Audiobooks Big Sky Showdown By Sharon Dunn –

This is a very fast moving story from the start, as a young woman who has come to a mountainside to scatter her father s ashes is pursued by a group of survivalists, who it transpires are also dangerous criminals The lady is fit and used to the outdoors, but even so she depends on the added skills of her mountain guide, a local man who knew her father well The guide turns out to have a dilemma caused by knowing someone in the survivalist group.Two issues with the tale I would have dumped that box of ashes early in the pursuit, not wedged it uncomfortably inside my jacket This lady is crossing rope bridges, riding, getting swept down rivers, rolling down wooded mountainsides and being shot at she needs food and bandages than useless encumbrances And the couple are one after the other caught and held, break each other free only to be trapped and held, break free and run again it s hard to imagine this occurring over and over But it makes a good lively story, and that s what you need sometimes The adventure is gripping, can be nasty so recommended for adults or mature teens, while the strength of respect that develops between the two people leads to a romance I really like the mule There aren t enough mules in stories I downloaded a copy from Net Galley This is an unbiased review. DANGER ON THE MOUNTAINWhen Heather Jacobs Climbs A Montana Mountain To Pay Respects To Her Late Father, The Last Thing She Expects Is To Be Running For Her Life But She S Living A Real Life Cat And Mouse Chase, Trying To Escape A Punishing Foe From Her Guide Zane Scofield S Past How Can A California City Girl Help Outwit A Ruthless Criminal Dead Set On Scouring The Wilderness To Kill Them Though Zane Knows Their Pursuer And His Nefarious Motives Far Too Well, He S Not Sure Why The Man Is After Him Now Only His Witsand An Unlikely Partner In The Determined Woman Fighting Beside Himcan Save Them But Zane S Also Battling A Past That S Threatening To Swallow Him Wholeand Take Heather Along With Him Wildly and violently intense non stop action with twists in the plot that kept me on the edge through the book, not being able to put the kindle down until at the very end If you are a fan of Hunger Games type of hunting like battles not only against the unpredictable nature but the evil nature of a man and their greed, culprits that are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, you are going to love this story The action starts from the very beginning of the tale and it just keeps going It is bloody, violent, and cruel and both Zane and Heather will be tested to their very limits, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually until they can only draw their strength from the Lord, and pray that they will survive While running for their lives, Zane and Heather has to face their past and their relationships with their fathers The reason they are on the Montana mountain is Heather s father The reason they are hunted is the former father figure of Zane s life The web of relationships between Heather and Zane, their past, their connection, and their future was interesting and well played in the tale, giving it human interest amongst the assaults and violence The twist that it was Heather s father who taught Zane about God and salvation was a beaut It really brought it home to Heather that her father was not the man she thought he was, and that he was a worth getting to know, even if only through the stories Zane told The influence a person can have on other, a father figure to a young mind, was gracefully underlined throughout the story While the romantic side of the story had to stay in the background through most of the tale, as Zane and Heather are struggling on all the fronts, mainly to stay alive, the growing feelings of admiration and adoration between them was easy to spot They were forced to work as a team by the situation, yet they chose to do it as a seamless duo, not leaving the other behind even at the risk of their own life Simply said, I love this story The combination of physical, mental, and spiritual melee was well united, giving each of the issues enough space to built a believable case, yet at the same time bringing the story into levels of intensity rarely experienced The characters with their struggles were lifelike and real, it was easy not only to like them but to relate to them The family ties are an intriguing addition, and this story left me gasping at the end, feeling like I had held my breath through the tale, just praying for survival and redemption Amazing way to end this year, truly with a bang of a tale Five Spoons This was an ok book Heather and Zane get off on the wrong foot Heather thinks her dad abandoned her and wanted nothing to do with her Zane knows the man her father turned into after he gave up the booze That man saved him from a life he never wants to go back to, a life that may be catching up to him faster than he ever expected.I liked Zane and Heather They were good characters I don t think I could be as hopeful as Zane when it came to the family issues but I can see the always wanting to hope Heather wants to like her father but it is hard for her to do it with all the stories her mother told The mountain and the people hiding in wait were well described The fact that Zane knows the danger because of his past adds a whole new element It was a 3 5 for me The book got a bit tedious with the catch and escape.Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via netgalley I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine. Big Sky Showdown was extremely action packed Before I knew it, I was 25% into the book and I felt like I had ran a race in the brutal cold There s not a lot of time for the relationship to build between Heather and Zane as they are being hunted throughout the whole book.If you like a lot of action and holding your breath because you re just waiting for them to get caught, this book is definitely for you There were some pretty intense moments.I received this book from NetGalley I was not required to write a positive review.You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug alcohol use in books. the action starts from the first page and never seems to stop my favourit part about this book , is the smart and strong willed heroine Heather , no damsel in distress here for you , quite the opposite actually , as she saved the hero in than multipule times.honestly the only negative thing i can say , is that for me the chasing kind of dragged abit and scenes became repetitive, all in all it was an enjoyable read. Intense is the word that comes to mind after reading Big Sky Showdown The action is non stop and the danger is constant Highly recommend this for the suspense reader The touch of romance is just right, too Great story Very action packed Wired story. This book was one non stop chase with a lot of suspense and drama Great plot and characters, especially Zane who had changed his life so much and was committed to doing the right thing Awesome read It seems that the couple was caught and always getting out of trouble Too much