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Just The Sight Of Walker Barnes In Her Kitchen Is Enough To Panic Jen Summers Those Feelings She Once Had That Seemed Like Cold Ashes For So Many Years Are Turning Out To Be Hot, Hot Coals Walker S Sudden Appearance Is Fanning All Sorts Of Flames Her Guilt, Her Shame, Her Deep Regret For What She D Done To HimBut This Isn T The Awkward Geek She D Hurt Back In High School This Is A Brand New Walker Hardened, Wickedly Successful, Brilliant, Confidentsexy And He Hasn T Forgotten How She Used Him Or Forgiven Her In Fact, He Seems Bent On Payback Of All The Times To Fall For A Guy Jen had split up with her husband and they had two children together Then Walker comes back to town for a wedding Jen Walker have history and together but not a good one Who is Nick s real father Loved this book, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single book I have read by this author She is a fabulous writer. Hero s come back to the old home town for his best friend s wedding The heroine s also in the wedding, and they have a secret in their past He s a successful game writer, she s a divorced single mom struggling to build her catering business enough to save enough money to open her own restaurant The reunion isn t a happy one, and then he sees her oldest son, who s a dead ringer for his dad, and things really get complicated This is an angsty story with quite a few complications I thought it took a long way around the bringing hero and heroine together but overall, it was a good read. This book was really good It s one of those books u can t put down till ur done Definitely worth the money.