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The Show Must Go On For Burlesque Dancer Gigi Valente, L Oiseau Bleu Is Not Just A Cabaret Club Or A Job It S The Only Home She S Ever Known She Won T Let New Owner Khaled Kitaev Destroy It, Even If Her Body Trembles In His Magnificent Presence Though He Admires Her Passion, Khaled Believes Gigi Is Just Another Gold Digger But When Her Attempts To Get His Attention Are Caught On Camera, The Powerful Russian Must Usher Gigi Into His World With Gigi At His Side, Khaled S Womanizing Reputation Is Down And His Stock Is Up But How Long Can He Keep This Free Spirited Bird In His Gilded Cage

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    Wealthy Russian businessman Khaled Kitaev who s 29 recently won a Paris cabaret, L Oiseau Bleu, also known as the Bluebird in a poker game The people of Paris don t trust him, they think he will ruin sell the cabaret When he visits the Bluebird he meets Gigi Valente 25 , a dancer there She loves the cabaret her mother who passed away was a dancer at the Bluebird many years ago, during the cabaret s heyday, so it holds a special place in her heart So Gigi, worried Khaled may close it down, passionately tries to convince him of it s worth Khaled is privately thinking of selling it and sees it as a problem than an asset But the Gigi talks to him about the cabaret, the he finds himself attracted to her, and he starts considering keeping the cabaret.I really liked Gigi She was perky, sweet, and cute It seems like ever since she could stand walk she was pushed towards the stage She performed in her father s circus when she was very young, and at nineteen she arrived at the Bluebird, full of dreams, wanting to follow in her mother s footsteps I liked how she defended Khaled against the people in Paris who put him down and insulted him I also liked Khaled, he was a handsome and likable hero with his dark eyes and his long wavy hair His fortune was in oil but he also branched out into property and entertainment He was a good hero and he and Gigi had great chemistry together They also had some pain in their pasts.I thoroughly enjoyed this book I found the storyline appealing, with the cabaret It was different and original for a Harlequin Presents, instead of the same old, same old.This was the first Lucy Ellis book I ve read and I look forward to reading by this author.

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    A nice read.An entertaining plot and some fun incidents makes this a nice lite fun read.Khalid is one of those strong silent types that does not trust anyone Gigi is like her name light and bubbly She thinks with her heart and charges head first into saving the club She heads right into a collision with Khalid leaving him reeling and her panting.They both had tough lives and are afraid to trust one person wholeheartly but they can t give up on each other.There are many funny incidents and mad cap adventures for these two on they way to happiness Everything is not light and fluffy, they also have some dark moments too.A well written read with some colorful characters.

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    I loved the romance

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    Here we have the modern day equivalent of The Prince and the Showgirl The monied person in this case is a mountain of a man, rough, rugged and muy macho, a Russian who made it big in oil and has now acquired a Parisian burlesque club in a card game It s a headache that he now has to deal with since the club has been ineptly managed by the two Danton brothers But his troubles really start with a pretty Irish lass who tumbles off a tank so that he runs to her rescue.Shenanigans ensue, of course, as said Irish lass is a feisty sort who runs after him, shouts her name to a bunch of waiting paparazzi and generally makes a nuisance and an unwelcome media sensation Gigi Valente has been or less dealing with the showgirls and their problems because the Dantons can t be bothered Khaled Kitaev is a tough as nails businessman and may very well have the L oiseau Bleu burlesque club razed The two clash immediately and the sparks just fly Oh la la Khaled is your typical forceful, hands on male and every scene in which he s pulling Gigi by the arm, shoving her in the small of her back or even running onstage, tossing her over his shoulder and dragging her off kicking and screaming after a particularly risqu number had me fuming Never mind that Gigi rants or runs from him Khaled is soon there to yank her back into his arms I know that women are writing these novels how can they be so clueless as to how awful this sort of behavior reads Whatever happened to giving a girl your arm instead of nearly wrenching hers out of the socket There are prudish types out there claiming porn or violent video games that feature disposable hookers make men misogynistic about women They should try reading these kinds of novels some time Then again, don t We don t want to give them any ideas The bonus short story included starts off at the end of a marriage, whereas most romances end with one The woman has grown sick of a union filled with empty sex the man is upset because he feels that she s betrayed her marriage vows She s the one demanding divorce she s the one who s changed He just wants everything to continue as it has been and he s furious at her for breaking the rules.When she tries telling him two days before the divorce is finalized the dissatisfaction engendered in her by the passionate sex but emotional emptiness, his response is to threaten to kill her new boyfriend he doesn t exist but that s beside the point , coax her into yet another sexual bout before the divorce comes through and secretly give in to the anger simmering in his veins He mentally thinks that tonight he will own her and that after it she ll burn for him forever.Brrrrr I m not set on fire but I am chilled by this This smacks less of romance and like the kind of angry sheet rumpling that follows ugly arguments Nothing is resolved, the problem hasn t gone away, but dang, the sex is hot That kind of attitude may keep an affair humming but it s nothing on which to base a marriage No wonder she wants out They confess their true feelings and he admits that he s little than a frightened boy Wow, an honest statement in the midst of this 37 page dreck It s one with which I wholeheartedly agree But the idea that a little sex and bedroom talking can fix a marriage this broken is a facile and puerile notion Get therapy, fella, and deal with those anger issues.

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    Quite entertaining novel Both Gigi and Khaled are interesting characters.

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    Burlesque dancer in aquarium Messed up feet Sad The show must go on For burlesque dancer Gigi Valente, L oiseau Bleu is not just a cabaret club or a job it s the only home she s ever known She won t let new owner Khaled Kitaev destroy it, even if her body trembles in his magnificent presence Though he admires her passion, Khaled believes Gigi is just another gold digger But when her attempts to get his attention are caught on camera, the powerful Russian must usher Gigi into his world With Gigi at his side, Khaled s womanizing reputation is down and his stock is up But how long can he keep this free spirited bird in his gilded cage

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    I d give it about 3 1 2 stars I m happy how this story has evolved from the way these particular kind of books Harlequin Presents were written 20 years ago Instead of a pure virgin friendless orphan as is in many older Harlequin Presents books, Gigi is a burlesque dancer in Paris, France who has had previous sexual relations, friends in her dance troupe and a father still living in Barcelona, Spain Khalid is a Russian oligarch businessman who came to check out her place of business because he won it in a gambling match.

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    This book was a pleasant surprise It had the usual Presents tropes but also dashes of humor and sass from the heroine, which was a treat I enjoyed it very much and would definitely recommend it for a light read I ll also be keeping an eye out for Lucy Ellis s work in the future She has a fast paced but nuanced writing style that gives her characters depth.

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    Excellent descriptions and quirky, nicely drawn characters make Ellis book a keeper Gigi, with her circus background and in your face attitude, is very well depicted RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.

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    2,5 5