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Nothing But TroubleLucy Preston Had Been A Headache For Mark Waterford Since She Was A Teenager A Rebel Whose Only Cause Was To Make Her Infuriatingly Autocratic Stepbrother S Life As Miserable As PossibleShe D Grown Up Somewhat In The Past Years She D Found A Niche At Waterford Consortium And Had Mercifully Avoided Any Confrontations Until Mark Decided To Make Her His AssistantMark Was Considered To Be Every Woman S Dream Man, And Lucy Hoped That One Of Them Would Quickly Get Him Off Her Back And Then She Realized That Mark S Attention Wasn T Nearly As Unwelcome As It Once Had Been

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    Re Bittersweet Yesterdays Kate Proctor gives us a tale of two step siblings, whose surface bickery bickerfest is really concealing the huge Lurve Force Mojo that runs rampant between them.This one is a little old skool in that the H is overly paternal and patronizing towards the h for most of the book Even as he is struggling valiantly to keep his roofie lips off of her and not chase her around his office.The h is 23 to the H s 29 in this and both of them work for the H s family firm The H is running things now and he decides the h needs to be his permanent personal assistant The h and H have a long history of the h doing impulsive things that leads to disasters and the H getting all riled up at the h, with his current lady buffet sample in tow.The h and H first meet when the H is 21 and the h is 15 Their widowed parents marry and leave the h in England in boarding school when she did not want to move with them to the US The h manages to start a small fire at the school when she was ghost hunting with a candle one night and the H is called to bail her out.The H isn t pleased to have a rebellious teen on his hands, so words like arsonist are bandied about and the h is so mad she throws a fit and refuses to explain anything and then gets expelled The next disaster is the h wrecking the H s pricey Jaguar after the neighbor dog collapses and the h is scared and tries to take him to the vet The dog is fine, but the H s car is messed up and the H yells at the h again in front of yet another lady buffet sample whom the h also inadvertently walked in on when she and the H were having a moment.The h gets sent to a lot of different schools and keeps dropping out for one reason or another Teh H keeps sending her places that really aren t suited to her and then wonders that she can t seem to stick with anything The h is actually a published children s author, but she hasn t set the self supporting stage yet and she wants to be really established before she lets the rest of the family know.The H also berates the h because she got into the gossip columns when she met a seemingly lonely guy for lunch one day and it turned out he was a major drug dealer The H s very wealthy and well known father was mentioned too and the H declares that that was the cause of his father s health problems In reality the H s father had some kind of congenital defect that the surgery worsened, so he had to retire and take it easy for a bit until he was well enough for corrective surgery for the disorder, but the H uses that excuse to keep the h under his thumb and the h really resents it This h also has the usual Pimp Out the h BFF and after the h starts working for the h, the BFF is there with a makeover and pushy pimp out advice The H and h have a fractuous office relationship, plus the H can t seem to keep his lips to himself even as he is escorting about other women.Eventually the H decides that he and the h will have to go to a new development project in Spain, mainly to keep the h in line so his father won t be disturbed while he is undergoing his corrective surgery Just to give you a clue about what kind of man the H is, the H got hit on the head with a champagne bottle on his flight to get the boat for Spain He is sporting a huge black eye and the doctor told him to rest, but instead the H insists that he has to stay up to avoid jet lag and he makes the h buy tickets to the boat s cinema It is a murder mystery that is relatively new and the H loudly whispers at the start of the movie that the Vicar did it, thus ruining the experience for everyone attending Then he falls asleep on the h s shoulder and when she tries to wake him, the H throws such a fit that people yell at the h The H doesn t care tho, cause he managed to get in another jab at the h and that is what this H likes to do He baits the h and then is delighted when he can roofie kiss her into submission The h is so upset by this, that she makes up a boyfriend and tells the H that she is going to move in with him, hoping to ward the H off The H claims that only marriage to another man would stop him, but it is highly dubious that he would stop his condescending pursuit of the h even then Eventually we all reach Spain and after driving for hours on the wrong side of the road in a huge storm, we reach the destination The H and h are exhausted, but that doesn t stop a late night chance encounter in the shared bathroom leading to the big lurve club experience.The h was still petting unicorns and the H is furious when he figures this out Tho unicorns are sad cause the h had to turn in her pink sparkly brushes There is a bit of a fight and the H and h wind up taking digs at each other over his contempt and patronizing of the h and her need to rile him up all the time, even if it involves little lies.That doesn t stop them from getting a boudoir bounce or twenty in tho, but the h is unhappy cause she is in love with the H She figures on the H s side of things, his attitude towards her is so negative that all he sees her as is an unwanted massive physical attraction to burn out as soon as he can So the h has no hope of a true love or marriage with the H.Then the h realizes that she missed some letters from Inland Revenue and has to pay back taxes on the money she earned for her books With visions of tabloid headlines of her being arrested on tax evasion to distress the H s father and ruin his recovery, the h rushed back to England to keep her appointment The h s mail got misdirected, so the h never got the notifications until she finally got all her mail in Spain The H follows the h in hot pursuit and after the BFF Pimp Panderer tells the h to just explain everything to the H, she finds the H in his office and tries to explain their entire history The H doesn t care, he has been aware of the h since she was 17 and tho he tried, he was unable to fall in love with anyone else Then when he decided the h would be his personal assistant, the H realized that he was head over heels for the h and the Lurve Mojo, along with the h s scatty ways, began to drive him insane However he loves the h, she loves him back and they are going back to Spain to lurve it up and make the wedding plans for the big HEA.If you can get over the donkey hiney actions of the H for most of this book, this is a pretty cute story, albeit parts are very bickery The h was able to hold her own for the most part and overall this was a pretty decent HP outing.

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    This was a whole lot of crazy The story of a pair of step siblings falling in love They did not grow up together and only met at 15 and 22 years of age so they never lived in the same house They had always had an adversarial relationship and were sort of working out how they would be now that she was grown up I liked the character of the heroine She was fun and feisty and had the hero going in circles She couldn t quite grasp that he was crazy about her now that she was grown up His motivations were not always real clear but I wanted him to treat her a little better not that he was an ass but he was very determined to treat her as a child and he was not really into just coming out and saying what he meant.

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    this was as enjoyable as listening to my kids in the back seat of the car on our way to NYC or wdw the non stop bickering and hatefulness and stupidity made me nuts Both characters were beyond immature and i hated them both I wanted him with the vicious actress and her with the imaginary bf as they were a loathsome couple.

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    Note to self he claims he was waiting for her to grow up and was always in love with her but had a gf in the side, so no fucking thank you.

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    Did not finish.

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    This novel was kind of cute, don t get me wrong but I ve read a lot better This book was based on a stepsister falling in love with her stepbrother as a teenager and him rejecting her and treating her like a child Only for her to grow into a beautiful woman and the stepbrother finally admitting to himself and his stepsister that he does in fact love her, that he is totally crazy about her.

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    Witty banter heaven, but convoluted ending HEA explanation This had some really beautiful dialogue at times, I just wish the author could ve carried it out until the ending.