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One of the funniest books written loved it, AND the movie I can just still see Gregory Peck and Tony Curtis in those roles Despite its underlying theme of mental illness, it was still laugh out loud funny. Read this book when I was in HS, after seeing the movie with Gregory Peck Tony Curtis It opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of war, those walking wounded who would carry the war in their heads and hearts forever afterwards I remember well drawn characters, and writing that made me smile, laugh, and cry Seek it out, it is well worth your time. Popular Book, Captain Newman, M.D By Leo Rosten This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Captain Newman, M.D., Essay By Leo Rosten Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A favorite of mine, it s about a Army Air Force they were the same at the time psychiatrist and the wing of the hospital run in the hot Arizona desert during WWII Told by a lieutenant who is sent to be an aide to Captain Newman who is not regular Army and thus tends to rub the Top Brass a bit the wrong way , one learns of the various persons at Camp Colfax, both personnel serving in the Army Air Force hospital wing and patients It s part humorous and part sad the traditional comedy tragedy This is psychiatry as what was known in the early 1940s, but compassion then was just as pertinent as it is now and stupidity in Top Brass the same I recommend it. I read this when I was a young adult, mainly because I had been told it was funny it is But this is a book that has always stayed with me because of the main character s humanity particularly, the story he tells at the end about how various types of people prepare for a disastrous flood. This classic is a wonderfully funny, moving read Has stuck in my head since I read it in the early 1980s and have re read several times Nice picture of the writing style of this era, as well Like watching a Doris Day flick. One of my all time favorite books Each chapter opens a door to his practice. I found an ancient copy of this book complete with old book smell and had a powerful urge to re read it I first read this book under the bed at my house when I was young it was one of the few books that I remember being forbidden to me not really sure why except maybe the mental health aspectsI remembered it as being one of the funniest books I had ever read and it lived up to my memory Leo Rosten was a humorist, but this book is not comical, but rather dark humor amidst human tragedy A young lieutenant is stationed at a base in Arizona that trains fighters and pilots for World War II He is assistant to a psychiatrist who sees the survivors of the traumas war inflicts on the human psyche as well as the human body There are many tragic figures and stories here, but we are kept reading through the antics of the Three Horsemen, three orderlies that include one of the greatest comic figures I can remember This book was basically a witty, less bullying MASH Made into a quite good movie with Gregory Peck in the lead role Definitely worth the trip down memory lange. Well, actually I first read this book sometime around 1965 my copy was printed in 1964 A WWII novel, set in an N.P neuro psychiatric ward on air base in the American southwest No shots are fired in this slim war novel I admire Mr Rosten s ability to bring characters to life through dialog Captain Newman and his patients, backed up by his ward man, the incredible Laibowitz, all assume a three dimensional nature that draws me back again and again Though Newman uses the tools of psychoanalysis, he cheerfully throws away the book as he takes a unique approach to the many forms of human wreckage that the tide of world war washes into his ward Some very funny incidents are elegantly narrated some terrible experiences are narrated with care and sensitivity.Newman s insights into human behavior are worth one s time to read this book Leo Rosten s careful craftsmanship is superb as he tells his story Here, Captain Newman interrogates Corporal Laibowitzregarding the Christmas tree he stole for the ward by sawing the top off the General s tree in the Rec Hall How did you do it With a saw A SAW what kind of saw How many types of saw ARE there cried Laibowitz A saw For sawing Where did you get it From surgery From SURGERY Newman exploded You sound like an echo You stole a surgical saw Such an accusation is not fair The saw was borrowed You BORROWED a delicate, expensive instrument It s already returned Dull as a board, no doubt No protested Laibowitz Just bent Bent That s nice Nothing could be better for a surgeon, of course, than a bent saw For crooked patients It will cut around corners Doc, I can see you are getting upset Upset I Newman laughed hollowly Simply because my orderly broke into surgery I didn t Don t be hard on Pepi, Doc He was doing it for the ward I tell him to get a saw, thinking he ll go to the tool shed, but the poor four eyed slob sneaks upstairs Captain Newman rose Let s quit all this stalling Tell me the whole story. I read this 100 years ago and remember it as a laugh out loud book Hopefully the humor carries.