Against the Modern Dagnan Bouveret and the Transformation

Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan Bouveret 1852 1929 was among a group of the most creative students of Jean Leon Gérôme the leading French academic painter of his day A well established naturalist painter and an artist acknowledged worldwide during the latter half of the nineteenth century Dagnan Bouveret used contemporary themes and techniques to modernize the academic tradition in an attempt to meet the aesthetic changes initiated by the impressionists Displaying real diversity he created photographically accurate compositions inspired by daily life His best known pieces were mesmerizing mystical religious compositions Accolades at the1900 Paris Exposition Universelle and induction into the French Institute not only assured the status of his work but also furthered his position as the upholder of the academic tradition at a time when it was coming under renewed attack by the modernistsThe publication of this book coincides with an exhibition by the Dahesh Museum of Art in New York City of Dagnan Bouveret's work—the first in a century Against the Modern pays special attention to the evolution of this artist's work and brings to the public gaze the real diversity accessibility—and surprising modernity—that has made Dagnan Bouveret's work of lasting value

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