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I think I actually preferred this one to the first book, Hide in Plain Sight, and I could definitely tell how Marta s writing had matured since the initial novel in this trilogy While I did have an inkling of who was behind the mystery in this one, the conclusion wasn t quite as sudden as in the first book, where the bad guy had given a big monologue that explained everything The climax of Buried Sins seemed a lot realistic and things were revealed gradually over the final chapters Marta s definitely good at creating suspense and this was not a book that I wanted to put down, especially late at night I ll admit that, hey, Love Inspired Suspense books aren t always entirely original and could seem a bit repetitive if you read a lot of them at once, but Marta always puts a unique spin on her romantic suspense novels I loved the details about Caroline s jewellery and her passion for art, as well as the minor mystery surrounding the unusual quilt they found It was nice to catch up with the rest of the Unger family again in this book While I skipped 2 in the series I didn t feel like I d missed out on anything as these are all technically standalone books A very enjoyable read that kept me on my toes as I tried to figure out the mystery Not my favourite romantic suspense novel but I ll definitely be reading from Marta in the future, 8 10. Marta is a great story teller I was kept guessing until the end I was partially right in guessing the culprit but couldn t guess it all till the very end Buried Sins Hide in Plain Sight were both in the same book Both had lots of action This one had Andrea s sister Caroline who was the rebellious one and had been in lots of trouble in her life The family had not seen her for a long long time When she returns to the Amish country the family did not realize she was running away from problems that she brought with her Excellent reading I am saving it for you Tiffeny Great bookI love Marta Perry s books At least this series, since it is the first that I have read by her She is a great writer I was hooked on the book from chapter one She has enough mystery through out the book that keeps you reading The great thing is that the middle is just as intense to keep you interested It s not until the last chapter that she reveals who is behind the mystery, love that Nicely done suspense This is a quick and riveting book. I think I liked this novel the best of the three in the Three Sister s Inn trilogy There was action and mystery than in the other books I will say that there are some similar plot details in it It is a quick, easy, safe read that provides good escape. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVEHad Her Brand New Husband Been Involved In Something Shady Before Caroline Hampton Could Confront Him, He Was Killed In A Car Crashor So It Was Claimed Unsettling Incidents Escalating In Danger Warned Her He Could Be Very Much Alive And So Caroline Fl Ed For The Safety Of Her Sisters Amish Country Inn But Someone Who Suspected Her Handsome Police Chief Zachary Burkhalter Was Waiting For Caroline Waiting For Her To Slip Up And Watching Her Every Move Daring Her To Trust Him With All Of The Truth I was tired of this series by the time I got to this book It was a cozy story, not overwhelmingly interesting and not suspenseful at all. Great Amish mystery with romance Part of Three Sisters Inn series All three are great. I think this is the best in the series There are two mysteries here, and both kept my interest throughout the book.Caroline is a somewhat complicated and interesting character, very different from her two sisters, which we got to meet in the first two books of the series Her romantic lead is character I learned to like and appreciate in A Christmas To Die For, and was not expecting him here, so that was a very nice surprise The romance was touching here you have two characters that have gone through a lot she has to learn and want to trust again, he has to let go of his hurts and fears to love in peace , each with his her own baggage, who find each other and give their hearts another chance, little by little A very nice, beautiful thing to see.The main mystery was very engaging and entertaining Very good The second mystery was much easy to figure out, although nothing here is unpredictable The book has a very nice pace a quick and easy read It can be read alone, but it really is much enjoyable, interesting and satisfying when read as part of the series.Cute romance, and yes, a very good mystery.