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Welcome To The Wild North, A Desolate Wasteland Where Criminals Go To Hide If They Can Outlast The Drought And The Dangers Of The Desert Or The Dangers Of Something Else Meet Nox, The Coilhunter A Mechanic And Toymaker By Trade, A Bounty Hunter By Circumstance He Isn T In It For The Money He S In It For Justice, And There S A Lot Of Justice That Needs To Be Paid Between Each Kill, He S Looking For Someone Who Has Kept Out Of His Crosshairs For Quite A While The Person Who Murdered His Wife And Children The Trail Has Long Gone Cold, But There Are Changes Happening, The Kind Of Changes That Uncover Footprints And Spent Bullet Casings Plagued By Nightmares, He S Made Himself Into A Living One, The Kind The Criminals And Conmen Fear So, Welcome, Fair Folk, To The Wild North If The Land Doesn T Get You, The Coilhunter Will

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    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review 2.5 starsI liked the idea and the main character but this was a struggle to get through it at times Part of it I think was that the POV choice made it feel dry and made it hard for me to completely get into what was going on It felt like I had been set down in the middle of the series and was missing some key factors It didn t irritate me, just had me a bit confused sometimes Won t be continuing with the series, not my thing overall shrugs Aah well, can t win em all hmm

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    Color me pleasantly surprised I didn t know what to anticipate coming into this, and it ended up being so refreshingly original This book was a weird gumbo of spaghetti western meets Borderlands vibe meets Clint Eastwood meets steampunk The dialogue was mildly cheesy at times, but never felt cringey in keeping with the old school western feel The author raced through interesting settings, inventions, towns, and characters quickly enough that something new was constantly happening Maybe the four star rating is due to the element of surprise I experienced in enjoying the blend of funky genres Maybe it s because it s a new and original world setting So we ll see if the ratings stay up through the rest of the trilogy So far, so good I m digging it I d rate this book a PG 13 for some peril, violence, and scary scenes.

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    Perfect blends don t only come in packs of tea Coilhunter will offer you elements of scifi, steampunk and western as promised, all fused together in perfectly measured amounts.Nox a man that has lost all he held dear is now the unofficial sheriff of the Wild North A bountyhunter that many fear Wearing a multifunctional mask over his nose and mouth, he travels on his monowheel, accompianied by a mechanical duck, to hunt down the faces on the Wanted posters, while keeping an ear to the ground to find out who murdered his family.There s money to be made, but Nox doesn t do it for the money He does it for justice If your face was on the Wanted poster, consider yourself hunted Even worse, consider yourself most certainly on borrowed time and soon dead if it was the Coilhunter that was after you.Nox himself is of course the most important and full bodied character of the novel With a troubled soul and an immense drive to make sure he saves people before they become the victims of the criminals, there is no grey area with him It s either black or white Criminal You get a bullet And the Wild North has taught his trigger finger not to tremble when facing scum.But Nox isn t just a grumpy, mask wearing guy trading bodies for coils that s moolah, btw He can also be quite sarcastic and what I loved most about him was the fact that in certain situations he just walked away Like he was too good, too busy to mingle with the underbelly of society He doesn t waste time nor breath on small talk or flirtations Nox is cunning, smart and a man on a mission.From beginning to end, this novel is action packed and fast paced Where there s Coilhunter, there s plenty of background criminals Sorry, characters Each with a fantastically fitting name We have TNT Tom, Danny Deadmaker, Nine finger Nancy nine finger Nancy, who only needs one finger to pull the trigger heh fabulous Wild North is like a sandy jungle of gangs and criminals, all making money off whatever they can But there are some rules Rules created by those who have the most money, power and presence in the vast desert.The writing, as the case has always been with Wilson s creation, is flawless and full of thoughtful little gems in addition to making the desert arena come alive with descriptions which will make you feel the sand and dust, the smell of gunpowder, the tense yet slow motion moments of pistols being drawn The scenes where the tension was the highest and there were many of those fully captured me These intense moments offered equal amounts of apprehension, humor and matter of fact philosophy.

