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Of The Animals In North America, None Commands Such Dread, Awe, And Interest As The Bear Creatures That Fear Little, Bears Compete For Survival With The Only Other Animals That Can Threaten Their Existence Humans Bear Attacks Is A Thorough And Unflinching Study Of Attacks Made On Humans This Is The Sometimes Horrific, Yet Always Instructive, Story Of Bear And Human, Written By The Leading Scientific Authority In The Field This Book Is For Everyone Who Camps, Hikes, Or Visits Bear Country And For Anyone Who Wants To Learn About These Fearsome But Always Fascinating Wild Creatures

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    First of all, this is not a gory account of bear attacks, with bloody or scary stories about people being eaten by bears It is a study of why attacks happen mostly due to human misbehavior There are statistics, and details, and instructions on how to be safe around bears, and it was very interesting to know some of these things, because you just never know when you might be face to face with a bear.On the other hand, these instructions are just a tad ambiguous Apparently, if faced with a black bear one should run Or else play dead If it s a grizzly, one should play dead Or else run Black bears mostly run away, but some will charge Grizzlies will mostly charge but some will run away Behaviors differ according to species, but sometimes not Some mama bears will go berserk if a human is within a mile of her cubs, some mama bears will not Your response to any of these situations will be subject to change on the spot, sometimes with bare seconds to decide what kind of bear it is, what sex it is, how it s feeling at the moment, and what it s going to do.Basically, if you go out in the woods, take someone slower than you.

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    Herrero knows his stuff After moving to Kalispell,MT just outside Glacier National Park I decided that I d better learn about grizzlies as I knew I d occasionally run in to them while fishing or hiking in the area I read several books on grizzlies and this was THE MOST HELPFUL of them all After giving advice on how to act when running in to a mother bear with cubs, or a bear eating carrion, or a number of other various situations Herrero ultimately states that bears are still wild animals and are, therefore, unpredictable Even if you follow all of the grizzly etiquette rules, some may still attack On the flip side, they may not attack even if you break ALL the rules Again, they are unpredictable If you go in to the forests with a personal respect for bears, understanding that we are guests in their territory, you will fare much better They are beautiful animals So please enjoy them, but from a safe distance

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    What I mainly learned from this book was that you shouldn t let your wife read books like this if you ever hope to take them backpacking Good gory descriptions of maulings.

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    YES This book contains a quote from the 19th century which is quite possibly the best thing I ve ever read Hence the peculiar charm of a fight with a grizzly If you kill your bear, it is a triumph worth enjoying if you get killed yourself, some of the newspapers will give you a friendly notice if you get crippled for life, you carry about you a patent of courage which may be useful in case you go into politics Besides, it has its effect upon the ladies A chawed man is very much admired all over the world However, a better summary of the book comes directly from the author If you see a grizzly you instantly become one of the few who have shared moments with the species that cannot adapt to the domestication of North America, the species that defines one of the few types of wilderness we have left Feelings of fear, inspiration, and awe may generate images of pristine North America when it was complete with bison and wolves and when humans were still pioneers treading on the edge of something big and rich beyond definition But images of mauled and mutilated people may also enter the mind, for this too is part of the grizzly.

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    I have never been attacked by a bear, so I don t know how useful is the author s advice BUT I can tell you it almost scared me out of my wits The lengthy descriptions of mauling and dismembering will stay in my mind forever They were worse than anything Stephen King could dream up.The author provides scrupulous detail on every documented attack But with every statistical probability, every suggested course of action, he then qualifies by saying Remember, bears are unpredictable and there are always exceptions So I would not know whether to fight, play dead or climb a tree Bottom line I will try to avoid any possibility of EVER encountering a bear Perhaps that was the author s intention.

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    I m dying to read this as Bill Bryson becomes obssessed with the book as he readies himself to walk the AT.

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    I have not been attacked by a bear since finishing this book.

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    Best book about bears I ve ever read.

