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After Becoming The Reluctant Owner Of The Company That Had Cost Him His Fianc E, Constantine Atraeus Wants Controlling Ambrosi Pearls Would Not Be Complete Without Enticing Sienna Ambrosi Back Into His Bed His Ex Lover, However, Won T Be Won Over With Simple Promises And Elaborate Seductions A Legally Binding Contract Has To Be MadeSo Constantine Proposes The Ultimate Marriage Bargain If Sienna Becomes His Wife, She Ll Retain Shares In Her Family S Precious Company But She Ll Be Bound To Him Forever It Is A Union Potentially Worth Billions And It Is A Price Constantine Is Than Willing To PayBut Is She

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    finally necrophilia based erotica goes mainstream no hiding in the shadows

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    I was so glad to see Fiona Brand writing again since I loved her SASS series or less but sadly this book lacked something, the hero never really made up for his assumptions and actions and I felt the heroine let him get away with everything.I never warmed up to the heroine completely as well, I liked it when she acted cool and composed but I really didn t see her obsession with her business Two years ago the hero and heroine were engaged but he broke it off because he felt she was involved in a loan offer her father tried to make, but she wasn t.Now her father is dead and clean up falls to her, he was a gambler and she finds out that the hero now owns everything I found the accusations the heroine made dead on, it was crass of him to come to talk to her at the funeral.I also don t like unequal relationships where the one person holds all the power The hero is the jealous sort and is glad that he is her one and only lover, he had her investigated and even tells her this to his face He also will do anything to make sure that he is the only important person in her life and not the business she seems to constantly thinks about Normally, I would find this sweet and romantic in a way but his actions and the executions only made me dislike him.Even after he knows that he acted wrongly two years ago he is sure that she loves him and he just wants her back I want to see the hero work for forgiveness and not blithely assume things will fall his way The marriage contract he drew up was offensive in the extreme and afterwards he is panicked over losing her because of it I would have appreciated a huge grovelling scene after this instead what we got was the heroine deciding to marry him because she can t imagine her life without him I wanted her to make him work for her love and not just take whatever he was offering I like strong heroine s not those who just melt over the hero s though Sienna sometimes showed promise, in the end I was disappointed.Even his gesture in the end didn t make up for it because the heroine was willing to take him in any way possible.

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    I was disappointed with this one I love Fiona Brand s Silhouette Intimate Moments series about SAS soldiers in New Zealand, and I was excited to read a new book by her Unfortunately, I didn t feel the love or the passion in this story.What went wrong Fundamentally, I like a hero who is psycho crazy about the heroine I want to believe he couldn t live without her Not that he was merely sexually attracted or fixated on her In this book, I did not think Constantine ever lost his cool truly He always stays in control Even when he does make decisions moves to bring Sienna back under his control, it doesn t speak of passion so much as manipulation And even up to the end, he never really trusted her or let go with her That failed him as a hero to me I don t mind a manipulative hero when it s out of passion or intense love for the heroine, but I hate when a hero is manipulative out of sense of arrogance, control or just out of a sense of his incredible power That master of all he surveys thing doesn t work for me at all I m was not convinced that Constantine truly loved Sienna when this over I felt as though he was going through the motions And worse still, I felt Sienna was always the one at risk, giving of herself, and out of control, while Constantine held all the cards What Constantine did at the end didn t relieve me of this feeling It felt like a move of desperation because he couldn t do anything otherwise I d have preferred a passionate declaration of crazy love But that s just me.I guess it s just a case of too high expectations This wasn t a bad book It was pretty good, especially if it had been by an new author, rather than one who had wowed me so much in the past I just loved Cullen s Bride by her Others might like this one than I did.Overall Rating 3.5 5.0 stars.

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    Sienna Ambrosi and Constantine Atraeus were engaged once upon a time He broke off the engagement when Sienna s father took out a huge loan from his father Thinking that Sienna was apart of it, he walked away from her and the love they could of had Now two years later, Sienna s father is dead and have left a trail of gambling debts on the way The company Ambrosi Pearls is in debt up to their eyeballs and Constantine is offering to help her out for marriage.I really enjoyed this book and honestly, I m not quite sure why exactly, perhaps because everything was clear and all the lines in the story tied up nicely It was well written, that s for sure and the characters enjoyable I liked Sienna s strength, the fact that she doesn t let a man be overbearing and controlling with her It was like a feminist book with passion and love.

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    The story was good but Constantin s action spoiled the book for me,till end i felt he did not love Sienna it was only about control and his business.It was an okay read for me.

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    Good book The conflict between Constantine and Sienna was very intense Their short lived engagement two years before had not ended well Both had made mistakes, and now he was back in her life Sienna was stunned to find out that Constantine now owned a majority of her business, thanks to her late father s gambling losses Constantine wants Sienna back, and is willing to basically blackmail her to do it Sienna finds that she has never stopped loving Constantine, but has no idea how he really feels She is willing to take a chance and marry him in hopes that it will work out When he shows that it is just a business deal to him, she is hurt and furious I had some real problems with Constantine He knew he wanted Sienna, and was used to getting what he wanted But he seemed far interested in controlling everything about her, including firing her from her job and telling her what she should wear to a couple of his parties It took awhile for me to realize that it wasn t so much control, as his insecurity that he wouldn t be able to compete with her company I loved the way that she took his suggestions for her wardrobe and put her own twist on them In the final confrontation, he finally realized what he was doing and how badly he had messed up.

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    Agak terganggu sama Sienna yang beberapa kali mikir she shouldn t kiss him back setiap kali Constantine mulai main fisik, tapi tetep aja nggak bisa nahan godaan Mungkin itu yang namanya cinta itu buta.Nggak kebayang juga kalo ada di posisinya Sienna Dan yep, di endingnya Constantine emang dingin dan control freak banget Nikah aja belum, hamil aja belum, dia udah nyuruh pengacaranya nyiapin klausul buat perjanjian seandainya Sienna melahirkan dan walk out dari pernikahannya Nggak sabar pengen baca ceritanya Lucas dan Clara.

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    Constine Atraeus and Sienna Ambrosi have a history and it isn t pretty so when it becomes necessary for them to interact again, it isn t pretty again Each believing the worst of the other, they are forced to marry in order to preserve their fathers companies and pearl business Unknown to each of them is the deal their fathers made before her father s death which changes everything when they find out Will Sienna be content to be a wife in truth and can Constantine get over his mistrust of the Ambrosi family at last

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    Miniseries The Pearl House

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    Predictable and she could have been in any business, the pearl industry was just lightly touched on And the gold industry wasn t even touched.