books Big Sky DynastyAuthor B.J. Daniels –

Very intriguing plot excellent twists and turns Would have liked a little chemistry and romance though. A good little mystery and romance story set in Whitehorse, Montana Dalton Corbett has a secret, a wife Nicci, who he thought was dead But he saw her at Georgia Michael s knitting store This was bad news He hadn t seen her in 9 years and he needed to get a divorce, now Nicci is dangerous and if Georgia befriends her she could be in real trouble Interesting story Wow what a book This book is SO different from any thing that I expected from her I was hooked right from the beginning I read so late into the night until I couldn t see any This plot was so well done that I really hated to put it down I loved the characters Georgia and Dalton were both caught up in a web of deceit The journey to their HEA was one that should not be skipped.I loved the dual POV format as well It is my favorite to read Getting the characters perspective is sometimes critical to understanding way they react, do things or say things.I highly recommend this story. Loved it Dalton has carried a very heavy secret for nine long years When his past comes calling he insists the help of his brother Dalton Will do everything in his power to keep Georgia safe from Nicci safe A truly fantastic series. Dalton Corbett S Secret Past Had Finally Caught Up With Him And Taken Residence Above Whitehorse S Knit Shop Owned By The Unsuspecting And Sweet Georgia Michaels Although Georgia Had No Reason To Mistrust The Woman She D Just Rented To, Dalton Knew How Dangerous And Deadly She Wasjust As He Knew That Georgia Was The Type Of Girl His Mother Hoped He D Marry Unwilling To See Georgia Hurt, He Devoted Himself To Ensuring Her Safety And The Time He Spent With Her, The He Realized That She Was The Woman For Him But Would His Secrets Jeopardize His Brothers Marriage Pact And Put The Next Corbett Bride In Danger The Whitehouse, Montana books are good reading. A real nail biter.