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    I didn t know what to expect from this novel, as I m not a huge fan of Westerns But I LOVED this book from start to finish Read the rest on my website

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    I am a massive fan of the work Dean Wilson has created with Coilhunter, and the first book in the series introduces his unique world and characters and sets the stage for some groundbreaking and unique storytelling.On the surface, the novel takes place in a dystopian steampunk world in The Wild North, or less a wasteland full of wanted criminals At the start, we find The Coilhunter, in true Western fashion, hunting bad guys complete with classic western trope names like Old Mad Jack on Wanted posters and serving his own form of vigilante quick draw justice As the novel progresses we learn that Nox, as the titular MC begins being referred to as, has a tragic backstory that leads him to his lonely life as a feared bounty hunter There is a secret hidden with the buried corpse of an old friend and he ll stop at nothing to solve the mystery ,achieve justice and finally allow himself to be at peace.Aside from the incredible descriptions of the world , specifically the technology Nox drives a circular Monowheel which simply needs to find its way to film , what makes the novel brilliant is the way each chapter brings us further in to the mind of it s anti hero The stereotypical cowboy vigilante of the first chapter becomes a philosophical three dimensional character, who constantly questions his choices, his lifestyle, and his entire self concept Where other fictional vigilantes allow their tragedy to envelope them completely in their Grimdark quest, Wilson s Coilhunter, is unable to prevent the kindness he possessed in his former life from seeping in to his interactions He struggles with his reputation as a feared killer, the desire to be decent and just, and his selfish want to complete his personal quest and be left alone.Then there is the action Oh the glory of the Monowheel chases, the shoot em ups, and the desert monster fights These are a pulp lover s dream come true Wilson is clearly a film lover and he s perfectly juggled the quiet nuanced character moments with massive blockbuster action sequences It was hard not to hear a John Williams score while reading them Coilhunter was a lot of fun to read It was entirely different than just about any speculative fiction I ve read of late It is far from a comedic story, though at times, Wilson s narrative reminded me of Hunter S Thompson s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas , and the quirky and abstract sections found me laughing and wanting to capture quotes as there were so many memorable ones.There s no doubt that after reading this novel you will need to devour the other books in the series, and if you re like me you ll be holding out hope that this amazing series will one day make it to the big screen.

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    This latest offering from author Dean F Wilson is a treat for those lovers of pulp fiction It is a mixture of sci fi, adventure, the American Old West, and just all around good fun.Nox is the Coilhunter, a bounty hunter in a land that might be the only thing tougher than him The story pulls the reader into his life of searching for wanted criminals, and sandwiched between these captures and killings is his never ending search for the murderer of his family Nox moves from one encounter to the next with a melodramatic flair, a one liner for every situation though most of his answers usually center around death or a bad outcome for the other person.The Coilhunter is a man bordering on near superhero status He has fantastic gear that he employs, and his skills are far above most men In one instance, when a fleeing criminal takes to the rooftops, Nox ran towards the wall, simultaneously throwing a knife from his belt at the stone, where it lodged in place, and then another a little further up, and another higher still He used them like stairs, dashing up the sides of the blades While this might strain one s belief level, Dean Wilson s talent makes it all seem like an everyday thing After all, why wouldn t the Coilhunter possess these skills Though this book leads into a Coilhunter series, Mr Wilson ties everything up nicely and avoids the potential cliffhanger This was a quick, enjoyable read and I look forward to the next Coilhunter Chronicles Novel Five stars.

