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Three Masters Of The Fantasy Genre Present A Collection Of Enchanting Stories, Filled With Adventure, Magic, And Everlasting Love, That Includes Mercedes Lackey S Counting Crows, In Which Lady Gwynhefar Must Choose Between Duty And Love When She Aligns Herself With Sir Elloran, A Legendary Warrior, As Well As Catherine Asaro S Moonglow And Rachel Lee S Drusila S Dream Lackey s Counting Crows was enjoyable, but not memorable There is nothing special or original about the characters, the plot, the setting, etc Fortunately, Lackey s writing isn t bad here normally I feel like she talks down to the reader, and it s irritating 2.5 5.Lee s Drusilla s Dream was lame The writing is awful and is something you d find typical of a Harlequin novel The plot is the worst part Basically the main character and the man she likes at her workplace day dream into the same dream Ugh I didn t even bother to finish 1 5.Asaro s Moonglow is actually my favorite of the three Though the romance was lame, the world Asaro created sounds interesting, and her characters are too I liked Jarid as soon as he was introduced though in real life, he d only have the intelligence that of a feral child 3 5. I feel like it took me way to long to get through this book Out of the three stories, I like the third one, Moonglow by Catherine Asaro, the best When reading this books I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a series Like the mythology and characters were already established, but I missed the beginning.Book one for tomeinfinityandbeyond readathon Ship C a short jump to a neighboring planet, read a book of short stories. This book is divided into 3 novellas by, in order, Mercedes Lackey, Rachel Lee and Catherine Asano Ms Lackey starts off with Counting Crows , a tale set in the Age of Chivalry, and does a really good job My only problem with it is that, on the back cover blurb, it tells of a Sir Elloran, who never shows up in the actual novella Typos like that irritate me, but the story itself is well written and interesting.I wish I could say the same for Ms Lee s contribution, Drusilla s Dream It has a clever premise, but the characterization is thin, the plot devices silly and the sex scene entirely gratuitous It read very much like the worst romantic novels, and is the main reason I m rating this book at 3 stars instead of higher.The third novella, Ms Asano s Moonglow was alright, but I got the distinct feeling that it would have been better served by a longer format The amount of information packed into the novella begged for exploration, but in such a way that I didn t really want to read , I just felt like I hadn t been given what I deserved. This book contains three short stories probably novellas by the length but whatever and I m going to talk about them out of order because the last one in the book is one of my absolute favorite things.So the third one in this book is by a Catherine Asaro who is one of my favorite science fiction writers, but this was her first little foray into fantasy I adore it The magic concept is or was at the time so unique and unusual and somehow simple that it fascinated me Different types of magic are colored and different shapes focus it It was fascinating and she wrote so visually that it was just wonderful The story itself is a cute fantasy story of a lost prince gone deaf, blind and mute who is discovered again and because he s the last in the family line, crowned King Iris is a country orphan who is training badly at magic and turns out to have the most powerful known magic in the land So of course she has to marry the found prince and be Queen Its such a sweet story and for its length a lot is going on I adore both Iris and Jarid the prince and the whole world Asaro wrote a series in this world after the story, but I remember little about it and I honestly think it followed characters I didn t like as well as Iris and Jarid I might look it up again eventually.Now the other two stories.The first in the book is by Mercedes Lackey who is another favorite author but this story is very different Its very detailed and historical about a woman getting married by glove and hopes that it ll turn out well Its good, but definitely something you have to be in the mood for There s a magical plot that comes out at the end and it ends well, but I don t want to spoil it It s a good story and one I enjoy but not my favorite type of thing.The second story is by Rachel Lee who I don t know if I ve ever read anywhere else Its a fun little romp of a magic tale about a woman at a night job entering data She day dreams to get through her shift but it s much real than she realizes I always enjoy this story even if it is a simple little silly thing just because it s something I m sure we ve all imagined and can relate to.This book is excellent simply for the Asaro story and the other two are good as well I d definitely recommend it if you want something to pass the time between other books which I am Stupid postal service. I d say three and a half stars, really And someone else might rate them , but I ve never been one for short stories I know this, so I don t know why I keep trying to read and enjoy them.The Mercedes Lackey short was the best of the three quite good The middle story was definitely the weakling of the bunch I didn t like the main character and the shifting perspectives were hard to follow The third story should really have been a full book it was pretty good, but felt really rushed.Short stories in anthologies always just feel like CliffNotes to me. 3 short love stories in a fantasy setting 2 out of the 3 were amazingly well done, with awesome romance that made sense, one that actually made me tear up I didn t like the last story much at all A lot of telling at the end. Counting Crows Drusilla s Dream Moonglow I was drawn to this book because of Mercedes Lackey, and she delivered a great short novella that I highly enjoyed, with a strong female character and a happy ending, which I have an addiction to The other two stories in this collection were good in their own right, but the second one didn t enthrall me quite as much as the first did, or the last one, Moonglow by Catharine Asaro Moonglow was beautiful and I was very much happy with how the story turned out, and the path the author took to get there.Overall, I highly enjoyed this book. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy each story in this collection.