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Everyone Believes Amanda Stowe Killed Her Husband Except For A Mysterious Woman Who Promises Her Evidence Will Clear Amanda S Name Amanda Has To Meet Her Even If It Means Jumping Bail And Praying She Ll Reach Alaska Before Law Enforcement Closes InIf Chance Walker Has Learned Anything As A Bounty Hunter, It S That Only The Guilty Run When He Captures Amanda, He S Ready To Bring Her To Justice But Attacks Against Amanda Make Chance Reconsider What If His Target Really Is Innocent Will Chance Put His Life On The Line To Find The Truth And Keep Amanda Safe

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    It had been several years since I read my last Love Inspired Suspense When they first came out I bought them every month and I have a couple of hundred of these I was thrilled in the beginning to have something clean to read Over time I began to tire of themthe samenessthe tired repeated plots So I found this one in the powder room tonight where one of my daughters had left it and I thought I d give it a try I enjoyed it in the beginning but it the I read the far fetched it became Close to the end the confession of the true criminal disgusted me and went further than I wanted Taking my mind in a direction I did not want to go But when I read his wife s confession I gave a toss in the trash can So I missed the last few pages but I have no regrets.

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    The suspense is sorely lacking in this entry in the Love Inspired series, as socialite bail jumper Amanda Stowe tries unsuccessfully to elude bounty hunter Chance Walker in Alaska.There are several good chapters that involve survival in the harsh Alaskan wilderness with Chance, Amanda, and their treacherous pilot, Santana, that are unfortunately sullied by the arrival of Annie and Joe, two minor characters who disappear from the remainder of the story after they rescue Amanda and Chance It s rather anticlimactic The killer is a nice twist, but not nearly enough to overcome the unevenly paced plot and simplistic characterizations Also, there s an egregious error on page 168 Chance is speaking and he states, We ve got to get to Edward s office before his conscious becomes too much for him and he calls the police Dear presumably homeschooled author, it s conscience , not conscious Please either improve your vocabulary or get a better editor.

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    Amanda is on the run, having jumped bail after being accused of killing her husband She is headed straight to Alaska, with a bounty hunter hot on her trail, to meet a mysterious woman who claims to have evidence that will clear her name But Chance Walker is determined to bring her in and collect the bounty on her head After all, only the guilty run After he captures Amanda, who pleads her innocence He struggles whether or not to believe her, but resists the tug at his heart for this beautiful woman His attraction for another prisoner almost cost him his life, and he isn t about to let that happen again But strange and deadly occurrences have him wondering if perhaps she is really as innocent as she claims and if an outside enemy has lured her into the wilderness to silence her forever Excellent plot and characters Christian themed Lots of action and thrills A quick read.

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    This book was good It revolved around a recently widowed woman who is on the run for her husband s murder The bounty hunter, Chance Walker, doesn t think she s innocent and hauls her back to D.C At least, he tries to A plan crash and some other events gives him a clue that perhaps she really innocent SPOILER My question is this What happened to the dead pilot I know it s not exactly important for this book, but I needed it for my own closure Did they just leave him out there Did they call the cops after making their escape What It feels such a small detail, but left me wondering through the rest of the book

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    Bounty Hunter Guardian by Diane Burke is a suspenseful, well written book Amanda and Chance s story is full of drama, action and amazing characters Ms Burke has done a masterful job of creating a book that you don t want to put down I enjoyed Bounty Hunter Guardian and look forward to reading from Diane Burke in the future This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.I read a print copy of this book.

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    I love this author This is the third book of hers that I have read, and I could not put it down It was a clean read with plenty of action and plot twists Add in strong emotions and solid faith And I love that her characters are not perfect Amanda had a couple of moments where she faltered or made dumb choices It really made her character feel realistic I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense.

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    I really enjoyed this Love Inspired Suspense The action never let up, and Amanda s faith even in dire circumstances uplifted me I found Chance s reactions very believable, and it was easy to fall in love with these two as they fought for their lives If you re looking for a holiday nail biter this is your book

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    Amanda is fleeing for her life and a bounty hunter is chasing her..all she wants is her freedom and to clear her name with the evidence I never expected the endingwhy would someone kill their own relative like that in such cold blood I ve been rooting for the growing romance between Chance and Amanda til the last pages..

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    Although the Love Inspired series of books can sometimes be a little heavy on the religious side, this was a pretty good book There were a few things in the book that I just can t see logistically happening but it s fiction right It s fast paced enough to keep you wanting to read to find out who did it.

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    The in medias re opening was a great set up, but I still felt Amanda and Chance s romance happened too quickly, especially since she was a relatively new widow Most of the mystery of the killings was well played out, but I would have liked a bit foreshadowing to really sell the ending.