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Welcome To The Woodfield Movie Palace The Night The Titanic Sank, It Opened For Businessand Its Builder Died In His Chair In The S, There Was A Fire A Balcony Full Of People Burned To Death And Years Later, When It Became The Scene Of One Of Harmony, Indiana S Most Notorious Murders, It Closed For Good Abandoned, Sealed, Locked Up Tightuntil Now Tonight, Professor Geoffrey Burke And His Parapsychology Students Have Come To The Woodfield In Search Of Evidence, Hoping To Find Irrefutable Proof Of A Haunting Instead, They Will Discover That, In This Theater, The Terrors Are Not Confined To The Screen

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    This one had a real cheesy B movie vibe going on I liked that about it It was a little heavy on the cheese in parts, but a quick and entertaining read nonetheless.

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    Michael West s Cinema of Shadows is the most fun I ve had between the pages of a book in a long time I honestly can t remember the last time I felt so compelled to keep my wife awake for just a few minutes longer, so I could read just one scene aloud, only to feel the need to finish just one chapter.It s just that kind of book.This is supernatural horror at its darkest, wildest, and most unapologetic It s a story populated by ghosts, poltergeists, demons, and psychic phenomena, and one that refuses to waste a single word in justifying itself to the skeptics I found it so refreshing to become immersed in a good old fashioned horror story again, to sit back and be entertained by the thrills and the chills, and not be preached at or reasoned with It s pure popcorn horror, complete with a gallon of sugary soda to fray your nerves and stretch your bladder, keeping you physically and emotionally on edge until the very last page.Whether he s suggesting something in the shadows, building up to a big reveal, or literally dragging you into Hell, West does an absolutely stellar job of describing the horrors There are subtle moments of campfire ghost stories born of urban legends, creepy scenes of Poltergeist like activity, and even some darkly comic moments that reminded me of movies like Ghostbusters or The Frighteners Once the story really gets going, though, it s sheer paranormal insanity, kind of like an unrated version of the original The Amityville Horror, as re imagined by Stephen King, and directed by Rob Zombie.While it s the kind of story that could have succeeded quite well with a few nameless, faceless stock figures to serve as catalysts, West offers us a solid group of characters to humanize the experience and draw us even deeper into the horror Kim, Tashima, Joss, and Kevin are the core group of students, called upon to investigate the haunted cinema before it faces demolition There s a surprising amount of tension and maturity represented here, and enough familiarity to allow for some comic moments to relieve the tension Although Professor Burke initially comes across as a little too stereotypical, he develops very nicely as his backstory is slowly revealed, and he really adds an extra element to the story Tyler Doctor Bachman didn t make much of an impression on me, despite being a likeable enough character, but he does provide Kim with the all important romantic hero.I can t recommend this one highly enough Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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    You know how sometimes huge blockbuster movies get raves from fans but get poo pooed by the critics because it s idk not artsy fartsy enough Well I ve always thought those critics over look the obvious that sometimes you want an escape in fact most times when people go to the movies they go solely for entertainments sake That s really okay to just go and enjoy, I wish they would learn that.This book reminds me of that It s not one I ll ever reread but I enjoyed myself and that is really the point.Cinema Of Shadows by Michael West is about a small group of characters mostly a Professor Burke and a group of Parapsychology students The story revolves around and leads to a dramatic showdown at the Woodfield Movie Palace An abandoned theater that while open saw many a death.The students and their professor are for lack of a better term ghost hunters Yes just like the TV show The search for truth, for proof of a haunting leads them to Woodfield Movie Palace and the terrors that lie within Michael West clearly lets him imagination run wild and that s great, his writing is enjoyable and easy to read I love his Battlestar Galactica reference when a character calls someone a fucking toaster Ah how I loved this I would recommend Cinema Of Shadows to anyone looking for a fun, entertaining read with characters that are well written and enjoyable With some chills and thrills it s sure to please I d personally recommend it in winter, when your curled up under a blanket, when the lights are low, when the wind is howling At least you hope it s the wind, better check though just to be sure.

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    My second novel set in Harmony, Indiana You ever watch ghost hunting shows on television and say to yourself, Why can t they go to the Poltergeist house I want to see stuff flying around, blood flowing from the walls, GHOSTS Yeah, so do I So, I tried to imagine the most frightening haunting possible and make a team of paranormal investigators finally have to deal with it I m very proud of the result.

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    It s always such a delight to discover a new horror author that actually impresses And with this book, Michael West certainly does How can you not enjoy a haunted movie theatre story It s such a great setting Throw in great action, likeable characters, geniunely cinematic boombastic effects, kickass art not just cover but also surprising the reader twice throughout the book and a awesomely appropriate post credit ending and you got a terrific horror story that s a quick and fun read Highly recommended for all genre fans.

