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Wonderful Book This was a beautifully written book even though it ended up following the basic formula plan of the Love Inspired series The characters were well thought out and had great personalities from constantly outspoken Victoria to silent yet strong Arnie and confused Ellie They provided a strong basis for the story that was woven around them while giving credence to some of the problems that are faced in today s world with the facing factors of being handicapped whether by accident and or birth Unlike some of the other Love Inspired books this one will have you turning the page even though you know the end You just keep on hoping and hoping that there is a big enough future for these two families out on the range. Single Mom Ellie James Has Returned To Montana For A Fresh Start And A New Job At A Local School She Sure Could Use The Support Of Hometown Rancher Arnie O Brien, Especially When She Faces The Opportunity To Step Up As Director But This Cowboy Still Holds A Grudge From When Ellie Left Him Behind Eight Years Ago Can Arnie Trust God S Plan And Take A Second Chance On The Girl Who Got Away He And Ellie Will Have To Put Aside The Past To Face The Future Together This story was very different I have really been enjoying the inspirational love stories They give a person with heart a lot to think about This story was about Arnie O Brien and Ellie James They were in love until he was in a bad car accident, and he told her to leave him He ended being a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair He didn t think Ellie would want him if he was crippled and disabled Ellie had a daughter named Victoria, but everyone called her Torie for short Ellie came back to Montana to start over fresh and make a new life for her and Torie She got a job as a teacher and moved in with her Mom Barbara The Arnie saw Ellie, the his true feelings showed for her He finally realized how much he loved her, he told her, and they got back together It was really a heartfelt story about how love can conquer all including being married to someone who is disabled Arnie realized that love doesn t die because a person is confined to a wheelchair. Ellie James is trying to make amends for leaving Arnie O Brien after he was paralized in an accident.He told her to go but doesn t remember saying that Ellie has made her share of mistakes over the last several years but now she just want to start over and make a place for her daughter She will just have to wait and see if Arnie can ever forgive her for leaving. This was good, but it was not what I was expecting I thought the characterizations were good, but I didn t like the storyline of Ellie leaving Arnie simply because he was angry at her in his drug induced half coma It just didn t seem to fit her character, even though she was young and has clearly changed I thought their relationship could have used a bit buildup, but I thought it was alright overall Also, Torie was adorable. I really enjoyed reading this book I initially picked it up because it was set in Montana and Love Inspired books are among my favorite reads The author did a fabulous job with characterization with the hero being a paraplegic It was a sweet read, emotional, and kept my attention. An easy read didn t realise this book was part of a series by the author until it became a bit Main Street a la Ann M Martin.Ellie was interesting enough, plot sorted itself out although blurb was a massive spoiler , Arnie seemed both hot and a total legend perfect at almost everything. This was good book Ellie James came home with her daughter Arnie is not happy He believes that she left him.They do talk but Arnies is still carrying anger It is not until he helps rescues Tori, Ellie s daughter from the river that they get attracted together again.Arnie finds out that when he was hurt in the accident, he sent Ellie away Told her to get out He now regrets that and realizes that he stills loves her Ellie tells him that she never stopped loving him They come together to find their love that was there all long.This is a good read and a quick read. Wow, what a crap book.Quick summary High school sweethearts separated during accident that renders the hero paralyzed from the waist down He screams out for her to get out of his life, so she does She comes back eight years later with a daughter out of wedlock and still loves him, and wants him back.First, as an ex christian, I have to tell you that this is EXACTLY why I left the church The pastor spent time matchmaking and or promoting local business at local board meetings and organizations paralympic booths in the vestibule instead of missions than he did preaching Not that he would ve impressed me if she d written him to be a godly minister, instead of a merely happening one Oh, she puts a verse at the front of the book, so that you can be inspired , but from the story, it s obvious that church was definitely a social thing, for the author Another place Ellie could dump her daughter and not pay attention to her.Then there s the main character, Ellie Who is, hands down, the most sorry excuse for a mother that I have EVER read She s so busy with her job, her meetings, and her fawning over Arnie that her daughter is continuously neglected, in harm s way, and desperately demanding And then when the child acts out, throwing temper tantrums and screaming at her mother before running to her room and slamming the door , Ellie does NOTHING to punish or even reprimand the child The kid is a TOTAL spoiled harpie, as a result The only word Torie says, the whole book is want What a brat, and it s her horrible mother s fault Self absorbed idiot who shouldn t be in charge of ANYONE S kids.Then there s the OTHER side of Ellie, which is that she s the most sorry excuse for a human that you can imagine She stands at the top of a set of stairs to her house and asks a man in a wheelchair if he d like to come in What is THAT, other than completely heartless Oh, I m sorry you can t My bad, I didn t know Seriously She s constantly whining over her mistakes , enables her caustic mother, and uses her single mother status as an excuse for her shortcomings and lousy decisions I HATED Ellie.Then came the COULTER Because if you re writing about good ol cowboys, there s DEFINITELY gonna be a Coulter in the story Ask Catherine Anderson I started heaving, the moment I saw that What a lack of inventiveness, that The Coulter phenomena got old decades ago.Let s not forget Arnie, who is TOO perfect Because of course every paraplegic is on a hockey team, basketball team, wins trophies in all the marathons, AND plays quarterback in the church football games let s be a LITTLE realistic, shall we With all that, when did he have time to attend all of these evening board meetings and cook all of his gourmet meals But of course a well adjusted person like that doesn t have conflict, so at the same time as this Amazing Arnie is all perfect and well adjusted, the author also insists that he s emotionally stunted about his ability to attract a wife That s completely contradictory And as if that isn t enough, the author wrote in an assist dog that wanders in and out of every Arnie scene aimlessly It picks up ONE paper the entire book and that felt like it was because she had to make the dog useful for the sake of making the dog useful BADLY written.The author was terrified of disability, too Oh, she wanted to use it as a conflict in her book man vs handicap , but she didn t dare touch any of the sensitive parts of paraplegia with a ten foot pole She d show Arnie watching his brother SIL having tender pregnancy moments with NO mention of Arnie s personal consideration in regard to his sexual abilities at all like he wouldn t be thinking about those things when we ALL know he would She skips them, because she d have to make some hard decisions about her hero if she did, maybe even research No, it s far easier if Arnie was a simple surface SCI the convenient type that shallow writers feel proud of writing into their stories It s something that annoys the heck out of me writers who cheat.Skip this There s no redeeming it Seriously.