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Since birth Nyx has been betrothed to the evil ruler of her kingdom—all because of a reckless bargain her father struck And since birth she has been training to kill himBetrayed by her family yet bound to obey Nyx rails against her fate Still on her seventeenth birthday she abandons everything she's ever known to marry the all powerful immortal Ignifex Her plan? Seduce him disarm him and break the nine hundred year old curse he put on her peopleBut Ignifex is not what Nyx expected The strangely charming lord beguiles her and his castle—a shifting maze of magical rooms—enthralls her As Nyx searches for a way to free her homeland by uncovering Ignifex's secrets she finds herself unwillingly drawn to him But even if she can bring herself to love her sworn enemy how can she refuse her duty to kill him?Based on the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast Cruel Beauty is a dazzling love story about our deepest desires and their power to change our destiny

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    Well I thought this was wonderfulWhat is Cruel Beauty?• It's a gorgeously written blend of Beauty and the Beast retelling and Greek mythology• It's at once a powerful wonderful heart breaking love story and so so much than that• It's a dark tale that stabs you in the heart at every turn and constantly throws all new levels of craziness into the mix• And it's the latest addition to my favourite YA of all time shelfCruel Beauty shouldn't work But somehow it does It managed to have me on the edge of my seat from start to finish It shocked me It creeped me out I laughed I cried I'm still not sure I understand the ending but I am sure that it doesn't really matter In short I loved it It was one of those rare books that literally glued my eyes to the page had me devouring each sentence in a mad need to find out what the hell was going on and what would happen It was a bizarrely beautiful little addiction and I only hope this signifies the start of a great year for young adult after the last was so disappointingSo Nyx The best books are held aloft by a great protagonist and Cruel Beauty is no exception Nyx is exactly the kind of character I love She's strong willed witty and brave She's also angry bitter and ferocious She's lived her whole life being prepared as a weapon; and as a sacrifice Her father made a deal with the Gentle Lord the evil ruler of their kingdom before Nyx and her twin sister were born Their mother had been unable to conceive a child so their father foolishly asked that the Lord grant them children and promised one of his daughters to the Lord in exchange But he also lost his wife to childbirth in the bargain The Gentle Lord's habit of cashing in double on his deals is well known Nyx as the child her father loved less has long known her destiny to be the wife of the Gentle Lord When the times comes she goes with determination fear and anger She does not play by the Lord's rules She is defiant She tests his patience I liked her instantlyThen there is Ignifex of course The Lord that has terrorized their kingdom for centuries The one who carries the blood of countless innocents on his hands But unsurprisingly things are never uite that simple What I liked best about Ignifex was his wicked sense of humour There's nothing uite like a villain who is constantly witty and hilarious The complex layers of each character in this book just blew my mind no one is ever simple or cliche The heroine does plenty of bad things and the evil villain well be careful you don't fall in loveCruel Beauty was just so unexpected I thought I knew exactly what it was as soon as I glimpsed the cover title and GR description I thought I understood perfectly and I thought I'd probably read countless versions of the same book How wrong I was This is honestly uite unlike anything I've ever read before I liked how everything about the book the setting the story and the characters was a bit like one of those Russian dolls Something else within something else within something else Then there's that whole haunting bittersweet tone that permeates this entire novel I swear Ms Hodge has perfected the art of raising goosebumps with a perfectly spun twist on an old Greek myth And it just got better and better I think this review is of an incoherent mess of feelings so I'll stop now before the drooling starts What I want to know is this when is the author releasing another book?Blog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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    I don’t know if Cruel Beauty truly deserved five stars on merit but goddamnit I’m awarding it all the points for enjoyability All of them I loved the hell out of this story The passion The intrigue Ignifex Nyx’s rage Ignifex All the kissing NyxThis book kind of had it all for me Plot mystery intrigue and a whole lot of making out It’s almost like Hodge was trying to distract me from the crazy plotholes and loose story structure It was fantastic I haven’t been this entertained by a book in ages I immediately went out and bought a copy I got mine from the librarySo if you’re into mythology and kissing and just looking for something eminently page turningly good then this is your bookThis is only a mini review as I wrote a guide to Beauty and the Beast retellings here

