Boys Without Names epub –

We could not put this book down For several days, my children went to bed two hours late each night, because once we started Boys without Names, we could not bear to close it It took so much longer to get through it because of the discussions that occurred while reading it This is exactly the kind of legitimate, human literature we are searching for, for our children ages 8 10 My daughter cannot wait to do a presentation on it at school, and I m passing it on to their teachers, who are also searching for powerful books that are all too rare in elementary classrooms The author was able to portray the maddening state of being imprisoned without adding explicit violence We cannot wait to find books of such caliber as this by Mrs Sheth Thank you for revealing some of the experiences happening now to children around the world There is no force powerful than children whose eyes and hearts are opened to wanting to create change for the better, and Mrs Sheth s book serves to open the hearts of her readers to the plight of those suffering We highly recommend this book My daughter read for school summer reading She loved it Thoughtful and well written book Every character is so true to life Coming from Bangladesh I could relate to the plight of poor children who are deprived of a childhood and start working full time from 8 years onwards No toys or free time for them. Wonderful novel about a boy forced into child labor He knows he has to get out, but the only way to try is to risk the lives of the other children working with him Beautiful imagery, filled with tales of ancient India I love stories within stories. Excellent read My fifth grade students love this book It is imperative that young people learn about the world around them This book, along with A Long Walk to Water, are great opportunities for amazing discussions with your students. TrappedFor Eleven Year Old Gopal And His Family, Life In Their Rural Indian Village Is Over We Stay, We Starve, His Baba Has Warned They Flee To The Big City Of Mumbai In Hopes Of Finding Work And A Brighter Future Gopal Is Eager To Help Support His Struggling Family, So When A Stranger Approaches Him With The Promise Of A Factory Job, He Jumps At The Offer But There Is No Factory, Just A Stuffy Sweatshop Where He And Five Other Boys Are Forced To Work For No Money And Little Food The Boys Are Forbidden To Talk Or Even To Call One Another By Their Real Names Locked Away In A Rundown Building, Gopal Despairs Of Ever Seeing His Family AgainBut Late One Night, When Gopal Decides To Share Kahanis, Or Stories, He Realizes That Storytelling Might Be The Boys Key To Survival If He Can Make Them Feel Like Brothers Than Enemies, Their Lives Will Be Bearable In The Shopand They Might Even Find A Way To Escape