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    At the risk of sounding too squee, let me preface with this I absolutely loved this book Over the last few years I ve found myself increasingly bored with straight horror novels Perhaps it s my perceptions as a writer picking out storytelling elements and good things gone clich automatically instead of gleefully falling for them or the by the numbers or just like Stephen King styles that are prevalent Regardless I find myself looking for something just plain different.Cinema of Shadows isn t actually different It s the tale of a group of college kids who are part of a paranormal investigations class what college has that class I want to go who are investigating the Woodfield Movie Palace The Woodfield began as a live performance theater in the 20s, then a single theater movie place Then it degraded into a porn theater before the last owner shot his fiance and himself in the ticket booth.It goes without saying that the Woodfield is very, very haunted, and maliciously so The kids are in for a world of trouble, especially since one of them is a natural channel, drawing trapped spirits to her for liberation.In many ways, great ways, Cinema of Shadows is a typical horror novel It s clear West loves the genre, but also understands some of its failings He manages make the book a ton of fun by playing on reader expectations and turning them over The lead females can be in distress, without having to be saved and they can be saved without being weak and useless Likewise the males can be tough guys, but still get into trouble and need a little help themselves.Cinema of Shadows was fun to read, hard to put down though I had strong suspicions where it was going Definitely recommended, especially by those who miss having a little fun and humor with their ghosts and gore.Contains sex, violence, language

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    Cinema Of Shadows by Michael West held my attention until the last page There were lots of different elements at play, incidents in the main characters pasts that intermingled towards the close of the story, and I always love that It shows that the author had a structure for the story, a multifaceted plan, even if he himself didn t know where the plot might end.It s the story of Kim Saunders and Tashima Ishmail, college roommates and best friends, both with disturbing memories in their history Kim and Tashima need to fulfill a college credit for Psychology, but they can t stand another second of learning about Freud, so they take Dr Burke s Parapsychology unit instead When a group of students is assembled to go on a ghost study at the abandoned Woodfield Cinema, we begin to realize these students were all chosen for a reason They ve all encountered something dark in their past The Woodfield opens its doors to visitors, but doesn t like to let them leave Its history is stained with murder, suicide, and tragedy Can Kim, who is just beginning to know herself as a woman, confront her past and channel the energy of her youth in order to face her fears Although I really enjoyed this book, I do have one complaint It follows the status quo with the Christianity versus demons thing As an agnostic, I can t help but wonder how they battled demons before the death of Christ Certainly not with crucifixes, but hey that s another story for another day, perhaps I bet Michael could write it His skill is obvious, and the pages seem to turn on their own I would definitely recommend this book to others.

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    I ll be the first to admit that I don t much care for fast paced horror I grew up with the door stopper tomes of Stephen King and Clive Barker I like the way they slowly unfold a story and reveal the terror to come Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch That being said, Cinema of Shadows is very much a fast paced horror story that I very much enjoyed.Cinema is a story much in the vein of The Mangler with a touch of Rose Red It s got demons, ghosts and psychics It s got a parapsychology instructor eager for proof And it s got a great setting, well rounded characters and plenty of scares West does some interesting things with the trapped ghost sub genre, but overall, the book didn t strike me as overly original Even the ending in the epilogue delivered after the credits movie style is fairly predictable But you know what The reader doesn t care at least, this reader didn t Even knowing the tropes West employs and some of the ones he subverts , I couldn t put this one down.I will say that the story s pace does harm it somewhat, in my opinion For example, one character faces some really weird stuff completely contrary to his rational world view In a King novel, he d argue with himself for chapters before finally settling on the supernatural once he ran out of options A bit of that happens in Cinema of Shadows, but the acceptance comes a bit to readily in my opinion But that s a minor point in an otherwise fantastic story.

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    Have you ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt If so, read this novel first for some excellent practical suggestions no smoking for a start And if not, enjoy this ghost hunting tale for the vicarious thrill of a truly scary encounter with the ghosts of a crumbling cinema If this place isn t haunted, it sure is dressed for the part, muses one protagonist, and the Woodfield Movie Palace truly is sumptuously classic, haunted with history, fallen into decay, and destined for demolition Professor Burke and his parapsychology students are looking for genuine proof of a genuine haunting, expecting maybe the victims of a tragic fire, or a woman murdered by her lover, to come and speak to them But each of the characters has his or her own experience with horror in the past, and the hand that binds the spirits doesn t plan to be confined.Backstory is well timed, adding depth to characters the reader already cares about Romance has just the right level of happenstance and human depth And the horror creeps up on the reader, scary, double edged and well focused, serving the story well.Harmony Indiana sounds like a town that will haunt the horror shelves for years to come, and Michael West is a writer to enjoy For young adult upwards, Cinema of Shadows is highly recommended Disclosure I bought this ebook on a deal and I m really glad I found it.

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    Cinema of Shadows is an excellent little horror novel rooted deeply in the style of Stephen King and the notion of the bad place The Woodfield Movie Palace is one of those places, a cursed structure where echoes of the horrors that went before still ring through to those who are listening But than the past lives there An evil stalks the men and women who enter the Woodfield, ever seeking to add their souls to its growing tally of death Cinema of Shadows has everything you are looking for in a horror novel Strong characters, an interesting location with a detailed history, chills and frights, unexpected twists and even a little true love I love the paranormal investigation aspects, and having dabbled in that before, can testify to the accuracy of its portrayal My only complaint is that the book felt a little short Of course, that could be because I read it in all of two sittings Buy the book You won t regret it.Brett J TalleyAuthor of the award winning That Which Should Not Be