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    If one of us had to die it ought to be the one with poison in her heart Actual rating 35Maybe it's just me but I've rarely encountered a Beauty and the Beast retelling that I haven't loved Ok except Beastly That abomination was just horrible all the way around And let's not even mention the movie Some people just have the kind of face that just begs for an encounter with my fist and pretty boy Pettyfer is one of them But I digressThis was a very enjoyable read though not without its faults It is supposed to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but I felt like it had hints of the fairy tales Rumpelstiltskin and Bluekbeard as well I can go on for days about the plot setting grammatical structure blah blah blah but let's be honest what makes or breaks a book is its narrator If you don't like the narrator screw the rest of the book; I really liked this book's main character NyxI like my heroines flawed strong and strong willed I like it when they're angry I like it when they're defiant I like it when they lose control I like it when they snap like a rubber band strung past its tautness I like it when they see their own weakness I love it when they fall apart I love it when they hurt someone they love while hating themselves for it because they are past their breaking point Nyx is strong but not to the point where her overwhelming bitchiness eclipse the book; she never ever ever comes off as bitchyI do have a few problems with Nyx and my problem with her ties into the plot as well my main complaint about this book is that it is just overwhelmingly romantic at times But Khanh you protest It's a romance novel I mean it's based off a fairy tale what did you fucking expect? Well yes my friends it is a fairy tale but the premise promised me than that It promised me intrigue it promised me a kick ass heroine one who is the savior of her people one who will sacrifice herself and become a killer of an evil immortal I didn't exactly get thatI wanted bad assery I wanted plotting I wanted an assassin Instead I got not a lot of plotting I got a lot of illicit kissing I got a lot of falling in love As beautiful as this book was it felt to me that the MAIN plot of mayhem and murder got tossed aside for a love triangle It wasn't exactly Throne of Glass bad but it bothered me a lot the way Nyx skirted her mission for romance and dreams In terms of plotting the second half of the book was a big mess of confusion for meThe Summary Some people are born to a grand destiny others have it forced upon them Nyx was born to be a sacrifice Demons have control of the country of Arcadia There is no sun there is only a parchment paper sky painted with an artifice of the sun Her country lives in fear To gaze upon the demons is to lose your mind as the shadows prey upon your soul For 900 years this has been Arcadia's curseNyx was intended by her father to be the savior of her people It means she will most definitely die Her father made a deal with the king of the demons the Gentle Lord; in exchange Nyx will be given in marriage to the Gentle Lord when she turns 17 In return her beloved twin sister Astraia will be able to live a normal happy life Nyx truly loves her twin sister the innocent sweet Astraia but it is so hard not to feel resentment at one who has been the recipient of all their father's love while knowing that her happiness will come at the cost of your own but she is determined to fulfil her mission I had broken my sister’s heart I would never see her again so I could never beg her forgiveness I had let hatred fester in me so long I didn’t think I could ever learn to love her properly either But I could make sure she lived free of the Gentle Lord no longer afraid of his demons with the true sun shining down upon her Nyx has been groomed half her life to be the Gentle Lord's bride but her father and his secret society has other plans for her she will marry him she will seduce him she will kill him Nyx will save Arcadia from the demonsThe Gentle Lord is not what she expected He tells her to call her Ignifex but that's not his true name Instead of ravishing her he leaves her in a tenuous peace He has but two rules for her which are so reminiscent to me of Rumpelstiltskin and Blackbeard One Every night I will offer you the chance to guess my name If you guess right you have your freedom If you guess wrong you die”Rule two Most of the doors in this house are locked This key will open all the rooms you are permitted to enter Do not try to enter the other rooms or you will regret it dearlythough not for very long” Instead of someone unimaginably cruel the stuff of nightmares she finds him full of laughter full of mockery full of games He likes her spirit he likes her defiance I do like a wife with a little malice in her heart But Ignifex