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After Catching Her Fiance Make That Ex Fiance With Another Woman, Jasmine Heads Into The Woods To Be Alone But Her Solitude Is Broken When A Black Wolf Approaches Herand Turns Into A Wildly Sexy Man Though She Sees Danger Lurking In His Eyes, It Doesn T Scare Her Away Instead, It Only Fans The Flames Of Her Passion

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    About 20 minutes worth of reading, with the story going from first encounter between hero and heroine, a few bouts of sex, and

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    I bought and read this story because I d read Sommers earlier work, Tonight, My Love, an excellent short story.Although Sommers had some intriguing characters, situations, and ideas for Blame It On the Moonlight, execution is quite poor IMHO This is a novella or even novel length work squeezed into a short story word count Sommers has real talent as a short story writer, but her ideas for this story just outran her pen, so to speak.

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    Jasmine has a dilemma on her hands and it has nothing to do with the no good man ex man of hers Lucas on the other hand can answer every desire she has a some she don t quite understand, yet The family secret could be the key to unlocking it all for her.

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    great premise writing OTT trite Saving grace was that it was short.