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Men Wtf was that i feel like i ve been slapped i really loved first two book and now i get this Don t get me wrong, there is a lot of good in this book, but most of it is way bellow from what i ve come to expect from this series And most of it is some of the worst moralistic crap i ve heard in a long time Like the whole sex thing Every character who had sex was portrayed as in some way a evil whore or dirty or seriously wrong OMG Are you for real I just hope some young innocent girl doesn t read this because she will think that is wrong to have sex and that makes you a dirty whore, its not Its normal and natural and there is nothing wrong in doing it She ll think that when you finally do it, you have to be married and it has to be sanctified and holy and gods know what else or you ll be evil and it will corrupt you Yea, riggght More like make you a frigid condescending B word C mon This is wrong on so many levels I hated Elaine I hated her frigid little perfect self righteous stupidity from the second book, here it only gets worse And her stupidity and cowardice gets elevated to a virgin Mary heights where she actually sacrifices her self to save the world by LOVE OMGAnd the whole overuse of Love thing, it makes me wanna puke A lot Believe me, you ll get trucks loads full of love here, so much loveand all of it Real Love It sickens me Durzo Blint was awesome I loved him, I was so upset when he dyed Here he reappears only you have to wait until half of the book to see him And hes not him self any Ok i understand hes a changed man But this Durzo is a sugarcoated shadow and the whole point in him reappearing is so he can become a flying dragon on moment notice and scoop down from the sky to save the day I feel offended in his name, I think it cheapens his whole character I liked him when he was at his lowest point, because he was real and true to him self than here Here he is supposedly happy and at peace and professes his love left and right There was a lot of it that was so rushed, and there was so many holes filled by illogical make up on the spot magic Here are some examples whole book they keep repeating that the earring things are unbreakable and eternal and all powerful, right NO In the end Vi breaks them, by willing it, on the spot and by doing so invokes some real love crap And bam, it breaks Elaine gets her virgin Mary savior status by knowing Khali needs a whiling host so she can trap her, with guess what Real love How does she know that As far as i know she runs away and gets captured and offered to khali as one of the choices for her host It was a coincidence for her to get in that position.I much preferred first two books where the characters followed natural, not rushed development They where realistic there Here they where all possessed with moralistic dogmas and ridiculously noble notions That sounded quite wrong and not in character with their previous selves There are parts of the book that are really good, and this is in no way a bad book It has a lot of stuff happening, a lot of it original I wouldn t be so angry if didn t love the first 2books so much Now i feel cheated But all in all i wish i never read this one It seems as if most of Mr Weeks idea s for this trilogy were taken from Robert Jordan s, Wheel of Time series, and it wasn t done near as well Truly disappointed in this story and Mr Weeks. A New Queen Has Usurped The Throne And Is Leading Cenaria Into Disaster The Country Has Become A Broken Realm With A Threadbare Army, Little Food And No Hope So Kylar Stern Plans To Reinstate His Closest Friend Logan As King, But Can He Really Get Away With Murder In The North, The Godking S Death Has Thrown Khalidor Into Civil War To Gain The Upper Hand, One Faction Attempts To Raise The Goddess Khali Herself But They Are Playing With Volatile Powers, And Trigger Conflict On A Vast Scale Seven Armies Will Converge To Save Or Destroy An Entire ContinentKylar Has Finally Learnt The Bitter Cost Of Immortality, And Is Faced With A Task Only He Can Complete To Save His Friends, And Perhaps His Enemies, He Must Assassinate A Goddess Failure Will Doom The South Success Will Cost Him Everything He S Ever Loved Weeks, we have a problem.I didn t like these books anywhere near as much as I hoped I would In fact, I was disappointed often than not.The writing was not to my taste at all I hated most of the people in the story by the end of the first book I spent much of my reading time being annoyed by everything.And yet you had your moments You had your great characters is one and a half enough to use the plural form And most importantly of all, you had a few fantastic ideas about the world and some of its details, concepts and inhabitants.It wasn t enough And I m really disappointed enough to quit.So why on Earth did you have to throw in a few hints at the end that were too good for me to ignore That made me give this three stars and not two That made the otherwise so horrible ending worth living through How often does one s favourite character change at the very of a trilogy I don t like it one bit, but I desperately want I suppose you have your qualities as an author after all.So please give me the sequel series I ll be ready with another set of three star ratings, most likely But at least I know where we stand now.Revanchist s regards Thus ends another trilogy Overall, I was disappointed with Beyond the Shadows In Way of the Shadows Weeks spun a marvelous tale for us He hooked me deep In Shadow s Edge Weeks continued a great story I felt that Beyond the Shadows was a poor ending to a great beginning What I felt was the biggest upset in this book was that Weeks stopped showing us the story Instead, he told us what happened As any good author knows, show, don t tell We would flip between characters, sometimes months going by between when we last saw them, and he d give us a quick rundown of what they ve accomplished A lot of times what they ve done would be really hard to do, and he gives us no explanation on how they were done I felt that Weeks decided to surprise us with many plot twists, but in doing so he neglected to tell us just how they happened We were joined a lot of the stories after they had had their plot twists I also had an ending with The Wolf at the end He just told Kylar what was going to happen to all of his friends in the future Again, show, don t tell Weeks could have had a small chapter for each of them where they made up their minds on what to do I would have loved to see Momma K and Durzo reunited Instead we re just told it s going to happen.Also, I felt that Weeks left several of the