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Caine Valorian And His Otherworld Crime Unit Crack All The Unusual Cases Before Any Humans Take Notice When A Young Woman Is Found Ritualistically Murdered It S His Team Of Professionals With Paranormal Gifts Who Must Stop The Nameless Evil Stalking The Streets But The Toughest Case Of Caine SYear Career Gets Even Harder When A New Member, Eve Grant, Is Assigned To Their Unit Not Only Is She Green And Eager To Impress, She S HumanAs They Sink Deeper Into The Workings Of The Case, Caine S Attraction To The Alluring Eve Is Causing His Blood To Boil And With War Brewing Between Species, The All Consuming Passion Between A Human And A Vampire Won T Be The Only Thing To Spill On The City S Mean Streets

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    When a human is murdered in the otherworldly city of Necropolis, vampire Caine Valorian and his Otherworld Crime Unit which also includes a lycan and a witch are on the case Joining them from San Antonio is human crime scene investigator Eve Grant who is sent to Necropolis to help the investigation While working together, a forbidden attraction develops between Caine and Eve.The premise of the book sounded interesting, but this book didn t work for me at all mainly due to the heroine Eve was so na ve and totally ill prepared for the job and the otherworldly city she was working in She didn t seem to get that Necropolis had a different set of rules and that she needed to exercise caution since she was a human She was a hindrance to the team because she constantly needed to be looked after, was always getting herself into trouble because she didn t use common sense, and then she always ended up in tears Eve seemed like a child that needed to be coddled instead of a grown up woman I also found it ridiculous how at the drop of a hat she wanted Caine to turn her into a vampire and how she wanted to stay with him in Necropolis without sparing any time to think about the consequences that go with it.

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    Think CSI with vampires, werewolves, etc.The whole giving the Otherworlders their own closely guarded city smacks of apartheid but get past that and the story is a good one It s a fairly fast read.I loved the characters, especially our hero, Valorian, who spends a lot of willpower trying to resist his attraction to Eve after all, she s new, she s his subordinate, and she s human All these put her firmly on the Do Not Touch list Of course, we all know how well that s going to work The plot has the same scientific nitty gritty feel as the CSI shows, and the same blurring of the details so the non science oriented readers don t fall asleep in their chairs The crime is grim, the possible repercussions are dire for all concerned, especially the paranormal community, and the need for answers is urgent This was my first read by this author and it won t be the lastValorian Chronicles1 Blood Secrets 2 Dark Lies 2.5 Mahina s Storm 3 Veiled Truth 4 The Vampire s Quest 4.5 The Bewitching Hour 5 The Vampire s Kiss 5.5 Her Dark Heart 6 A Wolf s Heart

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    I loved this book It shows the United States living in a different way with the supernaturals known as the others living in their own cities with their own rules Caine Valorian who is chief of Otherworld Crime Unit and the rest of the team are working to solve the ritualistic murders before human become aware of them Eve is the newest recruit to the team and human The tension and chemistry between Caine and Eve is electrical I really devoured this book and have read it several times

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    This is definitely the best book I ve read from this author thus far I look forward to of this kind of work Definitely recommended Great storyline

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    I am loving this new series This is the perfect mix of crime drama, paranormal and romance This starts with the team working a homicide of a human girl in Necropolis The team consists of vampires, witches and lycans However, when they learn they have to work with a human lab tech, it is not a happy place Caine Valorin is the vampire team leader and Eve Grant is the human lab tech Working together is a new experience for them both and they both are fighting an intense desire for the other I loved it when Caine shared his dream Team member Lyra s grandmother is a hoot also This was such a great story and I laughed so hard in some spots I finished it last night, dreamed about it and still woke up thinking and laughing about it If you like crime drama, paranormal romance, with humor sprinkled throughout, this is for you.

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    Blood Secrets is one of those books that, when searching for something memorable in a used bookstore, might drop from a rack high above and strike you upon your head This book is rather thin but perhaps it could cause you enough brain damage to want to take it home and read about vampires and sex and vampires and sex and then some crime with vampires and sex Forgetable, blah, nanana I don t remember much of this at all and I think I was drawn entirely by the title which isn t always a good way to go when choosing a book I bet others would enjoy it others have judging by the ratings and I respect it as a work of art, even though vampire books in general are starting to seriously offend me This book just made me hate vampires a little but it was still a nice little time waster and I give it some stars for that.

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    This one was actually really good It was like an amazing double episode of CSI meets Dexter meets The Vampire Diaries The characters are engaging and the world of Necropolis seems well built The underlying omniscient villain plot was engaging and really makes me want to read the rest of the series to find out who it is, and also to dive into the other members of the OCU backstories If you are a fan of paranormal romance mysteries, then I definitely suggest this one. There s something for everyone

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    Loved itI couldn t put this book down absolutely love the characters can t wait to read the next book in the series

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    An actual endingA decent stand alone story The female cries a lot and whines a little about nobody taking her seriously, as she gets attacked and is rescued repeatedly by the vampire she s crushing on It s not her fault she s a helpless human surrounded by paranormal beings, but it s a little bit stupid to complain that she can take care of herself But aside from her being a normal woman with delusions of toughness she s likeable Her vampire crush is a little annoying in the beginning, as he hates all humans and acts like humans are the bad guys and paranormals are innocent victims Meanwhile every paranormal Eve meets is hostile and some try to kill her outright, just because they can They re just misunderstood So, it s not the deepest read with the most well crafted characters It s a quick, mostly fun paranormal romance And though there are other books in this series there is no cliff hanger, hallelujah The story has an ending.

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    This is my first book from this author I really enjoyed this story and I m not even big on crime books There s some romance toward the end of the book because the characters are constantly fighting their feelings I wish the books would continue with the Cain and Eve though.because of this case that happenedthe author just made it sound like the next book would continue what happened to eveBut the next book is Jace s turn so that should be interesting..