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The illustrations in this book, from the detailed kitchen scene to the wide open hillside scenes, are beautiful The author points out similarities between humans and animals when it comes to the behavior of mothers and children. Blueberries for Sal is a Caldecott Honor Book by Robert McCloskey that is about how Little Sal and Little Bear wandered off from their mothers and ended up with the other s mother during a day of blueberry picking Blueberries for Sal is a wonderful book that many children will read for many years to come.Robert McCloskey has done an amazing job at both writing and illustrating this book Robert McCloskey makes this story extremely cute as it strongly relates to the typical child mix up scenario that some parents have whenever they go on a shopping expedition with their children and their children wandered off and the parent somehow ends up with someone else s child Robert McCloskey s illustrations are extremely beautiful as the characters look realistic, especially of the images of the bears as they have shiny coats and vivid expressions displayed on their faces whenever they act surprise Also, the images are mainly in black and white, which gives this book an old fashioned feel to the story, even though this book was actually made during the late 40s Blueberries for Sal is a brilliant book for children who are huge fans of books that expressed the typical child mix up escapade and who also love books done by Robert McCloskey I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Caldecott Honor BookWhat Happens When Sal And Her Mother Meet A Mother Bear And Her Cub A Beloved Classic Is Born Kuplink, Kuplank, KuplunkSal And Her Mother A Picking Blueberries To Can For The Winter But When Sal Wanders To The Other Side Of Blueberry Hill, She Discovers A Mama Bear Preparing For Her Own Long Winter Meanwhile Sal S Mother Is Being Followed By A Small Bear With A Big Appetite For Berries Will Each Mother Go Home With The Right Little One With Its Expressive Line Drawings And Charming Story, Blueberries For Sal Has Won Readers Hearts Since Its First Publication In The reason I picked this one Partly for my niece and partly because of Our neighbors Helen and Mike second grandparents really had five blueberry bushes while we were growing up Sometimes we would pick blueberries with them and sometimes we get a bowlful after Helen had given her family their share To this day, they are still my favorite fruit Story four starsNarrator 5 starsActual rating 4.5 stars all around 3A short book but a wonderful and cute story The narrator does a great job with the different voices of everyone in the story A couple moments made me laugh, but the whole time it made me smile and remember the fun I had picking my own and time I got stung on the lip because I didn t know a bee had flown in the bush.Funny thing this story seemed somewhat familiar the whole time I m thinking perhaps I had read this before or had it read to me Possible shame I can t remember.Would recommend for all ages Happy reading The audiobook download is fairly cheap on ITunes, splurge for that if you can It adds an extra element to the experience methinks. I would probably recommend this book only with a caveat I don t think it s suitable for kids who live in areas where there are actual bears it could easily give them the wrong idea.This classic book is about a little girl who goes picking blueberries with her mother On Blueberry Hill, there s a bit of a mix up, and Sal ends up following a mama bear while the little bear ends up following Sal s mother In the book, there s no bloodshed of course , and the resolution is cute, though somewhat unrealistic I m not sure, given the nature of mama bears in relation to their young, that the bear would take very kindly to seeing that her baby had been replaced with a human that sounds like a recipe for disaster But the pictures are really cute even if they do scream 1948 and the language is age appropriate, so it s easy to see why this has become a classic Blueberries for Sal could potentially become a favourite for another generation but hopefully with some straight talk about the dangers of bears. When Sal and her mother go blueberrying, they are both too busy picking or in Sal s case, eating to keep an eye on one another Coincidentally, another mother and child duo has the same problem at the same time What a charming book Written in 1948, Blueberries For Sal has received a Caldecott Honor.I m surprised I never read this book as a child or even noticed it at the library when my own children were young The story surrounds a young girl named Sal who goes blueberry picking with her mother At the same time a mother bear and her young cub go blueberry eating to prepare for winter Babies and mothers meet up unexpectedly The adventures of little Sal and the baby bear while hunting for blueberries with their mothers are beautifully illustrated in this classic children s book I especially enjoyed the old fashioned quality of the drawings as they capture the spirit of a long gone era.I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys classic children s stories. First of all, Sal looks like my most vivid memories of my sister when she was that age, so I love her.Second of all, what s not to love about a story of mistaken identity set in a blueberry patch ThirdKuplink, kuplank, kuplunk nuff said.Oha nice addition to my unit on using prior knowledge to make predictions and help yourself understand a story Boys and girls, what kinds of animals like to eat blueberries This mother has nerves of steel She is missing her baby on a blueberry mountain and she meets a bear and walks around calmly looking for her baby I guess that s the way to do it.I think the art is nice mostly black and white illustrations The story is interesting and there is quite a bit of tension in it for kids Two parties go up a hill to pick blueberries and the afternoon gets interesting It s a solid story and I see it on many lists I think I like this better than the Caldecott winner for the year.The nephew thought this book was funny He laughed at the mix up He gave it 5 stars. A lovely simple tale of a mother and daughter going to pick fruit to preserve for the winter They are not the only fruit pickers about but it all ends well This story certainly struck a chord with me, we always pick as many blackberries as we can for jam and freezing and when my daughter was small, just like Sal, she would eat all she could pick and start on what I had gathered This story has wonderful pictures and is a lovely glimpse of a traditional, seasonal, mother and child activity.Borrowed from openlibrary.