is also capable of unimaginable cruelty; he makes her shudder with fear Unexpectedly she finds an ally in his magical castle one named Shade One who is close to the Gentle Lord but who can never betray himWho can Nyx trust?The Setting Interestingbut it didn't uite work for me The setting is not the star here and it's a rather vague alternative universe that is rather jarring at times It is based off of an ancient Greco Roman world as far as I can tell gods and goddesses in the Greek Pantheon such as Aphrodite and Hermes and Zeus are mentioned and it seems as if they are part of the traditional belief system There is a vague system of magic alchemy of sort called the Hermetic sciences There is not much detail given about this world short of the fact that it exists under a dome of parchment sky due to a demonic curse and honestlyI just didn't get it I never felt immersed in the actual setting The names and places are strange you have all these Grecian based names like Damascus and Adamastos and all of a suddenLily Martin? What the fuck?The castle itself and the setting are a lot well done This book truly runs very parallel to Beauty and the Beast in that regards We have a magical shifting castle we have wondrous ballrooms filled with sparkling water We have ivy covered libraries We have a wondrous library we have a magical wardrobe I NEED ONE FOR CHRISTMAS we have invisible hands conjuring up feasts and utensils except without the singing and dancing the best part we have a forbidden objectBut of course all is not wondrous and some corners of the castle is filled with horror My fingers found cloth then something soft and coldI shuddered but my mind refused to recognize it until I groped farther and my fingers slid past teeth into a cold wet mouthWith a scream I bolted back against the door I rubbed my hand viciously against my skirt but the fabric could not wipe away the memory of touching the dead girl’s tongueThe dead wife’s tongue Because now my eyes were growing truly accustomed to the light and I could see all eight of them laid out on their stone blocks as if stored for future use Dead wives Shadowy horrors that drives a person into madness The castle is eually splendid and sinisterThe Characterization I really liked Nyx She was frustrating to me at times but overall I felt she was a really good flawed character Nyx is so so very angry at the beginning of the novel and I seethed with anger along with her She has been dealt a crappy blow by the fates and who can blame her for her bitterness? Nyx has been doomed since she was born thanks to her parents' selfishness I hate you Mother I prayed silently Father only bargained for your sake If you had not been so weak so desperate I would not be doomed I hate you Mother forever and ever I love a good depiction of sisterly relationships and Nyx's relationship with her twin sister Astraia was so well done There is absolutely no doubt that Nyx adores her sister while simultaneously hating her as well Astraia has been adored by everyone since she was born while her twin sister Nyx has been groomed to die Nyx has lived her life in resentment and who can blame her for that? Even so she never ever shows her bright innocent sister any hate until she is overwhelmed by her emotions on the day of her weddingwhich might as well have been a funeral I had thought the words so often they felt like nothing in my mouth like no than a breath of air and as easily as breathing I went on“The truth is Mother died because of you and now I have to die for your sake too And neither one of us will ever forgive you”Then I shoved her aside and strode out of the room Nyx speaks her mind regrets it immediately and spends the rest of the book tortured by those final words to her beloved sisterNyx has spunk she has fire Instead of cowering to Ignifex she turns against him surprising him and herselfand earns his respect in the process She hates Ignifex but Nyx is not a person of absolute cruelty Despite herself she is a gentle person she wants to be than that girl with hatred in her heart Despite knowing Ignifex is evil she finds that she is unable to ignore someone when they are in pain She is better than that She wants to be better than that But I was a girl who had broken her sister’s heart and—for a moment—liked it I had left somebody in torment and liked itI didn’t want to keep being that person The Romance It was well done but there were entirely way too fucking much of it As I said above there were too much romance at the expense of the actual plot Once Nyx got into the castle I expected her to plot to finalize her plan to kill Ignifex She didn't She spends her time moping She spends her time making googly eyes at Shade then after resisting Ignifex who is technically her husband slowly lowers her resistancethen kisses Shade Then kisses Shade some COME ON YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE PLOTTING TO KILL THE EVIL GUY What pisses me off is that Nyx and her father has a plan to kill Ignifex using Hermetic sciences and she did not follow through except in the most halfhearted way Instead this is what we get It was nothing like kissing Shade That had been like a dream that slowly enfolded me; this was like a battle or a dance Ignifex took possession of my mouth and I took possession of his and we held each other in a perilous perfect balance like the circulation of the planets Less romance plot pleaseThanks to the wonderful Faye for lending me this book I received this book as an Advance Review Copy; all uotes are taken from an uncorrected galley and is subject to change in the final edition

