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His Plan Was Simple Convince Caroline Hudson To Take In His Children As Wards Widower Tyrone Justice Is Stunned When The Nantucket Schoolmistress Requests A Wedding Instead But Really, What Could Be Simpler Than A Marriage Of Convenience Tyrone S Children Will Have Stability, Caroline Will Have Securityand Neither Tyrone Nor Caroline Will Have To Risk Their Hearts Once Bruised By Past Loves And Losses, Neither Is Ready To Take That Chance Again Unless A Potentially Deadly Disaster Makes Them See The Truth Happiness Lies Within Reach If They Ll Take A Chance On The Unplanned Gift Of Love

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    Heroine is a widow who runs a private school for the children of the well to do on Nantucket island to keep body and soul, and house, together One day, three raggedy children show up wanting to go to her school They want to improve themselves, like their mother wanted Mama died in the Great Nantucket Fire four years ago, when everything they owned went up in flames Their father has been trying to take care of them since They agree to exchange schooling for chores and repairs on the big house falling down around her ears Then the little family is evicted, so the heroine takes the children into her home while the hero heads out to hunt for work Eventually the title IS A Convenient Wife they marry for the sake of the children This is a sweet, slow moving romance There is angst they are both widowed but it s low key angst Much of it is wrapped around the hero s pride and unwillingness to take help from anybody, including God No preachiness the inspiration is woven nicely into the story.

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    Usually I hate children in a book Haha, I love them, but in books they usually bore and irritate me because they re simplified into little objects.Here, however, they delighted me The relationships were very complex without the usual annoyances The romance was sweet, but a little dull While the inner conflicts of the protagonists were interesting and realistic, it took waaaay too long and it wasn t as intriguing for them to fall in love.I do have to applaud Schmidt though because this book could really have been a complete bore She, however, made it come alive with all the emotional depth and circumstances.While it is not one of my favorite books, it was a good read because of how easily you ould connect with the characters

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    I am a fan of Steeple Hill s Love Inspired books and this one was another great read Caroline Hudson is a lonely widow running a school to help her pay off the massive debts owed by her late husband When 3 bedraggled children show up at her door asking if she can teach them how to be proper ladies, her heart aches to help these kids get an education and a decent meal Poor, widower Ty Justice is doing everything he can to care for his 3 children When he discovers his kids begging for an education from the pretty school marm his fierce pride complicates matters Whoot Good read

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    A very sweet story I ve liked all of Ms Schmidt s books and this was another good book Yes, it s predictable but sometimes you just need to read books for the pleasure of reading it and knowing that it will work out at the end.

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    A widowed father who can t find work locally to support his children asks the locoal school teacher to take them in while he goes away to look for work This is a good story.

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    It was a sweet story taking place on Nantucket Island.

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    Anna Schmidt A Convenient Wife Widower Tyrone Justice is stunned when the Nantucket schoolmistress requests a wedding instead But really, what could be simpler than a marriage of convenience Tyrone s children will have stability, Caroline will have securityand neither Tyrone nor Caroline will have to risk their hearts once Bruised by past loves and losses, neither is ready to take that chance again Unless a potentially deadly disaster makes them see the truth Happiness lies within reach if they ll take a chance on the unplanned gift of love.I enjoyed this story of a Convenient wife, Tyrone has lost so much and his heart is bruised when it comes to trust and feeling he might be someone that is lovable His children want to attend the school where Caroline Hudson has a few youngsters of the elite parents on the island, Tyrone lost his wife to a fire several years ago and has been having rough time raising his three children Jerome Eliza and Hannah Caroline has a tender heart and wants to help the children have a better life so she takes them on as students letting them do chores and their father has said he will help with repairs around the school Before long though circumstances change and the little family is to be evicted from the small place they have lived in near the wharfs Tyrome and Caroline come to an agreement that she will watch after his children while he goes off to work on a ship, soon though problems arise for this young man as the ship does not sail and his job is lost once again putting him homeless and jobless He feels he has no choice but to work the docks doing any and everything to make monies to send back to Caroline and does not let her know right away that he did not sail There is much confusion when Caroline finds the father of children she is watching right on the docks close by can she trust this man after he has not kept her informed, can she continue to watch his children, even though they are becoming important to her as each day goes by You will want to read this wonderful story of a man with empty faith and a heart that needs mending after losing so much.Caroline is a lonely woman living in a huge house that she has renovated into a school to be able to support herself after her husband leaves her and after some time she finds out he has died when they return his possessions to her Can this woman and this man find a way to help one another, can they even find Love along the way I enjoyed reading the story of this man and his children learn to accept help from Caroline and in the giving of help she too receives a reason to live each day happily.

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    It s been a long time since I read an inspirational romance Ironically, my work is so centered around people s faith that I don t want to read about faith struggles in my spare time So I was pleasantly surprised when reading A Convenient Wife to find that by not reading inspirationals, I ve been missing some excellent dialogue, good story development, non plot moppet children and realistic romance development When reading a novel, timelines are collapsed and we all know it The story of Tyrone and Catherine and his children was moving and interesting The faith portion was realistic in that he struggled to believe in God after his first wife s death She is faithful and hopes that he will The interjections of biblical references and prayer were smooth and helpful to character development, rather than being stuck in for the sake of the genre The, um, climax came in a life death situation in which spoiler Catherine saves his daughter from a fire She was out two days from smoke inhalation That s entirely plausible, but edged a little too close to a 3 day resurrection story I ve heard somewhere else I think I miss the steam of my regular romances, but this was a pleasant sojourn into a romance arena I don t normally visit The realness of the characters made the read worthwhile For the genre, a solid A.

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    This book reached me during a difficult time several years ago and it was wonderful I was thankful to read of how a woman chose to deal with her significant other s job loss and the acknowledgement of those emotions both his and hers was spot on A Convenient Wife is an endearing look at pride and responsibilities within a marriage, even if their s is a marriage of convenience.

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    This book is a 4.5 star book I picked it up, expecting to read a few chapters and go to sleep, but two hours later, after midnight, I was finishing it It s a sweet story with good character development and a good plot Not a keeper, but close.