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In my humble opinion, this is the best of the series so far.Cook throws us into his most vivid and thrilling action packed story to date where the sound of musket fire, the roar of cannon, and the chill threat of the French Dragoons, brings the harrowing Flanders Campaign to brutal life in an intense battle of survival You will root for Lieutenant Jack Hallam all the way. I love history David Cook made it even interesting. I was sent a copy of the novella by the author to review and I have to say I devoured it in one day.It is winter and the British army is fleeing before a mighty French army across the Netherlands during the campaign of 1794.The story is told very well and I like the characters From the noble Lieutenant Hallam who is just trying to get through the war and home in one piece to Captain Clements who is a drunken idiot in charge of the company Hallam shows his ability, his soft side, gentleness when he finds the frozen body of a girl and her child on the retreat, and yet can fight like a warrior when need s be we see this when he has to rescue a soldier s wife from a band of merciless brigands by way of a detour half way throug the story I liked the camaraderie and the pomposity, indifference and corruption of the officer class with the black humour and cheerfulness and honesty of the lower ranks.The tension increased with the battle at the end and the ending made me give a hurrah for Hallam twice in fact as you ll find out.Of the three stories, I would say this is the best so far I would rank this one first, Liberty or Death and then Heart of Oak.A good solid read and David Cook is fast becomming one of my favourite historical authors.5 5 Blood on the Snow by David Cook is a riveting historical novel, well researched, gripping and for this reader, quite an eye opener The Flanders Campaign of 1794 was something that I had little knowledge of and Cook brought it to life with historical competence and splendid details The novel comes also with a variety of well chosen characters that felt authentic and made for a fascinating story The weather and living conditions, interactions with the locals and the morale and discipline in the regiment are described exellently.A very recommendable novel and a writer to watch. This is David Cook s third story and again the narration is quite masterly and well researched.The story starts in the Netherlands during the Flanders Campaign of 1793 1795 It is the dead of winter and the British Army is in full retreat Lieutenant Jack Hallam leads a company of redcoats in their quest to reach the safe ports, whilst being pursued by the French Revolutionary Army Starving, defeated and thoroughly miserable, the men s morale is as brittle as old bones, but if one man can get them home then Hallam is the man Trudging across the frozen landscape Hallam s company are nearly overrun by French cavalry, but Hallam saves the day with gallant aplomb He also leads a group of redcoats in a mission to locate a wife gone missing from the regiment which leads to an exciting confrontation with armed brigands The final battle is vividly brought to life In fact, they are the best battle scenes of any writer I ve ever read All Hallam wants to do is reach home and you ll be hoping that he does.Blood on the Snow is a very fine book and Cook really makes history come alive. David Cook writes another great military story that gripped me from page one, and onwards.Blood on the Snow is the third story of The Soldier Chronicles, by historical author, David Cook.This time around the story moves from the horror of rebellion torn Ireland Liberty or Death and the frantic battle scenes of French occupied Malta Heart of Oak to a story of a British regiment caught up in the retreat during the Flanders Campaign of the late eighteenth century.Jack Hallam, a young officer, leads his company under the scrutiny of Captain Clements a boorish, bullying drunk Hallam strives to be a good officer and to look after the men during the harrowing withdrawal Clements couldn t care less where morale is jaded and ill discipline is rife From the tense skirmish as engineers attempt to blow up a bridge to hinder the French vanguard, the hunt for a missing wife taken by deserters and the final battle where starving men loot bodies for food, Blood on the Snow delivers excitement, action and adventure David Cook writes with such realism that he is, in my opinion, fast becoming a master of historical storytelling David Cook is, in my opinion, one of the best up and coming historical authors writing narrative fiction but based upon real life historical campaigns currently out there He pulls no punches in respect to the brutal and often harsh reality of life The results are authentic and vivid, featuring a cast of flawed characters that readers can identify closely with.For example Jack Hallam Not a cardboard cut out hero, but a man simply trying to survive and get home to see his wife again Yes, of course there are snags along the way skirmishes and battles and sometimes conflict from his own side but BLOOD ON THE SNOW isn t about a famous battle, its entire story is a snapshot of what it was like in the ghastly retreat across Holland during a severe winter I actually had to read up on the campaign because it piqued my interest.From the very first page BLOOD ON THE SNOW is a terrific page turner and there s a steadily increasing excitement that leads to an all stops out finale Fantastic What a corker of a read David Cook has a talent He has a talent for bringing his characters to life, not just the protagonist but all of them, every single one of the men and women who walk through these pages His heroes are battle scarred, disfigured and traumatised, but still standing.This is a tale that captured my imagination so much that I just couldn t wait to get back to my book whenever I had the chance Cook is an extremely accomplished writer and I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Winter Flanders, And The British Are RetreatingFaced By Appalling Weather And Pursued By An Overwhelming Enemy, The Very Survival Of The British Army Is At Stake With Little Supplies And Ammunition, Lieutenant Jack Hallam Of The Th Regiment Must Prove Himself By Leading His Company Through The Full Horrors Of The Withdrawal, Where Morale Is Desperately Low, And Where Looting And Ill Discipline Are Rife The Men Must Endure Freezing Temperatures, Disease And Battle If They Wish To See Home Again, And If Any Officer Can Accomplish This Feat, Then That Man Is Jack HallamBlood On The Snow Is A Gripping Tale Of Honour, Bravery And Self Sacrifice In The Darkest Of Times Fight Not For Glory, But To Survive David Cook has the ability to transport you to another time, into other minds, and tell a great tale while doing so In Blood on the Snow it s winter in Flanders, 1784, with the British in full retreat.The British Army s survival is at stake Short on supplies and ammunition, Lieutenant Jack Hallam of the 28th Regiment must shepherd his dispirited company through the horrific withdrawalSettle back with this book, but make sure you re in a warm place with a hot drink beside you