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Solid book of poems Me gustaron especialmente los poemas de la guerra Supongo que son los mas impactantes.Algunos de los otros, he de reconocer que no los comprendi demasiado bien, quiza no los lei con el detenimiento adecuado cambiando estaciones en el tren En general, interesantes pero no me han llamado demasiado. A Collection Of Poetry Spanning The Full Range Of The African Born Author S Acclaimed Career Has Been Updated To Include Seven Never Before Published Works, As Well As Much Of His Early Poetry That Explores Such Themes As The African Consciousness, The Tragedy Of Biafra, And The Mysteries Of Human Relationships The book was split into five sections Prologue, Poems About War, Poems Not About War , Gods, Men and Others, and Epilogue I enjoyed these simple poems that dealt with various topics, including war,love, African life and mythology.The most powerful and my fav poem in the collection A Mother In A Refugee Camp, about a mother s love for her child, her hopeless acceptance of that child s imminent death from starvation Achebe painted a haunting image of the mother in few lines All in all, a nice poetry collection that made me wish Achebe had written. Essential to understanding the work of Chimamanda Adichie and the crisis of the Nigerian Civil War. I read this very slim book today and found it memorable and touching Chinua Achebe is from Nigeria and is much honored there Especially appropriate for today is the poem After a war After a war life catchesdesperately at passing hints of normalcy likevines entwining a hollowtwig its famished rootsclose on rubble and everypiece of broken glass.Irritations we usedto curse return to joyoustables like prodgals homefrom the city.The meter manserving my maiden bill broughta friendly face to my circleof sullen strangers and mesmiling gratefully to the door.After a warwe clutch at watery scum pulsating on listlesseddies of our spentdeluge.Convalescentdancers rising too soonto rejoin their circle danceour powerless feet intentas before but no longeradept contrive onlyhalf rememberedeccentric steps.After yearsof pressing deathand dizzy last hour reprieveswe re glad to dump our fearsand our perilous gains togetherin one shallow grace and fleethe same rueful way we camestraight home to haunted revelry. A Mother in a Refugee CampNo Madonna and Child could touchHer tenderness for a sonShe soon could have to forget.The air was heavy with odors of diarrhea,Of unwashed children with washed out ribsAnd dried up bottoms waddling in labored stepsBehind blown empty bellies Other mothers thereHad long ceased to care, but not this one She held a ghost smile between her teeth,And in her eyes the memoryOf a mother s pride She had bathed himAnd rubbed him down with bare palms.She took from their bundle of possessionsA broken comb and combedThe rust colored hair left on his skullAnd then humming in her eyes began carefully to part it.In their former life this was perhapsA little daily act of no consequenceBefore his breakfast and school now she did itLike putting flowers on a tiny grave Me being just an underling, did love the feeling and the complexity in each poem, but I m going to go ahead and do some research about this book because there s some amazing concepts in here that I know almost nothing about Had to keep shuttling between the book and Google And now, I m going to learn Wish me luck A man crossing the roadto greet a friendis much too slow.His friend cut in halveshas other worries nowthan a friendly handshakeat noon Air Raid from Poems About War I will sing only in waitingsilence your power to bearmy dream for me in your quieteyes and wrap the dust of our blisteredfeet in golden anklets readyfor the return someday of ourbanished dance Love Song from Poems Not About War The poetry in this collection was divided in four sections Prolouge , Poems about War , Poems not about War ,Epilouge.The most powerful and my fav poem in the collection A Mother In A Refugee Camp, about a mother s love for her child, her hopeless acceptance of that child s imminent death from starvation Achebe painted a haunting image of the mother in few lines.Other favs are Mango Seedling , Lazarus , Lament of the Sacred python , Dereliction , Knowing Robs Us There were many different poems in the collection, there were some humorous,ironic,cheerful ones too Mostly i enjoyed the ones that was clearly about the myths,legends of his culture,country The ones about war becomes powerful with his writing,his intelligence.Only reason i dont rate this collection 5 stars is because the second half of the poems was not as brilliant as the first half.