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    If I was asked to summarize this book in one word, it would be fun This book is the first in a series of standalone books centered around Nox, a bounty hunter with a tragic past and a need for vengeance He thinks of himself as the law, and I ll admit, I m a little bit of a sucker for a story revolving around this type of character He s a broken man, but he keeps his actions in line with his beliefs.The storyline and characters are by no means original, but the idea of a bounty hunter seeking vengeance for his family as a western is a romantic ideal and I enjoyed it nonetheless I have a few authors I would put into my guilty pleasures category, this author being one of them It s fun, and there s a hardcore bounty hunter with skills that defy gravity and at times, logic The point is to have characters larger than life with fun action stunts, and it s been a while since I ve read a storyline that was this action packed and full of suave characters who you love to hate.Being my first read in this genre, I enjoyed the imaginative aspect of Nox s vehicle, a giant monowheel that one sits in, and his mechanical watch dog, duck There seemed to be of this in the beginning of the book, but I m sure in other books there s aspects of the steampunk side Nox himself seems to be a talented tinkerer, and I hope to read about of this in future installments There were a few hints of backstory in this installment that piqued my interest, all of which I m sure will be expanded upon at some part or already have.The narrative style is a pleasure to read, full of details and dialog that bring the world to life I particularly liked how the setting is even a character in this world, letting you know that this is a world where the strong survive and where rules are arbitrary It matters only how fast you can draw your gun and with whom you spend your company.For the plot of this book, we meet Handcart Sally who works alongside the Coilhunter for a part of this book, becoming an almost ally to the bounty hunter on his quest to find the truth about the death of his family I say almost because I don t think Nox has any friends, other than his trusty duck and monowheel Overall, the pacing was great It kept my interest and there were a few very memorable exchanges between characters in interesting places If you re looking for something fun to read, I recommend you give this series a shot I certainly enjoyed it myself.

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    The Coilhunter Chronicles Books 1 3 by Dean F Wilson is an exceptional dark ride through a world of western steampunk Strongly recommend if you enjoy these types of books This series consists of three books, Coilhunter, Rustkiller and Dustrunner All take place in the Wild North a place with no laws or rules Coilhunter is mainly focused on Nox finding his family s killer s Rustkiller involves Nox helping kids track down their parents in a place no one ventures and many steampunk elements Dustrunner involves Nox being framed for murder and trying to clear his name while finding the killer s Dustrunner contains a little less steampunk elements than the previous books Each book is unique yet ties together nicely, whether it be the theme or characters It s hard to pick a favorite I enjoyed the duck, Oddcopper wish it would have had a larger part , and the Iron gunslinger the most The narrator, R C Bray, is marvelous He hits the characters dead on and is a perfect fit for this series These are the steampunk books I ve been waiting for I haven t been fully satisfied with a steampunk book for a while and this has changed that I can t recommend it enough Ended up buying the ebook series as well as it will be a repeat listen read Older reviews mention inaccuracy with shot gun shells and grammar, those have been corrected Should you listen or read this Absolutely, especially if you re looking for an odd, darker, steampunk western fantasy Be warned, if you re looking for a happy ending, you may not find it here, but yes, the ending fits well with tone of the books Parental advisory trigger warnings hell, damn are occasionally used no s or f words , death, weapons mainly guns, fighting, deaths by fire, loss of family spouse and children , prostitution, drinking, burn victim, people being sold and forced to work as slaves in mines, parents abandoning their children I ll leave it at that due to spoilers There are no laws in the Wild North, which result in violence and death on many levels.If I had any critique for the author book, it would be to infuse of Nox s toys into the last book I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book steampunk western fantasy coilhunter rustkiller dustrunner scifi dark

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    Oh my God this book was such fun I m currently reading The Iron Wars series in conjunction with the Coilhunter series both are Steampunk Sci Fi hybrids, both are great, both for different reasons.This is so light, fast paced and instantly enjoyable Nox is an awesome character Imagine the cowboy Clint Eastwood, mixed with Dirty Harry and throw in Mad Max Add elements of Steampunk, Wild West and Sci Fi, sprinkle with a darkly romantic backstory and you have this masterpiece Instantly engaging, you are caught up in the bounty hunters search for wrongdoers, meet some truly surprising adversaries and feel like you are part of a blockbuster movie The action never lets up until the last page I can t wait to see what happens in Rustkiller If you want a fast read with lots of action, great characters and a mix of genres you need this book.

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    Coils and toilsThis is a science fiction horse opera A sci fi western Very good adventure It s a fine tale with no horses on a desert world Water is a premium Travel is haphazard.