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SPECIAL FORCES, DEADLY FORCES Recruited For A Top Secret Mission, Elite Sniper Sergeant Cara Hanson Is Determined To Prove Herself As A Female Sharpshooter To Her Commanding Officer But When The Assignment Goes Horribly Wrong, Captain Dean McGovern Takes Their Team Into Hiding In A Remote Wyoming Cabin Both Fiercely Protective, Cara And Dean Work Overtime To Figure Out Who S Leaving Notes And Taking Shots At Them Cara Tries Hard To Resist The Than Professional Feelings She S Developing For Dean And When Their Lives Are On The Line, It Ll Take The Soldier In Her To Keep Them Both Alive

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    This book would make the perfect cheesy Hallmark movie I like cheesy Hallmark movies No thinking, just sappy story lines Not as exciting to read as it might have been as a movie.

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    You will enjoy this book, especially if you like to read military romance novels.

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    This is the 2nd book I read by Elisabeth Rees I liked the Christian theme in this story I liked Cara s profession because it s rare I m sorry I couldn t get into the storyline.

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    Spectacular debut novel I am amazed that a Welsh author was able to get into the heart and mind of U.S military personnel but Rees does an awesome job from this Canadian amateur s perspective anyway LOL Adore this fresh angle for a Love Inspired Suspense plot Hello female sniper Cara is tough as nails, determined to prove she s just as good, if not better, than any male soldier She s strong and stubborn, intent on correcting a perceived mistake she made in her youth Her DNA screams protector and that s a refreshing trait switch from hero to heroine Problem is Dean has that same protect at all cost DNA marker especially where women are concerned He grapples with accepting Cara has an equal team member even as he reluctantly admires her expertise and professionalism What a dynamic way to mess with a burgeoning romance Mix in plenty of taut action, some hair raising scenes and a tense plot steeped in betrayal and loss and you get a dynamic romantic suspense.

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    Recruited for a top secret mission, elite sniper Sergeant Cara Hanson is determined to prove herself as a female sharpshooter to her commanding officer But when the assignment goes horribly wrong, Captain Dean McGovern takes their team into hiding in a remote Wyoming cabin Both fiercely protective, Cara and Dean work overtime to figure out who s leaving notes and taking shots at them Cara tries hard to resist the than professional feelings she s developing for Dean and when their lives are on the line, it ll take the soldier in her to keep them both aliveI really liked this book The female lead as a sniper wow and then she gets involved with a Special Forces man Great action, nearly realistic plot, tension, suspense and a little romance what else could you ask for.Highly recommend this book.

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    I thought this was a really interesting action pack book.

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    The independent and fiercely protective leads exemplify the best the military has to offer Cara s strong trust in God is encouraging RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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    4.5 stars