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Kentucky Horsemen Clean Up Their Act Dust Covered Men Who Smell Like Horses Are The Norm At Gil Sorrent S Farm Until A Trip To Emily Montague S Bath Shop Changes Their Lives Suddenly, Gil S Lovelorn Farmhands Are Sparkling Clean And Attracting Women Instead Of Working So Gil Barges Into The Shop, Surprised To Find Emily, His Pretty Polar Opposite, Selling Soap By The Truckload Suddenly Everyone In Town Is Not Only Cleaner They Re Nicer And When Our Bluegrass Hero Tries Out The Soap For Himself, Love Shy Emily Better Watch Out Kentucky Corners With God S Helping Hand, Three Shopkeepers Ring Up Sales, Surprises And Love

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    Bluegrass Hero by Allie Pleiter is a very well written story This book takes you into the lives of Emily and Gil On the outside they appear to be polar opposite of each other They start out contradicting each other at ever opportunity.It s not until their inner characters are revealed that the reader sees the similarities Each has pain in their pasts Each struggle with forgiveness and mercy They have to learn how to let go of their ideas of how their lives should be and learn to listen and trust God s plan for them.I can t wait to read the next book in the Kentucky Corners series.

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    This was my first time reading a Christian romance novel There s nothing wrong with that I just haven t experienced it until now Reading this book was like watching an episode of Touched by an Angel People have issues that they need to deal with, God is there guiding them along their paths, and they learn important lessons at the end It was a nice read and did make me think about mercy and forgiveness in my own life It was better than I expected it to be I was expecting about 3 stars so I give it 4 stars for surprising me.

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    This was a cute story Emily and Gil have been at cross purposes pretty much from the get go, but an unexpected trip to her bath soap shop changes things As Gil and Emily get to know each other, they realise that much lies below the surface in each of their lives, and that God s plan for them is not what either of them expected.

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    I would give this book a 2.5 It definitely wasn t one of my favorites but it wasn t bad The characters kind of pull at your heartstrings a little bit It was a semi entertaining read if nothing else.

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    I enjoyed this book It was very clean, and romantic I took about half the book before it got interesting, and caught my attention Then, it was really heartwarming I little heart wrenching at times, and worth finishing.

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    Ex con Gil runs a farm that rehabilitates young men who have lost their way Emily runs a soap shop in town after her husband was killed in the city Can the oil and water mix without the lye to make soap

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    Unique and charming tale of love The character of Gil Sorrent was very realistic and his personality a perfect counterpoint to the upbeat heroine.

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    altho has a little bit of deep drama in it, is another quick easy lite reading in between heavier stuff

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    quick read

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    character centered, heartwarming, details of soapmaking, second chances, new beginnings