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Argentina is still reeling from the worst economic and political crisis to afflict the nation in its modern history Since December 2001 the country has been through economic depression and bankruptcy the impoverishment of half the population a presidency that changed four times in the span of two weeks and social protests met by state repression that left dozens dead and hundreds injured What brought on this state of affairs? What are the primary features of this crisis? Who are the key actors? And what are the potential ways out of the crisis? This volume brings together an assortment of experts to grapple with these questions Broken Promises? traces the political and economic origins of the crisis considers the reactions of Argentina's security forces during difficult times reflects on the responses of Argentine society and concludes with an analysis of Argentina's key relationships with Brazil and the US This edited volume fills a gap in literature concerning the study of contemporary Argentine politics and will be of great interest to students of development comparative politics international politics and Latin American studies