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    I ve been told this book is THE book about bears The most other books about bears refer to this one It contains a lot of gruesome encounters between human beings and bears All is based on true events.It s not just gruesome, but also very lugubrious and really horrific stories.The bear itself is not depict as bad, because all these are accidents and could be prevent.Therefore this book describes the nature of bears black bears, grizzlys etc Their nature and what to do when you see one in the wild.What you have to do, differs per bear Some stalk you, by some you must play dead, while in another situation you have to scare it away..That s why the book is called Bear Attacks Their Causes and Avoidance.Gruesome stories, but also you know the nature of the most common bears.

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    Grizzly bears terrify me It doesn t matter that I ve never been, afaik, near a Grizzly in the wild, or that I live in a place where the great bear is now extinct I had a nightmare when I was a kid that shook me up so bad I still remember it In the dream, my family was trapped on a ship that had a sort of carnival on board One of the carnival animals, who all were roaming about the ship scaring everybody half to death, was a giant Grizzly The bear caught up with my family and ripped my little brother apart, with agonizing dream sluggishness, while we stood around unable to do a thing to stop it It seemed so real that when I saw my brother the next morning I threw up.Ever since then, I ve had this Grizzly thing and I still have dreams from time to time I had one in early January 2009, about bears attacking people along a river and me unable to help and just terrified A few days after I had that dream, I was walking around the Calaveras library and this book with a black spine and the title in bold white letters, BEAR ATTACK, grabbed my attention I of course had to pull it out, and it turned out to be what I discovered later is one of if not the classic, comprehensive work on aggressive bear behavior and attacks by an animal behaviorist, Stephen Herrero.Well, I thought to myself, maybe this is just what I need, some actual facts to dispel mystery and fear, and so home it came with me.I, shall we say, devoured the book in two days, my heart pounding and stomach turning flip flops pretty much the whole time.This is not a sensationalist book, although it includes all the frightening details you could possibly want to scare yourself half silly The author sets out to illustrate categories of bear behavior in various situations, with the goal of greater understanding to help both bears and people be safe in bear country Discussions of the differences between typical black bear and Grizzly temperament are carefully covered His research encompassed decades of documentation from all over North America plus his own extensive field observations, and struck me as intensively thought out and balanced He reports the details of attacks using the best information available, including personal accounts as often as possible He includes accounts of attacks that resulted in human injury and death, as well as attacks that did not.I learned a lot I don t think reading Herrero s book has not magically cured me of Grizzly Night Terrors However, I did gain a much greater understanding of what might prompt an actual attack, and what strategies might keep me alive should it ever happen to me, and also how rare attacks are Even so for me personally, since I ll probably never even see a Grizzly in the wild Probably most helpful to me was the sense of sadness I got from learning about how bears have been impacted by humans Herrero illustrates how bear behavior is dramatically altered by the presence of our garbage dumps in and near wilderness areas, and by humans treating wild bears like curious pets, feeding them and pestering them, trying to get close to them and take pictures, making stinky messes in campgrounds that attracts bears I was sad to learn that the result of this human idiocy is often that a bear learns to associate humans with food, which leads to trouble, which then leads to the bear being destroyed This on top of what I learned in further reading about humans wiping out most of the bears in North America just because they feared and hated them The California Grizzly, for example, was driven to extinction in just a few years after the invention of the repeating rifle.So now I am still terrified of Grizzly bears, but my fear is tempered by a sadness for what humans have done to the bear, rather than the other way around.The next time I feel afraid of an imaginary Grizzly coming at me or someone else, I ll try to keep that in mind.Caution Although Herrero has not set out to sensationalize, he does included very scary details in order to help support his thesis I do NOT recommend that any sensitive persons read this book if you are not already having nightmares The accounts of injury and death are detailed and gruesome, in several cases being first hand accounts of being chased, chewed on, crunched, tossed about, or watching it happen to somebody else So do be aware of that before reading.