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Many Things Have Changed Since ALA S Office For Intellectual Freedom OIF Was Founded In , But Not Everything The Most Beloved And Popular Children S Books Are Still Among The Most Frequent Targets Of Censorship And Outright Bans Limiting Access To Controversial Titles Such As Captain Underpants, The Dirty Cowboy, Blubber, Or Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Or Leaving Them Out Of A Library S Collection Altogether Is Not The Answer To Challenges In This Important Book, Scales Gives Librarians The Information And Guidance They Need To Defend Challenged Books With An Informed Response While Ensuring Access To Young Book Lovers

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    Reading for recommendations of books that are interesting, less bland.I m now looking forward to reading, w the Newbery Club, The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, as it looks engaging, not just earnest A related title is also going on my list The Starplace And a few A terrific resource for beleaguered children s advocates, not just librarians but also teachers, parents, and even children themselves More fiction titles are listed in the first appendix, stories about censorship Then there are non fiction titles and other resources Highly recommended reference resource.

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    Excellent reference for discussing issues surrounding censorship in children s literature.

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    Informative Interesting Valuable Detailed.

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    Books Under Fire subtitled A hit list of banned and challenged children s books is written by Pat Scales for the American Library Association s Office of Intellectual Freedom It serves a very useful purpose as not only does it list challenged books, it summarizes them and tells us if the books have won any awards It helps us determine what books we may let our children grandchildren read.I was surprised by some of the names that made the list

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    Dr Seuss s Green Eggs Ham once challenged for homosexual seduction Friends, you re reading that book wrong.

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    Structured for easy reference, while still immensely readable I ve just added a lot of YA novels to my to read list.

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    Scales, P R 2015 Books under fire a hit list of banned and challenged children s books Chicago, IL ALA Editions.Citation by Amy ReesorType of Reference BibliographyCall Number Ref 016 ScaContent Scope The bibliography discusses 34 children books which are frequently challenged Each annotation includes a summary, reasons for banning, websites for the author and illustrator, other titles banned for similar reasons, thought provoking questions, quotes from reviews, future reading recommendations, and awards There are also resources provided for teaching young students about their right to information and professional bibliographies as well Accuracy Authority Bias The author is an advocate for protecting intellectual freedoms and has published two other titles Protecting Intellectual Freedoms and Teaching Banned Books Arrangement Presentation The 208 page bibliography provides a summary, reason for banning, websites for the author and illustrator, other titles banned for similar reasons, thought provoking questions, quotes from reviews, future reading recommendations, and awards for 34 books which are often challenged There are six appendixes which provide other professional resources about censorship Relation to Similar Works Other works are available which address censorship and intellectual freedoms, however this bibliography is praised as being well written and a reference which will aid in preparing a librarian for book challenges and educating students about intellectual freedoms The author has another book which focuses on lessons and activities for teaching with banned books Accessibility Diversity The bibliography ensures the LMS has the knowledge of challenged books and how to address these challenges when they occur This reference book will help to ensure all students access to information is not blocked by book challenges or censorship of any kind Cost 44Professional Review Cart, M 2015 Review of Books under fire A hit list of banned and challenged children s books Booklist, 111 15 , 50.

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    A great resource for teachers and librarians Lists challenged books, their themes, and some sample questions about how to talk to students about the books Includes appendices listing banned books that received awards, and a comprehensive index so you can find books by title, author, or theme they were banned for.

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    This is a fascinating look at children s literature that has been challenged by those who seek to shield young eyes from material they deem inappropriate This could be anything from swear words to biological facts to characters who use magic or pass gas.One thing I ve noticed, is that social conservatives really hate marriage between animals They went after UNCLE BOBBY S WEDDING in the 2000s because it depicted a wedding between two male guinea pigs In the 1950s, they attacked THE RABBITS WEDDING because a black bunny and a white bunny got married So if you are a small furry animal and are planning on getting hitched, look out I was surprised to learn the humane classic SHILOH, about a West Virginia boy who rescues a neglected beagle, was among the books on this banned and challenged list We learn of a school superintendent who removed the book from grade school reading lists primarily because of the ethical issue portrayed This just blew me away Is the superintendent offended by the idea that dogs shouldn t be abused Does he not want children to read about a boy helping an animal Or perhaps he s just upset that the book does discuss the fact that a dog is being mistreated, and he doesn t want children to be aware of such unpleasantness Exactly what is the issue here

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    I have to shake my head about the reasons why these books are on the banned and challenged list What s is the fact that one or two people make a fuss and a book is in danger of being banned There s the known books on the list, Harry Potter series because of witchcraft, The Hunger Games for violence, and one of the most challenged book And Tango Makes Three in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and second most challenged in 2009 A parent made this comment about And Tango Makes Three, the book is based on one of those subjects that is best left to be discovered by students at another time or in another place Where, like Mars An elementary school library in Cayce West Columbia, SC, I used to work at the CWC public library in Lexington SC , removed from their shelves copies of Anastasia Krupnik by Lois Lowry, for language crock of shit and sexually explicit content I really need to read this book I think these books are the best way to talk with kids about sensitive subjects And, I think, it s fine if a parent wants to restrict their kid from reading certain books but do not think you can restrict what I let my kids read.