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Since this is a collection of three stories, I ll review them separately, with my final rating for the book an average of the three.Holiday Inn Bed by Jacquie D Alessandro2 starsIf there s something I loathe in romance novels, it s people who have no spine Unfortunately, this is Jess and Eric Both of them needed to grow a pair and tell both their meddling families to fuck off and let them plan their own wedding It should NEVER have gotten to the point it did.So basically I had no respect for any of the characters in this story, so the story sucked.His for the Holidays by Joanne Rock3 starsI was going to give this story 4 stars until the second half of the last chapter It REALLY should have stopped with them deciding to see where a relationship would take them, and not where the story actually went Dear Santa by Kathleen O Reilly1 star DNFI just couldn t with this one I DNFed it at the beginning of chapter 3 for a number of reasons The first is the reason for her being fired and the threats given by the headmistress That alone was so ludicrous I almost stopped there Then there was the initial interaction with the boy that got away back in high school The dialog was just so bad And finally I just can t deal with shallow people, and Rebecca was as shallow as they come. All three of these stories are linked together by the Timberline Lodge run by the matchmaking couple Helen and Roland Krause.Holiday Inn Bed by Jacquie D AlessandroEric and Jessica are looking for a little time alone after a stressful few months planning their weddingor sitting by while their families argue over the wedding plans Unfortunately, their getaway weekend is ambushed by his sister and her mother and brother A hot and steamy story Fun and quick.His For the Holidays by Joanne RockHeather and Jared shared a special weekend together five years ago Then he up and left her without a goodbye He contacts her out of the blue to come for a visit She s looking for a little revenge, so she hops on a plane to revisit the past.Another hot and steamy story Quick and well developed Dear Santa by Kathleen O ReillyRebecca is looking for a wealthy husband to give her all the good things in life When Santa gives her a trip to the Timberline Lodge, she accepts in hopes of finding her Christmas wish a fiance.Lots of laughs in this one Rebecca is a little nutty and does some strange things She is also kind and caring Cory is dark and brooding, but kind inside A little steamy, but in the end sweet.I loved all these storiesone for my keeper shelf. His For The Holidays is a great holiday read by Joanne Rock This is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited reading time Ms Rock has delivered a festive holiday story filled with phenomenal characters Heather is over worked and under appreciated by her family with a business of her own to manage Jared is ex military and hasn t been able to forget Heather after their weekend fling before he was deployed Heather and Jared s touching story is loaded with drama, humor, sizzle and a touch of Christmas I enjoyed reading His For The Holidays and look forward to my next book by Joanne Rock I voluntarily read a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own. I m a little late with some of my Christmas books, but this was actually one I picked up at either Goodwill or Half Priced Books Its an anthology of 3 stories that center around one lodge in Lake Placid, NY.Two out of the three stories are really great, the middle story is so so All of them are filled with steamy sex.The first story is by Jacquie D Alessandro and its call Holiday In Bed The two characters Eric and Jessica are engaged restaurant managers trying to save their relationship Their families are going nutty planning their wedding and they would like nothing then to just run away and say I do After reading a few of the scenes with Jessica s mom and Eric s sister, its no wonder the couple s relationship is on the rocks But one has to wonder where both of their spines are I don t care how much you love a family member, I can t imagine going several months letting them control something as important as a wedding.I loved some of the flashback scenes in this one Oh and there s a lap dance scene that will have anyone reading running off for a cold shower The second story is Joanne Rock s His For The Holidays This is the so so one for me I liked Heather and Jared but the plot of a couple that had wild weekend together 5 years before suddenly getting together again, with revenge on someone s mind, didn t do it for me Plus everything got wrapped too a little too easily in their story.The last story is Dear Santa by Kathleen O Reilly, one of my favorite Blaze authors I really liked the concept of this story Rebecca has lost her job at an exclusive school, because she had the kids write letters to Santa She gets a letter saying Santa s bought her a weekend getaway at the Timberline Lodge and that s where everything starts happening and by everything I mean, running into a guy she went to school with.He s not big on Christmas, but he turns into her Christmas present There s to this story than just hot sex too, but I won t give that away, you ll just have to read it for yourself. I didn t mind this book It was a good way to kill time over Christmas I liked the second two stories, His for the Holidays and Dear Santa , better than the first, but that s just a personal preference of mine I prefer romances that view spoiler don t start in an established relationship hide spoiler Holiday Inn Bed Jacquie D Alessandro 2 5 Not my favorite Two people trying to reconnect after losing their romance during crazy wedding planning It felt kind of boring truly Although the sex was steamy.His for the Holidays Joanne Rock 3 5 A bit better The romance was so so, with the 5 years of pining and wanting to get back together plot being a bit out of reach for me I still don t know that these two could have fallen in love after 24 hours together and then 5 years apart Dear Santa Kathleen O Reilly 4 5 A truly awesome story At first I didn t care for Rebecca, but then I did I felt the same way about the Cory Their romance felt like it progressed naturally even the sex started out somewhat awkward albeit enjoyable and also progressed I like seeing growth in a novella The only reason it got 4 instead of 5 stars is because the ending lacked any explanation. It was okay Very abrupt stories, would have been better to concentrate on or develop the storyline in between the scenarios The stories should have been interwoven instead of being written as though they were separate books. Three stories each involving resort in Lake Placid NY First one was mostly bickering or sex Transition in affection unbelievable in second Third story worth the read humor and emotional healing work for me. Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Very, Very Hot Night Holiday Inn Bed By Jacquie D AlessandroWhen Eric And Jessica Decide To Spice Up Their Christmas Engagement, They Play Out Their Favorite Fantasy Do Not Disturb They Ll Be A Little Tied Up For The Weekend In Their Private Hotel Room His For The Holidays By Joanne RockWatch Out Heather Dillinger And Jared Murphy Are Back In The Sack For Some Holiday Sex And This Time They Find That Sweet Revenge Makes Their Reunion The Hottest Gift They Never Expected Dear Santa By Kathleen O ReillyWhen A Secret Santa Invites Rebecca Neumann For A Holiday Getaway, She Jumps At The Chance And When A Sexy Blast From Her Past Appears, She S Tempted To Jump Him, Too Three steamy Christmas stories of love rekindled for Christmas Good read