minor plots going as the book ends It s the end of the trilogy, but with what Weeks left us with, it d be very easy to see Kylar again Overall, I thought this book was acceptable It wasn t nearly as good as Way of the Shadows, or Shadow s Edge The plot was quite good, but everything was way to rushed. Every hint, every misdirection, every barely noticed event comes together in ways that make perfect sense, but surprise you nonetheless Brent Weeks forces his characters to make impossible, painful decisions at every turn The type of multilayered decisions where no matter what, somebody will suffer the consequences and often that somebody is the person they love most The type of decisions where the right one is rarely the obvious choice and even self sacrifice is not always the right path to take Add to this mix characters you truly care about, and you have an emotional character driven story that grabs you and does not let you go right up to the last page.Full Review Here Dragons, Heroes and Wizards While some people have been waiting over 20 years to finish The Wheel of Time, over 13 and counting for A Song of Ice and Fire, and over 10 for Malazan Book of the Fallen, it s a great feeling to finish a series and probably better for all the waiting I ve been doing.Concluding the Night Angel Trilogy, Beyond the Shadows is a great ending to a great series While not without its faults, as I ll discuss in a bit, the characters are moving and the world fully realized, so much that I was a bit sad to be reading the end That s always a good sign.Now comes the blurb and spoilers if you ve yet to read the prior installmentsLogan Gyre is king of Cenaria, a country under siege, with a threadbare army and little hope He has one chance a desperate gamble, but one that could destroy his kingdom.In the north, the new Godking has a plan If it comes to fruition, no one will have the power to stop him.Kylar Stern has no choice To save his friends and perhaps his enemies he must accomplish the impossible assassinate a goddess.Beyond the Shadows is the action packed conclusion to the Night Angel Trilogy.Not letting up on the fast pace, Beyond the Shadows is surprisingly even action packed than its predecessors This didn t hurt the story until the very end when it felt a bit rushed as I explained here look for seak at the bottom of the page.Otherwise, I couldn t get enough With Dorian in the north, disguised as a eunuch searching for Jenine Gyre, Vi in the Chantry learning from the Sisters and starting her own faction, Neph Dada on his own nefarious mission, and Kylar learning what his new gifts really cost him, not one section leaves you wishing you were somewhere else.One of the things I was most impressed with was the explanation of the Krul They were mentioned in the previous volumes only cursorily, but what a great monster In fact, the Kalidorans in general were wonderfully realized, especially with their connection to the vir their version of the Talent , setting up yet another moral struggle for a certain main character.Although events leading up to the ending were a bit rushed, the ending itself was amazing From great monsters and epic fights to poignant scenes of realization, I left satisfied and a little sad to be done.When Should You Read Beyond the Shadows After the first two in the series, duh Okay, sad attempt at a joke D As I said with the first two installments, be ready for fast paced action intense writing lots of fighting and everything you d expect in a series involving assassins The Night Angel Trilogy brings out the kid in you that wants to rule the world.4 out of 5 Stars What a great trilogy I the ending of Beyond the Shadows is pretty good, I really liked it I do recommend this trilogy to those who really like magic, god kings, high kings, immortals with great power, great battles with magic, kings, women and soldiers Many great characters with interesting backgrounds It s a worthy trilogy to start and finish I hope you all give this trilogy a shot and read it It might not be good for some but if you like my books I ve read in the past check profile of my books I ve read or compare books you ll like it very much as I did. Oh my god this book was terrible.The first book in the trilogy, I liked Started off a bit dark, cracked along at a pace, lots of twists and turns and all in all a good read if slightly melodramatic with some truly terrible prose Also I liked the idea of this Night Angel superhero and I loved Durzo s character.Second book began a bit like a teenage boys wet dream Quite annoying really and quite strange to read as an adult I found all the descriptions about how Elene wouldn t sleep with him really uncomfortable However, Vi intrigued me and then Durzo reappeared So I thought I d give the third book a go.The third book was awful, moralising, live as a good christian crap Good people wait until they re married for sex while evil people sleep around and then get some kind of punishment for it What happened to Uly Durzo truned into a hand clasping, worst kind of american sitcom gee i m proud of you dad nightmare from being a hard nut with no feelings Vi developed the character of a wet dishcloth but that s OK cos she got Kylar in the end Kylar maintained the emotional depth of a 12 year old And then at the very end Elene saved the world with love and dying to redeem humanity.Bleeeeuuuuuuggghgh.Cannot remember being so angry at the end of books for a long time Complete waste of my time and moneyshame on you Mr Weeks. I didn t want this Trilogy to end You really need to read the entire trilogy and I did read them in order, all at one time.I feel as though I have lost friends and as though I have learned some true lessons, just by reading and becoming lost in these books If you are a true fantasy lover, I sincerely believe that you will enjoy these immensely.The characters, the worlds, the plotall are terrific However, the feelings that are evoked during the story and the consequences of actions taken will stay with me long after I ve moved on to other stories One of the best things about this book was that the characters really stuck to what they believed The thing I ll remember about BEYOND THE SHADOWS a year from now is the theme of consequences for one s actions Every major character of the story has to deal with their personal consequences on one level or another Weeks does a great job of wrapping up the story that he s presented here in the Night Angel Trilogy, and it s easy to see why this series has received the acclaim that it has Weeks has been signed to another three book deal from Orbit, and it s going to be exciting to see what he does next.