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Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Hopper, Robert DeNiro, Marilyn Monroe, And Joanne Woodward These Are Only A Few Of The Many Actors Trained In Method Acting By The Great And Legendary Lee Strasberg This Revolutionary Theory Of Acting Developed By Stanislavsky And Continued By Strasberg Has Been A Major Influence On The Art Of Acting In Our Time During His Last Decade, Strasberg Devoted Himself To A Work That Would Explain Once And For All What The Method Was And How It Worked, As Well As Telling The Story Of Its Development And Of The People Involved With It The Result Is A Masterpiece Of Wisdom And Guidance For Anyone Involved With The Theater In Any Way

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    While Lee Strasberg and Method Acting have indelibly left a legacy for good reason, acting is a subjective art with no one approach Like all art forms then, it is difficult to divulge the talent beyond classical technique However, this book ably inspires and instructs us as actors to focus on relaxation, empathy and analysis of the reality of the writer s constructs Strasberg s overlying quest is to direct real emotional responses provoked from personal experiences into the actors performances With emphasis on reaching authentic emotion via exercises of stimulation, the exercises and psychological explanations are incredibly insightful, but the conclusions he draws are not always as objectively true as he ascertains, as many of my fellow actors might agree on Indeed, the book s enlightening didacticism is let down by Strasberg s rigid dismissal of many other methods with only his personal experience as evidence what doesn t work for one person may ultimately work for another Still an incredibly educational read, and would recommend to all actors

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    Probably the most important text on the subject of Method acting A combination biography of Stanislavsky, some of his contemporaries and followers, history of Method acting, and the various theaters which gave birth or contributed to the development of thereof, as well as autobiography of Strasberg If one simply wants to understand the theory and practice of Method acting, one could easily skip ahead to the chapter entitled Fruits Of The Voyage I dabbled in Performance Art for a while, and if this book taught me nothing else, I now know why I d occasionally see certain people walking around during a rehearsal shouting HAH

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    This is worth reading if you want to be able to correct people when they misuse the term Method acting That refers only and exclusively to Strasberg People abuse the term and the exercises all the time, but this book articulates their specific natures well It doesn t teach you Method acting, though This is a history of its development.

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    Interesting read It shows as much about Lee Strasberg as a person as it does about him as an actor or a director I m still not a huge fan of method acting, but some of the techniques in this book might help my students think about character and motivation.

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    As a musician songwriter improvisor I got far of use out of Stanislavsky s An Actor Prepares But some of the insights in this one are essential So I took way fewer notes, but the ones I took were just as important.

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    one of the best books on acting great for anyone wanting to know where Marilyn Monroe or Robert Denero learned from a perfect beginning into the world of method acting.

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    it answered to the questions remained from Stanislavski s acting method

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    This book made me decide to go to grad school.

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    I started reading this for acting class, but i find that some of the ideas are useful far beyond that A book that makes you think If you have interest in acting, a must.