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    For one moment I felt like a river running down to his oceani feel like i need to drop a few lines here about what precisely i felt was lacking in this story i so rarely throw down a fewer than three stars rating on here i figure an explanation may be helpful i'm not going to go into too much plot detail since there are a bazillion reviews of this book already on here i just want to have a record of my own reaction for the day when some stranger asks me WHYYYYYYYYYYYY i didn't like this there are a few reasons1 i am confusedon paper the concept of fusing multiple fairytales with classical mythology is exciting and should make for a pleasantly dense story that is at once comfortably familiar but also studded with surprising AHA moments as the overlaps and contrasts begin to manifest however there wasn't a true marriage between the elements here their presence was decorative than functional and while it occasionally meshed well overall it was just too cluttered it's like when you have a really delicious cupcake and it's already got a tasty frosting on top but then someone thinks add gummy worms and it throws off the texture and the taste and you have to chew SO MUCH you forget about how tasty the cupcake was because you're so focused on not choking to death 2 nyx the heroine of this book and NOT the greek goddess of night whose name is a bit problematic in a book that incorporates so many other aspects of greek mythology and in which darknessshadows but not specifically nighttime are a preoccupation anyway her she's meant to be the sacrifice and savior of her people trained since she was a little girl in both fighting and magical arts and yet she is not at all a badass heroine once she gets to the castle she's completely directionless which makes the book directionless she's inconsistent unstable easily distracted prone to violent and short lived outbursts that simmer down into grumbling recriminations directed at multiple targets it's emotional whiplash with her sister she is loving and resentful protective and hurtful with ignifex she goes from attraction to attempted homicide and back again in the blink of an eye the inconsistency makes it confusing and difficult to root for her to succeed because it's hard to know what success would even look like with all the cross purposes and competing goals and obstacles3 bizarre love trianglethis book is best categorized as a fantasy romance but i was completely unmoved by the romance itself which yes is a familiar feeling for me since i'm not a fan of romances so i'm an easy target for your accusations of not being the right audience howevs even when i read a romance that doesn't make me swoon or whatever i can usually understand why it would work for other readers i can see that the bones heh of the relationship are solid and why the two would fall for each other and why readers would cheer but this one this is such a perfunctory romance that exists only because we are told it exists technically it's a love triangle and it's at least an interesting version of a love triangle but it's also the worst kind of instalove because it's unfounded unearned and circumstantially selfish those are the big three complaints and all i can muster as a review right now i still really want to read the second book in this standalone series i think there's a great story underneath all this clutter and i am really rooting for it to manifest in the second installment at the very least i am excited because it's a love story between a monsterfighting girl and a boy with no hands which is pretty hot my guess is that some joker broke into my digital copy of this and gleefully altered its contents; transforming it from the amazing life changing book everyone is raving about into some half baked romance featuring a sloppy and confusing mythos mashup and completely lacking in either emotional tension or a cohesive narrativethis is either some sort of magic eye puzzle i'm just not euipped to see or i have forgotten how to read booksmaybe i'll review this further tomorrow or maybe i'll take a napcome to my blog

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    huh im really uite shocked this is the first ‘beauty and the beast’ retelling that i havent enjoyed ive read and loved so many so for me to not click with this is a major disappointment i appreciate the uniue spin on a classic story but i found the pacing to be slow the writing to be dull and repetitious the characters to be unlikable and the world building to be confusing and out of place there really wasnt much that i liked about this to be honest and im super jealous of all the readers who fell head over heels for this maybe this authors particular storytellingstyle just isnt for me ↠ 2 stars

