin In Russia On Assignment From The Crown But It Soon Becomes Clear That Colin Isn T The Only One With Work To Do When The Dead Ballerina S Aristocratic Lover Comes Begging For Justice, Emily Must Apply Her Own Set Of Skills To Discover The Rising Star S Murderer Her Investigation Takes Her On A Dance Across The Stage Of Tsarist Russia, From The Opulence Of The Winter Palace, To The Modest Flats Of Ex Ballerinas And The Locked Attics Of Political Radicals A Mysterious Dancer In White Follows Closely Behind, Making Waves Through St Petersburg With Her Surprise Performances And Trail Of Red Scarves Is It The Sweet Katenka, Nemetseva S Childhood Friend And Favorite Rival The Ghost Of The Murdered Toile Herself Or, Something Even Sinister