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Berlin, Roving Gangs Of Nazi Thugs Terrorise The Streets A Weak Government Looks The Other WayA Divided Police Force Struggles Against A Rising Tide Of CrimeIt S A Powder Keg Waiting To Explode And When The Slaying Of A Young Nazi Provides The Spark, Berlin Detectives Trautmann And Roth Must Put Aside Their Political Differences To Solve The MurderBefore The City They Love Succumbs To The Flames Of Brutal Retribution On The Face Of It, This Is An Enjoyable Murder Mystery With Enough Subtle Twists To Keep The Most Die Hard Whodunnit Fan Happy But It Is The Characterisation And Setting That, Like The Killing Of Emma Gross, Raise The Story Above The Ordinary James Oswald, Author Of The Inspector McLean Series Of Detective NovelsAlso By Damien Seaman, The Killing Of Emma Gross, A Weimar Republic Detective Novel, Based On A True Crime A Fast Paced Novel That Delves Into The Dark Heart Of Weimar Germany A Page Turner That Gripped Me From Start To Finish William Ryan, Author Of The Holy Thief One Of The Highlights Of My Holiday Reading Stuart MacBride, Author Of The Missing And The Dead

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    This novella takes place in 1932 and highlights the tension between the political thuggery of the Brownshirts and the regular police forces as the Nazis came to power It follows the investigation of Kriminalkommissar Trautman and his assistant Roth into the murder of a Brownshirt The presumed murderer is the dead man s girlfriend, daughter of a local mafia type boss and because of the political implications the Schutzpolizei, Schupo for short, under Kessler want to wrest control away from Trautman.The Kripo Kriminalpolizei were the investigative branch of the state who, similar to our detectives squads while the Schutzpolizei were the uniformed branch ostensibly charged with enforcing the prosaic laws although the overlap and distinctions became quite nebulous as various groups sought power in the thirties in Germany By 1936, the Kripo had become a national police force with the most power, as far as I can determine.It s an OK story that suffers from its brevity In a full novel the conflict and tensions between the regular police forces and those being taken over by the Nazis to promote their insidious political goals could have been explored in depth and with clarity, something Philip Kerr does so well in his Bernie Gunther series.

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    If you have never ventured into Berlin Noir before this is a great introduction Set against the chilling political background of late Weimar Germany, this wonderful novella keeps us on the edge of our seats as we hurl in true Mickey Spillane style in pursuit of a murderer whilst dogged at every step by sneering violent Nazi sympathisers I think I am now going to read David Seaman s The Killing of Emma Gross Give this a go you will love it

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    Not sure what was going on really, seemed very light and the plot didn t shine through for me at all Might try again to read it but doubt it.