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    325 35 StarsLast night I got a bee up my ass and decided to count and see how many unread physical books I have on my home library shelvesand let’s just say the number was pretty shameful Thus I decided it was time to cull the herd So decided I would try the cliched booktube trend of reading first chapters of books that have been on my shelves awhileunhauling anything that didn’t at least mildly capture my attention This book has been on my shelves the longest so I grabbed it and figured I’d read one chapter and set it aside in the donate pile342 pages later I can proudly say I unhauled one fucking book But it’s now a read book So nanner nanner nanner I really enjoyed certain elements of this story and was obviously drawn in from the very first page I thought the ending got a little dicey as far as plot details and general continuity is concernedAnd I feel like the romancelove was never truly cemented enough for my tastesbut all in all a decent story I’m glad I readIf only so I can say I read a book from my shelves I had started to think I never would get to A truly satisfying feeling

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    I loved the first 100 pages of this book so much that i was 99% sure it'd be a 4 or 5 star book I loved the writing and the main character's sass and the Dark Lord or whatever his title is was REALLY interesting But holy moly this book does a 180 It starts out strong but turns into trash HORRID instalove obnoxious and confusing love triangle ?????? and I was completely baffled by the worldmagic system I'm not sure if it's because I listened to it on audio but i am SO confused by everything It tries to incorporate both mythology and elemental magic and it just did not work for me I was so confused on who all the different magical entities were that controlled the world and none of it made sense to me whatsoever I'm still roiling a bit on what just happened there at the end because it also starts to pull in time travle???? literaly?? what ?????? I will not be continuing this series and I would not recommend this one

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    I have to give the narrator Elizabeth Knowelden some credit here She tried She really really tried to salvage this book by giving the main character tons of personality but not even she could change the source material The fact is that Cruel Beauty made absolutely no damn senseHow does the magic work? I dunnoWho are the real bad guys? I dunnoWait what's the SECRET Well I dunno because Nyx learns it and then FORGETS it on the next page to conveniently keep the plot rolling AwesomeHUH? There's time travel?Maybe but not really It's a SECRET that you'll never find out andor stop caring aboutCruel Beauty was like a mixing pot of great ideas that didn't get mixed very well The oil rose to the top and the cake fell flat Also I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about kinda like this book But the narrator's voice was nice

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    One of the Best Angriest Cruelest Beautiful RetellingsNot just a different retelling of a 'story as old of time'But it also mixed with as many of ancient Greek MythsAnd by the end you'll feel that it's came so Originalالجميلة والوحش هي قصة قديمة كالزمن، لكن في أعادة الحكي القاسية، الغاضبة، الجميلة تلك الأمر مختلفافهي لم تكتفي بأعادة حكيها وإنما أيضا مزجتها بأساطير أغريقية عتيقةوببناء عالم مختلف وسماء من ورقوبمشاعر 'بشرية' أكثر واقعية، بقسوةقصة تلاعبت بالزمن لتنتج بعض الجمالEven if you hated it got angry by the middle of it you'll appreciate the endingthat will make amendsmakes you see the whole picture betterwith the tricks of time الجـمال القـاسي كان ياما كان في مملكة بعيدة نساها الزمان ، لها سماء شبيهة بالورق معزولة عن العالم بسبب لعنةيحكمها اللورد اللطيف، هو سبب اللعنةاللعنة التي استمرت لتسع قرون حتي الانلكن لا تدع إسمه يخدعك، ولا تدع وسامته تبهرك ولا حلو كلامه يجذبكهو ليس وحشاهو يبعد ملائكة الجحيم عن المملكة لكنهم مازالوا يصيبوا أهلها باللعنات ، هو يحقق لمن يطلب الامنياتلكن ان طلبت منه فاعلم ان الأمنيات لها ثمنا باهظاأعلم أن الأمنيات لن تتحقق بالضبط كما تتمني، وإنما كما طلبتلن تعرف الفرق الا متأخراإذا كان هذا هذا وصف المفترض أنه الوحش في قصتنا، ماذا عن الجميلة إذن؟