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A Relaxing Vacation With The Winner Of The GIRL GEAR Scavenger Hunt Becomes Downright Sticky For CEO Sydney Ford When Ray Coffey Her One Time Lover Claims The Prize Now She And Her Fellow GIRL GEAR Partners Are Stuck Together With Ray And His Friends In This Exotic Locale For An Entire Week For Sydney, The Memory Of Her One Steamy Night With Ray Is Distracting Her From Running Her Business He Couldn T Have Been All That, Could He Well, Only One Way To Find Out For Ray, Being Marooned With Sydney Is Sheer Torture From Seeing Her Gorgeous Body On The Beach In Her Bikini, And Out Of It In His Dreams He Can T Understand How That One Night Albeit One Incredible Night Has Lingered For So Long In His Mind It Was Only Sex, Right One Night With Sydney Should Be A Reality Check But Ray S Beginning To Worry That Once Simply Won T Be Enough

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    Although I do not really like highschool sweethearts stories, this one was rather good Probably because they had just been lovers one night, rather than a real couple.I was happy that a secondary couple solved their problems, as it started to really annoy me.However I would have liked if some answers to questions asked in the beginning of the book, like why Sydney had never called back Ray, could have been answered.

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    La verit era che il seme dell a che lei aveva coltivato per anni era finalmente sbocciato Sydney Ford era innamorata di Ray Coffey La Principessa di Ghiaccio del re di cinque o sei cose diverse.Chi l avrebbe mai immaginato