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Rip and Red are best friends whose fifth grade year is nothing like what they expected They have a crazy new tattooed teacher named Mr Acevedo who doesn't believe in tests or homework and who likes off the wall projects the off the better They also find themselves with a new basketball coach Mr Acevedo Easy going Rip is knocked completely out of his comfort zone And for Red who has autism and really needs things to be exactly a certain way the changes are even of a struggle But together these two make a great duo who know how to help each other—and find ways to make a difference—in the classroom and on the courtWith its energetic and authentic story and artwork this is a fresh fun book about school sports and friendshipThis title has Common Core connections

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    This is a story about best friends Rip and Red and their experience in 5th grade They expect things to go a certain way but are greeted with unexpected change everywhere they look The school district budget has been cut and with these cuts come staff changes and changes to the sports program Rip and Red have been looking forward to playing basketball together and having a certain 5th grade teacher Red has some issues but Rip has always been there to guide him through But the changes this year challenge both of them This is a fun realistic fiction story that kids who love basketball and others will enjoy The friendship between Red and Rip is special and meaningful The new teacher Mr Acevedo embodies the naivete and hope of teachers fresh out of college He really wants to make a difference in the lives of his students The book is well written and fun to read This is another book nominated for the 2017 18 Sunshine State Young Readers Award grades 3 5 I'm sure there will be than a few fans of this book in our school

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    What stuck to me as a teacher was Mr Acevedo's teaching style Readers Workshop Writers Workshop Preview stacks Read Alouds What will stick to young readers is the basketball parts The parts that show the friendship between Rip and Red The Nasty inuiry project the teacher assigns I cannot wait to share this book with readers next fall Be sure to put this book on your August purchase list

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    The characters in A Whole New Ballgame are complex and well developed Bildner has captured the wide range of personalities and emotions on display in any middle school Note I received an ARC from the publisher

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    Loved promoting this at local elementary schools leading up to the 2016 Summer Reading Program sports themedGreat sports action scenes with believably passionate characters Nice variety of perspectives in the stars of the show I was surprised by how much focus was on classroom teaching methods I described it to friends as educational escapism It felt a little contrived but that coulda been my personal bias Anyway I'm really glad there was a heavy emphasis on the sports action too Like like like

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    This book made me smile made me glad kids are kids and are nicer to each other than adults ever are I learned some tidbits about basketball which is always a bonus to me I also welled up a little at the final basketball game section Most of all? It made me want to be a better teacher

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    My last book off the SSYRA 2017 list I didn't think that this one would appeal to me personally but I actually got really into it The book is long for kids but the chapters are short and it really sticks to the important plot highlights character details rather than getting mired down in irrelevant info so it is still an achievable read Loved the diversity in this book And I got a little attached to Mr Acevedo who at first I didn't like because he was a little too unprofessional for me but as a school system rebel myself I loved his do what's best for kids not scores attitude I don't think it would be a very exciting read aloud but it's a great chapter book to get sports lovers reading

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    A Whole New Ballgame seemed like it could be a promising study of friendship between an autistic character and neurotypical character Based on the description on the cover flap I was looking forward to seeing how the main characters’ love of basketball helps them through a stressful school year Unfortunately while the neurotypical character Rip gets a separate narrative and character development Red is often relegated to muttering statistics and nervously stimming in the backgroundRead contributor Jessica Mulueen's full review at Disability in Kidlit

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    I really liked so much about this book The characters are diverse complex and engaging The narrator Rip is compassionate and thoughtful and his relationship with his best friend Red is truly touching Much of the book focuses on the two things that take up most of Rip's time school and basketball This year Rip and Red have a new 5th grade teacher Mr Acevedo who is also their new basketball coach Mr Acevedo's teaching and coaching methods are unusualwill Rip and Red have a great year or will it be a bust?

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    I loved this book one of the lessons I learned was that you always have teamwork and that evrn if you think you will not like someone you could end up being there friend and really liked them In this book it showed that when Rip was partners with Avery but he was really mad and wanted to be with Red but he ended up being friends with Avery this showes that you always have to give people a try

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    45 An adorable Book that I can’t wait to get into my students hands Basketball is king with many of my students this year and I can see them eating this series up Mr A was also a fun teacher to read about It made me think of my first year of teaching and all the things I tried to make learning fun