الجميلة هي الاخت التؤام المقدر لها أن تتزوج اللورد اللطيف بناء علي اتفاق والدها معه كي ينجب من الاساسوالدتها ماتت اثناء الولادة، ابيها يخون ذكري أمها مع أختهاويفضل الأخت التؤام الاكثر جمالا ورقة ومثالية عن جميلة، القاسية، الغاضبة دائماجميلة، المقدر لها الزواج من الوحشلكن ابيها لديه خطة، خطة خيميائية عجيبة يجب أن تنجح فيها جميلة لتحرير مملكتهم من تلك اللعنة أن تهدم قلعة الوحش من الداخلنعم من المرجح ألا تنجو الجميلة اذا ما نجحت الخطة بالطبع، وبالتأكيد ايضا لن تنجو ان فشلت الخطةلذا يمكنك ان تدرك لما تشعر الجميلة في قصتنا تلك بالغضب الدائموﻻنها قصة شبابية حديثة، بالطبع ستقع في حب اللورد اللطيف، ولكن المشكلة هنا أنها ايضا ستشعر بمشاعر تجاه تابعه المسكين الظل، والذي هو مجرد خيال للورد اللطيفستشعر انه هو من سيساعدها لتحرير المملكة وفك اللعنة ، والانتقام لمن كان السبب في موت امهالكن لا شئ ابدا ينتهي كما ابتديالقصة بدايتها التي حكيتها تلك مجرد ملخص ربعها الاول عبقري ومبتكرولكن سرعان ما تحولت معي لقصة مملة ومضجرةربما هي رغبة البطلة هنا في البصق علي كل من تقابله وغضبها وضجرها الدائم اصابني بالعدوي فلم احتمل البطء في منتصف الاحداثربما هو الحب المبالغ به في وصفه كعادة الروايات الشبابيةInstaLoveوالذي حولها من بطلة غاضبة قاسية الي بطلة غاضبة قاسية بلهاء ومملة بالاخص بعلاقة الحب الثلاثية المعتادةلكني لا انكر ان الجزء الممل بالمنتصف وحتي قبل الربع الاخير كان به الكثير من الايجابيات، المزج الساحر للميثولوجيا الاغريقية كصندوق بندورا، كيوبيد وتوم الوحيد وغيرها جعل الامر مثيراولكني ظللت بسبب التطويل هنا أشعر انها رواية متوسطة، نجمتان ونصف علي الاكثرثم جاء الربع الاخيروالذي بدأ ببعض اللمحات من التشابهة بين احداث القصة وقصة الجميلة والوحش التي جاءت بذكاء بشكل مختلف عن الاصل متشابه في الهيكل فقط ايضا كان ممتعاثم انقلبت القصة بمفاجأت وتلاعب بديع بالزمن لتتحول لقصة مختلفة تمامالتأتيالنهـــايـةوالتي كما قالت من رشحت لي الرواية بذكاء أنها مفتاح الروايةالمفتاح الذي قد يجعل لكل الاحداث التي قد تكون مملة احيانا ، لكل الغضب مستمر، لكل قصة حب لها قيمة ولها معنيقصة يتضافر فيها الحب، والقسوة والتضحية بشكل ممتاز بل ويظهر مورال الحكاية بشكل واضح ولكن غير مباشر بنفس الوقتبالربع الاخير ستدرك أن الطبيعة البشرية بها الجمال وبها القسوة لاسباب هي قصة المتناقضات البشريةالحب والواجب، القسوة والتعاطفطبيعة البشر في الامنياتالامنيات التي لا نعرف ثمنها الا عندما تتحققلم اتخيل ابدا تلك النهاية الساحرة، ولا مدي قسوتي علي الفكرة الرائعة للرواية نعم مازلت اري ان يعيبها التطويل بمنتصفها لكن يكفي انتقاص نجمة واحدة لهذاإعادة حكي تستحق القراءة قبل اعادة فيلم الجميلة والوحش قريباMini English Review Well I loved the beginningpromising of Dark Cruel Beauty and the Beast retellingmind the spitful cruel protagonist that in need for a serious 'Anger Management' not the beast nopethe girl actually made me really angry most of the time Oh and don't expect that since she's the cruel angry one here she'd marry a gentle beastnooo he's like Lucifer himselfWell this 'angry' bride full of hatred is destined since she was very young to marry a monsterAnd as most YAsshe will fall in love with him and again as most YAs she have feelings for his servant his Shadow ShadeSothe story after the strong introduction and good setting turned fast to feminine dull slow rantwith Love Triangle It was as boring as Uprooted and bit of A Thousand Nights's drynessBut it was only adorned with Greek mythology every now and then that made me feel better some real myths like Pandora's Box myth and some strange as Nanny Anna and Tom AloneBut still I felt bored in the middle many times wanna spit as the protagonist having the same urge to spit on everyoneBut the concept of the myth of Kindly One and the wishes the barging of the Gentle lord is amazingThat was an interesting plot here people can't understand actually what they wish forThat their wishes has a priceAND then comes the strong last few chapters and the end and what an ending ONE OF THE BEST ENDINGS I've ever readWhere the moral of this Cruel Story the contradictions of human nature how the cruelty is compassion and how we never understand what we wish forHow there's no pure goodno pure evilGod I just loved the endingand appreciate the story much than I expectedIt's a retelling that worth the reading reallyMohanmed ArabeyFrom 14 Feb 2017To 17 Feb 2017 illustrator of the art at the beginning of the review

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    Rereadum I was going to add something but I forgot 🤨 The Audio is great though When I first started the book I was disappointed and thought I would not like it because it seemed to drag for me It took a few chapters for me to get interested pretty much when Nyx got to her wonderful husband's home the evil Ignifex She is supposed to be killed by her husband at some point in time how is that for a honeymoon But and there is always a but Ignifex is not what he seems Yes he has the corpses of his eight other brides in a dungeon all laid out but I digress He seems to be under some kind of evil spell and he's not like I said what he seems to be I love the hell out of Nyx snarky attitude she is great and doesn't take any lip from Ignifex which he finds divine and doesn't seem to want to kill her They have this wonderful banter together he kisses her she threatens his life that kind of stuff I do not know why BUT I didn't like her sister Astraia at all Why? I don't know I just said that she just rubbed me the wrong way throughout the book She can suck it and go on down the road So Nyx has to find out all of these clues to try to save her world I'm not going to go into all of that you can read the book or read another review She is finding that she wants to save Ignifex because she knows he's really good inside How does she know? She just does There are creepy demon shades roaming around in the book along with some other weirdness Nyx gives her all to save Ignifex and in the end it all pays off Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List